Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tears stream, as I dream,
of a day I may be redeemed.
I hope, I sing,
and sometimes ring,
the daunting, deathlike toll.

A bell of ancient brass like stalk,
it travels and it seems to talk.
I'm Three days dead,
it's in my head,
and will not let me go.

Please, please hear me these,
let me out, of this I shout!!
I cannot stand.
I cannot sand.
I cannot sift this out!

Please don't leave!!
Please don't tease!!
Satan's real, I swear.

He did not steal,
my wealth, my real!
He just really frightened me there!!!!!



I tank myself,
in distant sense,
to gather what I must.

 I see the wares,
in closeness stare,
to stand for what I trust.

I carry armor,
bright and true,
protecting me from all of you.

 I don't know when,
I don't know why,
my nerves are stirred straight through.

It's sort of strange,
to feel deranged,
but compliment the blue.

I know myself,
and I was Two,
I could not walk away.

An understanding of woeful sense,
making me rather tense,
relief is on its way.

Not Tall

Take shelter in your innocence,
this causes such disdain.

They hurt my heart,
it aches in pain 
with so much suffering reign.

(I'm filled with raging fear)

Innocence was taken,
treated like a whore,
no one was the wiser,
they kept on taking more.

My mind would swirl with filth,
my mouth was filled with goo,
innocence was taken,
until she was just Two.

Laughing, scaring, war like wounds,
I wear them like a joke.

My card was not the wild one
until I got the rope.

I thought that they were prunes,
finding to my horror,
a date is not a prune,
 filled this girl with horror.

My language was all fouled,
by dizzy dancing boys.

All of them took after me
as if I were their toy.

My death did not come,
though I made the call,
what came for me instead,
made not a sound at all.

Tall and dark and shapeless,
I watched the monster maul.

This was another rapist,
I think I saw them all.

The nite did end
and then began
a bitter silent call.

But, no one will answer,
an innocent not tall.



The dining room was so long,
a shape and not a form.

The first time,
 I ran from myself and just adorned.

I stared at me, fell to my knee,
as matches lit with cardboard rip,
held down his head,
I filled with dread,
as flames began to burn.

Ladder back chair, china stare,
the men grabbed his hair,
my pants were not opaque.

With shoulders pressed,
with hands so stressed,
I blew out the flame over there.

Repeat the stare,
repeat I bare,
repeat, repeat, repeat it all.

I dare.

No, I'm still not tall.
No, repent, it was so small.
No, repent, it was a doll.
No, repent, it was their call!!!


Sunlight shines on the dark.
Warming all the grey.

Storms may come, but then they hold,
onto yesterday.

Much like our ancestors went,
we'll all be gone one day.

It isn't what you do or say,
it's how you make your way.

Some are fast, in lightning form
Some will pass away.

Take it slow, inlay doth go,
a gold and silver path.

Wake not the Dead,
kill not the Live,
gently fade away,
for if you don't, go in the bunk,
you may be dunked for him.

So burn out bright, you're not right,
shut out my light,
but, please do it tonight.

(don't do it again, alright)


He jingles the loose change,
he paces round the seat,
he looks with such deceit,
raping stares,
his hand is with his thing.

I hate the fact that I can't speak.
I hate the looks of all he drinks.

It seems like he just takes me in,
removing what he says is sin.

He moves around the worlds scenes.
He stands for what he sees in teens.

He shouts but never screams,
he troubles me.

Avoid him as a Plague!!

I hate his Play!
I hate his Way!
I hate him all the Fucking Day!

I hate him when he stays.

All they do is move on through,
the pain and agony,
never once did they say twice,
that was not very nice.

Still Born

The palm within the wrinkle.
I cannot read it right.

Nor left, or straight in site.

An Old and varied soul,
I see with ancient sigh.

I take a breath of arid heart
and measure you,
 not I.

We contemplate our heavy dreams,
we look for answers nigh.

The pictures painted in the night
will suit our wit of day.

Be careful not to say,
the depth of all, you're high!?

An interruption will cause fright
in the middle I may see light.

Death does move through my site.

Holding up the hands of time,
sifting grains through sieve and strain,
my vegetable mind,
I cannot find.

If I wake in frightful might,
the ticking of those heels tonight,
close your eyes,
shut your doors,
put locks on keys where there are whores.

Still is born,
thank god today, 
you were not me on any day!!!



Painting faces Four the nite,
tends to make me so uptight.

The colors, 
blue and purple write,
the shading of the lamps upright.

I stand the till until unwell,
sickened by the dirty smell!

Fumbling souls in the dark!

Stumbling for the light or mark,
to hit or miss, even kiss
the kid won't give it up; right?

Hold her down, 
silence, twist?

Fronting favorites just like this...

Fuck!  Four Fuck!
Don't you tuck!!

For you must duck,
to get the truck,
a massive taste,
of a fruit cup!?!

or is it just another tup?


Sands of grain are salted bits,
of challenged rights to add to it.
Clever dam with stones of rock,
that concrete with a "Lot".

Back down the drive, count with....

