Sunday, August 3, 2014

Worm On A Wire Moth

Justly from Watch as reminders to Time Shack,
the creative react to a Memory luck serves divide,
well to a Book in Published decide,
a Fable in the fold of lore on the curvature of the Spring court,
winding addressed as the Mountain in lake,
the falling rain is the designation of an Organs Cloud send storm.

Shed yields caution to the Wind Chime,
the blowing prevail inking a sweet Tornado on the realm of turf,
shelter sides tree in the grove timber a quick,
a shower to know that Earth is a life at Home.

Crashing over head a Thundering heard,
a Second count to the Miles of the sheet,
grounded floodings full began the culvert Tube,
Teak the banjo carves the Oak in sense that Music plays Sky smoke.

Sand at the filter by snow choked rocks bound for under the seaside chalk,
scores of gems dial shape cut by shards that drill with lazor lightening striked.

Found on the settle of a reed rise,
footing is staged by the Source of dirt Hi,
muddy dries to fire Sun nicely done in the Mid of a Summer lung.

Strip Tease

Storm the Vain it turns the Top to aim the direction of the point in stressed,
the value to the temperature a barometer check the low side of a door spray,
style the purr of a warm-up in the latter of the trough,
ice has melts that roar to floor the ocean of the after Moore.

Brash the rake to dirt the screen forks leave the trail leaned,
stray to sawdust on the aisle of the breeze will be a file,
record the walk to be the stock a Gelding in the stations slot,
ride the ball with heels down a better Seat to tank the found.

Borrow wheel in strolling feel,
the eyes that are never hear,
trots to flop the hind change,
jumps the fence in a framed.

Ownership of bitten hand looks to know the speed of take,
so spoken with a whisker Scene the grown will short the throw,
a stand in Win is same in trend of themes that bring to luck,
gamble on the hi of been the dice are in deuce to chuck.

Cards that show the state of break the Wise look in the Atlas,
maps that guide no human night will brig the pen to Sprite.

As soda is the fountain drinked a pump to bridge the Tap,
hoses fill the throttle lapped and Prose does riddle knacks.

Find the Answer X Y Z a Scrabbled Board Monopoly,
Clue to Chutes & Ladders read,
the pick is in the perfect seat. 

Remind The Odd

Journey to the bring it up, the counter of a bell in ring, is the tower of a sing,
dreaming in a wish of pool trips, fountain to the water spring, in bubbles over string,
curtain to the base of tuck, the back flow is a gear that shifts, to the Pour of a spout,
the magic of Museum in youth of staring struck, the luck that goldfish are a Clue!!

On the farm with troughs that tank the fluid for the field banks a Squirrel drinks it too,
automatic pilots flank the herd is often in the shrank of truthful it's the do pot.

Grocery stores that hold the bores appreciate the business,
in advance of the want the stock will shelf the product well,
a system fold in Order lulls swings with plenty comprehensions,
this enables the carts to move like wheels greased with ease.

The forklift is a heavy,
a machine that lifts big loads,
the height of any is control for wobbling does show rows.

Taught by a fantastic Man in stored for it was work,
wheel the cab 'round the lab the value is a day in glad,
the rest in entry form the prized by all the perfect placed,
the scenes behind the Closed Door find that spake without a Trace.

Due to Times now in shined a Year to place a Book be prime,
paragraph the kindle clip the tongue card in a simmered zips,
reading through the measurement brings latter to the Future hipped.

Library Mind ink with the Kind, a type to speak of each the basic meet,
pressure that by doors in snap will slap where the dog is said to plaque,
at least thats how the quote is racked upon the Tuners Metro fact.

Barefoot Parks

As contact is the blanks the Tribe bounces banks,
the stride of the ridden in Life it's a given,
the Eventer in the good holds to no person live,
kept at the stride of silence in such hide.

To venture in the World it's chilly still a burl,
cut from quarry stone the sample of the tone,
heard in quiet surround the birds are always sound,
the Eagle flying over or the Possum eating up.

A raccoon is a night Owl I have had them visit too,
the sun brings such times as Trees are my vines,
I live in the wonder of a Land full of warmth,
not one Human Being has held my hand in scene.

These strange moments deliver the Reality of a sliver,
the deck of which my Porch does rest,
is sat with two outside chairs that Match,
different colors same design it's the mystical sign.

An Island that was said to have been the Holder of a Key side lend,
is no more than a my person containing the shore with a Board.

Writes that exclaim run trembling to the Lane,
rolling up with cuddled cup is why I love the Coffee mug,
it warms me on chilly days that Humanity has seen fit to colder.

The Pony Express

The telegraph such an Ancient Morse Code in the advertising of a click sweep tune,
as Satellites communicate with the big sewn remote View a sordid closet is barking Text at Tsk,Tsk.

