Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is It Just A Temple Lost?


In Antiquity I See "Peril."

Has Earth always been in turmoil,
a demonstration of a destroyer, 
as a sort of Voyeur?

Not one man has set-the-bar,
to release her from this scar,
seemingly at Par.

Delivery of a Course,
providing Choice,
I implore.

A plane to exist,
without remorse.

Should such a Stance,
only be found when 'Others' are bound?

Is Man so caught by Beliefs,
that room for error cannot release,
an Understanding to what is not a teach,
but a natural observation,
to Reason? to Station? to Relation?

Engulfed in Interpretation,
lacking in translation,
the Wealth of a Message,
providing health and not just deal,
seems so covered that its revealed,
by nothing more than,
than the evidence to even the score.

A Planet of More!!

To consider 'The Universe' out there,
you must admire the 'Order of Rare'

The Scale to calculate Mass,
what a incredible task!!

With destruction the Stars Create,
explosive by nature,
bound by date.

To not believe that this out ranks,
any thought of what can't be,
"It" must increase Wisdom's Keep,
to advance and not to leap.

In our most Ancient past,
made Mythology learning to last,
as a way to know: The Golden Path,
to bring relief in Irons Wrath.

The contemplation of your Life's Station,
should level the measure,
a consider to the debtor,
to accept your actions,
that create impact!!

Should You deny,
than You knowingly remove,
any resolve in Revolve.

Therewith, it will remain,
on Your shoulders to solve.

To excuse the focus of any aspect of life,
as unneeded and merely a lie,
becomes offensive to the light,
that Our Sun warms this run with.

Accounts for 'Those' lacking the Conscription,
to the nature of collective impacting,
misguiding and not tracking,
will leave you exacting,
the point of 'Clause' not the measure of Natural Law.

The Sun does enter the dawn of night,
as the Sky yawns in open light,
the Moon does move the Stars in sight,
as the Bays do rise,
 an Ocean waves in delight.

The bountiful of beauty starts,
the day in shining entry of,
Mountains stand and Valley's love,
the warmth of that which stands above.

In such Movement,
grace and might,
this grand display is a showing of,
Orion's Belt,
Eyes which Know,
growth magnificence reaches low.

As the Ancients in our past,
did explain and describe,
the Iron Age and it's Path.

To expect,
Cause and Affect,
does make senses sharper yet,
because the grounds on which we walk,
have been destroyed for Coinage sought.

Should this Place not just cave in,
than will the bombs you build blow her still?

Either way appearances show,
that this Earth is just a Till,
filling pockets without a purpose,
billions of years will just go,
in less than a hundred,
you've made it sew.

As Your search for Planets grows,
as you take or as you rove,
upon the surface of unknown,
to establish a brand new home,
do you Own or do you share,
with what may have been Theirs?