Lava pits, red molten lips, drip, drip, drip.
Glaciers melt from liquid warmth,
heat is high, I turned from it.
Caved in my thigh and crippled it.

Back down the drive, count til....

Heavens home, can't find fore-with.
Hell is earth, we're on it.
Here to there, just calm the spell.
Settle ground to harm, I fell!

Back down the drive, count Five....

Amazing charms, a dragons breath,
Warring Locke's fill with rage, 
calling me by name and page,
Back-off I say, they know my age!!

Back down the drive; CRASH IT!!


Nature Cries

The days of long not old,
gave rise to a summer song.

The birds of lofting nest unfold,
with nestling eggs cuddled close.

The springing leaps of a leopard spots,
running the length of the rail.

Deer are fond of the wet long grass,
the pampas offers dawn.

A cougar lies in stealth and curb,
mouth biting, drooling, sighs,
new life doth birth,
new springs of joyous, watery flow,
until the claws of sharpened laws are undone by all of Natures Tears.

I cry!!


Styling in Grieving

What creates our minds eye?
Is it sight or is it thy?
Do you know me when I cry?
or have you shut one such as I ?

Periods of wondering die,
when I think you have no eye.
Your ears are piercing 
through my sides.
Doth thou know that it be I?

A joyful mourning to thine I,
touching, turning, in my sty.
A tomb, a grave, no more doth I,
turn mine eye to style on High!

Grieving marks of these I bare.
Staring eyes of these I share.
Trying times through lurid grave,
mine own redemption doth I stay.

Crying style of cradle days,
long in tooth my girdle stays.
Turning to my health of Nine,
holding truth for you not thine.


Sincerity will compliment your life
in the twilight of your Soul.

A heart that fills with kindness
doth comfort those of Old.

An intellectual human being of craft
might plow the Mind.

Expressing all that amazing thought
will cause wonder to enliven.

Illusions set aside,
so marvel can abide,
inside the Home of you and I!!


Knot Logic

In depth of abstract thought,
inside my mind doth knot.

I find the means
inside my genes
to cell myself a lot!

I don't cost much,
I barely touch,
the crazy and insane.

For if I knew
that you were true
I would title this all to you.

So; stand back my friends!
Go; long my relative exist!
Stop; see the money load?

None of this, can compare,
to a life of pain and dare.

Count knot the lives,
their full of tithes,
you took it from the square.

Beware of more extending site,
of all that might entice and smite,
you will not spear your love tonight.

Shield, don't spite!!!



Design the life of denting strife,
a crooning I must mise.

Counted men,
more than Ten,
a trusted muse is I.

An Oracle deep in pine,
a thoughtful mystery.

Delusional are found in green
 and play the strings that scream.



Trust is found,
in flight I'm bound,
in mighty chivalry.

I'm found!

Upon the shock,
of to much talk,
I'm laiden and I'm free.

I'm sound!

Two many locks,
the keys are rigged.
To bind you in your side.

I'm oscillating noise!

To great fore countless ride,
batten down this cry,
width virtue you and I.


Wings Organ

Neglecting blind what is thine.
Bleeding back what sees all time.

Our days create a thirsty verse
of Everglades upon this nurse.

Being mean in consequential spleen,
gives whey to splintery whim. 

Whet disbursing of wisdom wreath.
Thrust must come from beneath.

Lay gently back your pulsing pride.
Fore thou must need some peace inside.

Deep within you do reside.
Take gently now, this say "I".

Organs binding mighty twist.
Spinal pattern doth exist.

The shivering of feather dust.
My wings; no longer are with us.



Trees bow in winter dreams.
I'm so glad this is not me.

In depth of mind, wisdom creeps,
the branch of peace will meet my feet.

The trunk of wealth, roots our dear,
I often begin to find a tear.

Dropping from the height of mine.
Raining down the songs of when?

The fall of stealth, crashing in,
through the thin night air.

Gave rise to Oaks,
and eyes to sigh.

 Trees bow in winter dreams.
I'm so glad that this is me.

In depth of truth I do believe,
the branch of peace will meet with me.




Soaring sight of such delight,
cruising across the star lights.

Make room for this girls moon.
The sun and universal divide,
draw back and here the stir.....
of all the black in her.

No holes do give weigh to 
the massive comets coming.

Inn for ready scream.
Darting, flashing through
mass and doom of planetary styleing....
of a sky I knew.

Light-years time the utter exist
of you and me, I see.

In far out spacial desire I miss,
 adventurous and minor bliss.

Colors shy, smashing sound,
in cordial flight of galaxy mix!

Abstract my mind,
a thoughtful strike,
dark matter surround not me.

Neither up, nor down, you see,
its just round the found, I know.

A Nursery gathering
of amorphous nude,
the skies have never been that rude!



Empowering thought,
is often fought,
Two hemispheres due sway.

in such I taught,
one mindset did appear.

I hear the words,
full of fraught,
both hemispheres are here.



I'm here to right the wrongs.
Turn left my life.

Turn write my soul,
Turn rite my heart not thine.

Direct my mind!