Traits of Mind are written in Lines that Stanza out the dream in a Wish of true,
to subtract the Letter for the Crow in delivery is a debtors trade on the Winding loc,
in Watch stoppers the wrist is the hands attachment to the Elbow bone from a shouldering stone.

Granite the staff to well in Task than the inquiry shades to simple fact,
in the Scoop of Ice Cream on the cone of sugar beat,
it is the Baskin Robbins of the Future flavor in catch!!

Thirty-One to Fifty in a Two Set of examples in the Paints of Colors from Crayoning crust,
lava a Volcano to the pillar in the Column,
the grounds for a Roof have thatched the Square to Wares!!

Relative state in the Oversea late,
a bridge that is burnt leaves the Ocean as a Feat,
crossing on a Cruise shipped with Goods,
plenty are the Candies that Venue to a Back!!

Strap the leather for a saddle to breathe,
every life has the Able in the Cane of be Steed.

In the fracture of Appearance to the force of a way,
not my cup of Tea as the Coffee comes with cream,
back to the Cow as the Black & White in breed,
my Mother loves the Dairies as she took me to See.

Round the Country side on a little Car in drive,
notes to compare that Ice in the Fare,
nothing is for everything and anything is Care,
why in the deductions my Family must be Rare.

Publishing House

Producers of bite designs find that Energy is essential by rockets flame,
the Fire in the Open breathes the dragons delivery upon the home hood steeps,
a Stone to speak is the circle leap in Echo of the soundings treat,
All Acoustics Concerned are the Repeaters of ankle Firms,
not the twist of the wrist burners!!

Park~Outs Pride the Find not the Bind!!

Trailer Noise

Riding the sport of tighten your girth it is in the two billets down when you get-off,
that is the relaxing of a job well~done in the Reward of always for the Horse is presently working in reverse,
still with Saddle mount the Tack Room is a walk to the breeze way to be groomed.

The love of the sporting is trusting the Teach,
in a balanced approach of riding to Coached,
while Out & About it's the Trailer that Ships to the Event,
a Truck Hitch on the Ball of a Two`inch stocked in Hardware Stores.

Much like paint the Value is in the Fit,
a Fifth~Wheel is a Plate for the goose,
the pull is more likened to the grace of the driver,
it swings over the base of the mechanics more Naturally.

Advice to the Purchase is knowing that First,
however learning by exampled is priceless,
in Towing live the experience given to a Person in preparation costs,
benefits the Trip with a kind of understanding that knows footing can be lost in stand.

Crisis avoided if time is brought to the Front,
by a rear in the perfect tag along tip,
it only takes a Moment to brave the Fact,
for in the start it is the Safety of All concerned that is the greatest Importance of learning.

Life Alive!!

Panoramics Halt At X`d Salute

In Confirmation it is the Key stop that begins to Finish the Look of a great shape to Compete,
the balance of feed vs Work is the time that is put in on the Competitors desire to Win,
credit the hours of the Spend as good for the Rider is a hard worker enjoying the Wrought!!

Trusts approach of the Trainer in the daily up bring to a Weekly attire however it is Money,
spoof that into a Catch 22 than most of All the saddle rides are done on the down low,
thus remembering to equal out with considerment to the Actuals.

As My Mother & Stepfather drove me to Many Clinicians for Trainers are hard to find,
especially with the ability to be kind delivering the generosity of abrupts in improvements!!

These combinations grew well under tutelage completely striding to Each as a learner of Teach,
crowd the Eventer is not a worry for the single on Course in not a shoved Event rather Timed.

Breast Plates in buckled the boots on legs it is for the both in One,
protection too not slip the Saddle lung.

I have witnessed a person that was in a particular troubling riders point,
at mirror mention I stopped to tighten my girth,
as the Other did not what took place was a minus fragmented second stop,
for the Mustang bucked the plop on the dirt was All in One.

Amazing to have seen in Person as the horse strode off empty to back bridle tacked!! 


Jumpers that legal the Ride to a Horse Arena have built Standards with Cups and Pins attached,
the pole of many colors or the spread an Oxer wide to broads of a Water Jump side line can Fault,
add Penalty to the first round no points keep Time the Second Ride is for Prime start Keepers.

As I know a Man that built the Olympic Stadium Course I also jumped live on his shore,
the balance of Left verses Right side straight is the leader of the Rein Style Court,
this in and of Itself was a teach to the bigger Bells know Coals to sparklers just good riding for partnered.

The property of which these Fences came to life for the student that loves to Clinic,
has been remembered through this Instructive design that Presidents do claim a Time,
in the CEO process work also brought to light a Management Store vined to Tack best Approach.

