Sunday, October 1, 2017

Attention and To whom in may concern in Tiburon, California, National Park Service or Yosemite Men!,

I know that it is not Christmas however the wonderful Stags that usually use the easement to go from Paradise Park up to Tiburon Mountain and in usual trim the neighbors overhanging ivy stuff on their path to the mountain leaped atop my kitchen roof. The clattering that I heard made me jump and I thought that a person was outside so I went to check as it was different as I have lived in Tiburon for nearly six years and not met one person to become friends with or even met a Man that would have given the scent of the lather of this post more than just a funny giggle to have today the 1st of October 2017!!

At that, I went in no big hurry and to my surprise the stag that or actually Stags that I have enjoyed for years upon years were ever so eloquently just munching on the acorn nuts or what ever those nuts are that the Oaks shed this time of year. I thought to gently say nothing and just casually go back inside as I have two skylights in the ceiling and thought a better vantage of the actual shock of the event would resonant better to my total shock of a deer standing literally just over my head. Well in that and as I went back inside I just had to break down and laugh as their he was with the most casual of protecting look as he could see me as or more easily than I could see him. He than just grazed and I made a cup of coffee believing that my simple activity would encourage his dismissal as I decidedly was just underneath him, I also turned the radio on. Low and behold, he just laid down and there you go as he ended up staying for the entire afternoon and was joined by the other stag to enjoy company of the warmth of the Sun and I guess the smell of Folgers.

Post script: I have gone to Paradise Park three different times in the past two weeks to speak to the Ranger however the cast to the mountain house just said he was not around to speak to and so I proceeded to tell them that the stags were acting a bit odd and that they seemed to acting sort of protective of me and I thought I should tell somebody. The cast said don't worry about it and laughed at me saying that stags don't do those sort of things out here, and told me that they would tell the Ranger anyway, so I did do my due diligence should anyone have wondered. KAP 10/1/2017