Sunday, November 4, 2012

It All Starts With .........

Nobody cares unless you do.
I have watched my whole life through,
for anyone that has stood this insanity too.

Most become involved in the Filth,
by learning how to Manipulate to Steal your Wealth.

This seems to be common fare.
I wonder?
Have you been advantaged there?

Just like then,
accept Today.
Nobody listens while you say,

"Things like this don't go away, they just get worse and even more perverse."

I know what they do when that front door shuts behind all of you.
 My Family mounted no disguise behind your back to exploit your lives.

Beating you down until they convince You,
that You are nothing,
 then they advance.

You, change your Will's, to show,
Them as the Sole Inheritor, then they go,
 further yet to get what's best,
your signature albeit duress.

You do sign and seal your fate,
 upon those paper's that Lawyers hate.

Then you're pushed right out the door,
just before the ink runs more......
a sight I grew to just abhor,
and yet you returned for more.

One friend jumped from the Golden Gate bridge.
Another hanged himself,
he just couldn't live.
All because of what my family did.

Cashing in upon your strife,
this is the blade that cut your life.

 Breaking your Heart,
 voiding your Soul,
leaves you with an enormous hole.

I guess it's true that no one cares,
 'cause in the end they take from you,
 the only thing that can't be proved......

your life.

"Look Who's Talking!!"