In the three stride count of a mount ridden,
the eye is based on being capable to sit-up holdings,
on the Cross-Country the trust is bold as the Horse is excited to Go,
steady in the Gates as the Count is down from Five, Four, Three, Two, One!!

A Set time is shown as the Wrist Watch loans,
the minute wow is the Stopper to collect thought found,
seconds away add to the Coarse well done from the Designer in the Wisdom of Challenging not deadly.

Grabbing mane is not a Crime for sometimes the Take-off is hi I'm ready and the Spot is steady,
for the horse that it is,
the Rider must be prepared for the Trip is exhilaration Fire. 

The Sport of Kings in the Commons of Louded

The Viced

Grandpods told me a story about the Duke of townside in the wells so deeply seated a Movie mined,
'Out of Africa' is the best Introduction too seductive details on whom shall ride the Train Rails perfectly.

Redford was the Handsome American in the film of Romantics,
in a rather on a seated Continent of an Isle Flames.

The Stories line so familiar to the time of Present Day History,
a Real must see to enjoy the Country belief of Coffee Beans vs Cow Pied.

Paintings that are delivered the Priceless connection between Life & Tractor Supply,
the trip on the Scene is incredible to Innocence living a believable.

As my Grandfather in England backed by Juju my Godmother by Proxy a Cambridge Professor,
the Type that brought honest to Moats love bridged walks to Round a 'bout talking.

In a sheer the Island of visit the journey my Mother insisted the family throng,
the Pier that wait for the Tides was no bother to the home grown song!!

Bushwood Hall in the County a drive to Uncle Dennis was confirmation of a beautiful designed,
the stutter to the drawing room as the stairs were a Treaters delight.

I punted on the Pond of a wonderful strong,
the pole was so funny as the Mud seemed like Honey,
all sticky stucked.

The Barn could not have been better in a Wish for a Fountain was real,
cobblestone Courtyard to the Towering Clock that had been not wound due to Neighbors complaint,
the Sound was apparent in the big boom on the Hour,
appreciation lost to the Times of the Sourer!!

Enter now the Ticketed Priced

The Human Phenomenon ~ I Ride Horses Gone Rogue Cause? A Thrill`Seekers Event or Blunt Fest

As Dukes are not Kings and Pharaohs have Dates in Ages the walls of discussion will be true Seductions,
to County of the Burl loved in the Core of Tree side sub. a Tiger with the Clause in no doubt has shored,
the Team of Whom cares said in desperado ride the Range screw the sane for Painted Signs are Horses.

Each every turn in Change that wrists the fry to Pan in line brings Medusa to Grimms in Blind,
the sordid Affair of Templed bare in fables of the taught however were not spoken to me!!

Natural Knowledge streams of Solar Cosmic Orders in Separation of like, Church & State the system akin,
on Earth it provides the Building Hi to craft a longer sit in stride a count to Strikers is Wild Frys,
fires built to Stonehenge Stilts shoved Rocks to simple design of Locs that Rode the Moon Lines.

Spring to winter Fall by leaves it no longer trusts the Man Side Feed in Vow it's been a Deed,
brakes never replied to sew the Other pie,
sliced in the angle the Tribe of Ancients shakes Peers to file the theory to Fact.

No matter to the Groom a Barn is Stable Room,
as Stalls are bedding with shavings shredded,
the Stray is Pitchforked to Muck the Fort,
paddocks warm the lap of ride so much like the Singers stride on Stage its a surfing Tide of real touching.

All in the reason for promoting Exposure for Sale!!  

Enter Pole Halts

In the story of My Life the Compass that has Show pointing in directionals the Fingers Key the Strobe,
lights up Top on Muscle Brains the tights of Mind did bring a Kind that Type of whom is not a torn,
storming while the World borns have witnessed testimony of the Actual in writing of the Tale stops,
Plato in a Zeus a crop the Philosophical Theory Lot no thesis to have fucked by shock it's Stunners Popped.

Blunt the nerve as this Country in residence has burned the Drips in Candy tipped the Flame in clips,
laughter is a Chortled sound the belly of the guts went Wild with the informed of Whip know Clap,
raining through the certificates a perfect path to send a Craft marriage is the Joke of Butt all the Way too,
alter a Station play the Video require nothing accept the dope in words that ever-flow thus boatings grow.

Sail up the Mast of Fuck people have the Rave in Party all to stew,
the soup not ocean in the lake of lined as personals ride the spoken fine,
acknowledged Receipt the Alpha leap thrown Omega to 108 in See,
all streaming conscious wrote long before the raptured stoked.