Wrong naught life,
correct my words,
wrung I am too here.

Dissect my thought?

Hear to sear,
here to Lear,
"Here, hear"!! to simple thought.
Divert my emotional tear!

Two in count,
To I will,
Too overcome with Fear.

Distraction is my HEART!

I'm here to write,
I'm so uptight,
I'm hear to right the wrongs.



Sane I you,
sane you me,
insanity design.
A structure forms,
inside I mourn,
in deepest memories,
I'm torn!

Disease is on my mind.

I got born,
then I got worn,
by people of the time.

Disaster struck,
when I said "yuck"
a different person dine.

Now I'm here,
they may jeer,
poke fun inside of mine!

Steer so clear,
"Oh, wait I hear",
they may do some time.




The tethered line of "Life Divine",
a chord of sweet release.

The notes doth play, the minor stay,
a major shifts the key.

The Highs and Lows, a warm explode,
why doth thou hail me?

I hear you Fear the simple things
the trouble and the low.

My Bass is deep, my Treble Cleft
is music to the sold. 


The Ancient Times of missing sine,
our deepest and their Bold.

A piece you Play, seems to display,
a kindness laughing Tear.

E Minor hold, F Major told,
G String please put away.

I'm not to old, to be ten fold,
a biblical record! 

Know Cherib,
doth this mourn, today, singing all the way.

Waltzing to an Opera,
that Mozart did not play.



Death fucked up,
He got stuck,
removed me from this room.

Shutters down, pulled me around,
black darkness filled his face.

I might die, I rarely lie,
especially in this case.

Threats ran about, 
He would never tout,
no guilt was on his face.

This guild of men,
died way down in
to death was no disgrace.

Gray days came,
insane to name,
the perpetrators prey.

Praying pawn,
knighthood hawn,
Death is on its way!!


Whispers Wriggled

They drove us far, inside the car,
an early morning rise.

Topeka stray, a Boulevard
a purple mind will stay.

The crooked line, the handle bar,
I held in such dismay.

I watched my hand,
turn blue in site.

Terror entered on that night. 

Dusk was soon to enter here,
wet rain came from above.

My neck did ache
from splattered hate
I'm dead and I'm not Nine.

Last year, last place
I'll know (no) this taste
pucking, stooping, shy. 

My big brother and sister lie,
the twisted tongue with slice.

Aching, breaking, snaking mine
to empathy embrace.

No hindrance found,
No striping town,
whispers wriggled thru.

It was me,
no T.V.,
no one remembers thee!!


Opening Night

Delusional stance,
posture they do take.

I'm not a man,
I have no boots,
I'm just a girl.

My mother you have
racing, bracing, tracing Hair.

For one more look doth want!

Desire is not mine, it took
my innocence and care.

Why bother wit, uplifting snare
a trap whilst you do stare.

In many cases of all this
my fingerprint know now!

I did exist, I did complain,
I did not make this evil stain.

I am just an egg, not a spoon
for he doth run away.

Result me now, they had a cow
'cause I was on the way.

Sadness struck, for tummy tuck
the knife swings at me.

I held on tight, with all my might
with little trembling fear.

Orgy sore, I was tore,
my face did not displace.

For every door, there was a whore,
just standing,
paying ewe.

The curtain lifts on delusional myth.


Filtered Explosion

A door nearly blew me away.
The stairs were steep with crete.

Burgundy curtains held back the wares
of many, many tales.

Entered room, did not go boom
hutch table in here lie,
each one a single nook...

Look! Nigh!

"Hang coat hear", "this is mine",
"I can't reach".

Brass hook with knobs adorn
a swivel makes it full.

Canister in long frame,
umbrellas, canes and like.

All of this displayed tonight
this ain't no way, no room.

Ordinary guys request a space,
illusion draws the magic sticks,
a bolt of chain links.. the stag.

There was only one fondling,
shake with fright,
chilling fear,
spinal cord in Tune.

Felt exposed, my feet are tight
my toes begin to show.

Curling, hurling, gargle me,
Monsters start their rising.

Filtered mine, tea leaves read,
star cups follow the moon.

Sunlight blacking out all time
believe me now it will explode.



Harness leather is rather thick.
There is richness in the stitch.

The whips and chains brought no
great danes, the german shepherd lies, 
stilling me.

Their teeth are barred, their hackles up,
the growling at the door.

The bedpost four, the dresser nigh,
I'm sure I'm not a tie.

A room of light, there was no shore,
it was so tightly fit.

I kept awake, in hand I do!

Remember What? Remember Who?

A Seance is in the hand
smoldering chill doth fill me.

Moldy, clammy hands doth hold me,
filtered parts of A La Carte,
dinner? the time of year they sneer.

Beating bombs, bonging sneath
a pipe so long, cotton strong.

The hose does a loop to loop
passing, fasting, are the summing?

Apple droppings scattered 'bout,
hay there, clings "no tout".

Intestinal line, like running twine,
a wheel of wood is spinning.

The thread like entrails
became "ditty ice"!!

drinking down the stomach pane,
shards of glass
are entering
this caused a stir!