Freaky Finders lair a dungeon as Savants that genius with a Vote,
to equal a Sage aye Seer the two are one in Single coat,
energy to be the clothes that provide of death in hide released upon the purr,
life is just a faster nerve with no require left to Noun than Pleasure is Just.

Sounding boards rent type Time in Ages of the Iron lines rote from Plenty fold goods,
in the U.S.A. of presently in stand of could the Can is a Shed in the tools of a Hand.

No worries for the Bean String boots a league to counter Lope is drinking as He should,
drunk to Mead of many leads and buried each to take the Nape make money for His own profit Sake.

Secret Meeting Knight has date in spun that Marriage over Fate the Mind in body of a late shelled,
clam the grits He is a span in Infinity He has a Brand the plus in Dark Lords are the Dukes give daughters,
great to be the Couch of speed that guarantee of fucking deed not home but certain bedding deeds required.

The pasture of an Island breathe is Volcanic by designations trunk Rounds dust World touring whirl,
the End of nothing is Home of never much to know dismissal as Pricks that give their thistle shive!!

Plant between the slotted ream Three rigs to bounce the Balls of trance have not Voted but repeats,
once the first provides a 2nd the Third said no it's Forth to go I am 5th in a Show ever lastings Throw,
back on the Couch of said take a Seat for it's the fed in aspect of the I do stow a Man that Knights a seed.

Slant Typed

Sting a Song of six Sense dear the bring is Shoes in Feat,

tunes that lung a Crowded stun while shock is strange in Peer,
staging charge to each a Large the bone that pants the role,
laugh to prance it's Called romance Ever tried Infinities danced??

Take a Walk through the talk a block the Sphinx did teach a lot,
peak a Two for Twin Flames knew the Overboard a Movie view.

Banking time as aspect shine a footstep on the Moon be Hind,
paintings trace to Touch the grace wished for nothing in the braced,
for lends are Eyes to Visa Rite a shoulder has been Colder piped,
tubes of broken shot the Worth a Pocket full of Coins in Church.

Traits of Character, Traits that Spin, Traits that Keep in each a Film,

the photograph of breath so taken that shopping is a digits Den,
fires of a Key Stroke Yarn spooling as the Naturals Barn,
a ride or a Singers Farm the Compacted list is be form.

When Tigers Spot

Should the base of I Ran charge to I Stand be the Formal of a Representative of Nostradamus Seer last,
thy situation shall Isle the Flame the foundling of a circumstance in a State as the drop to the built scene,
thee as an office to the law of the Land in which I reside than Rosicrucian has tampered with Books & Life.

Signs that are naturally provided by the Earth in signals of Smoke come to the Weather of ache Nation,
death brought by Force of findings too the devastation the fell Twins is no longer a sorting interpretation,
rather the Pre` Event threat to The Actual of whom the Said Party could not exact on a Planets girth.

Many a center climbed in explanation to the never loud but did in physical Presence suffer the stout shot,
no answer complained yet the evidence of Terror has crowded the Minds of the U.S.A. with each load,
in real happenings the resolution scopes the apparent asked nothing from a Settlement putting invasion stet.

Dates as 9/11 Operator Emergency Broadcast Systems have been torn from the sides of Available require,
planes crumbling since reading hear I Watch addressing the evolution of Orders Provisions as farmed-in,
not a day has gone in the Years of Thirteen to bring to a Dark matter any Letter on true Cause to the Falls.

The live Television Show NBC playing that A.M. Morning stunned the Shock to Persons fracture of people,
in between the Decade strong the U.S.A. has deepened the Seat disregarding the Tell extensions Covered,
News now scripted by Actors playing journalists for Inquiry is not Investigatory it is rehearsals of spreads.

In opinion not caught on Tape but frankly spoken from the Chair of where Journalists did reside shoot bars,
replaying on multiple Channels the disbelief of their Jobs being as stating 'I can't believe "we" report this,"
Reporters in the Prime Time Slots are not Entertainment Tonight Broadcasters and yet have betrayals.

Black Comedy has laddered the Coverage to a Product of Sale furthering no Investigation mirror Replay,
video shows plating Negative responders passing Hysteria in Canned Laughter know Audience least One,
the 'If's & Buts' on regularly discovering have bypassed pocketing Cents throwing Fences to strobed.

Light loaded has found the Hands of the Cell Phone dialing the Six`month turn about for Style updates,
straighten to Narrow the Pad as the ream is the Applications update to streaming spot hits,
in purchase the Computer controlling the dialing Copper lined fee shooting Satellites at Face Price included.

Wrap another Crown with the Glasses from spout to hose the Coiling aspirin Swallow the brand Stall,
barf in the brain is difficult to strand put it in the fiber of the food in the planned as eyes do all the talking,
conversationals died to Texting on the Seek insulting now is letters doing Crows on Tweet.