Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Like A Clique With Home Grown Doors All On Hinges And Steeped With Measure Of Al Gore And A Pre.Us?? Now I See The Shave.Ven Of Those Brows As A Raise.Soar To The Onward Forward Goes Our Complete.Shin To Proceedings!! Thanks Jamie!!

The Fas.Sin.Ate.Tee'ing War to James Blunt on the Twin Flame Core,
modern day test of what the fact that World War II did not Declare the Open.kneeing as in The Continue??,
the European Union as Hitler on the Move,
headquarters to Brussels is what the ease of location to a Choose??,
there berth is that Hitler??,
dear EU head lathes your shingle of a Flag is rather evident to the Sir.Coal,
and on that being said you may wish to observe said picture and add a bit of a Rein.bow for aspect to the very bladder of sin.SA mark.King the sensitivity had on CBS Salvations Are Mi Post.stir Buster:
now just say river to oh.shin Trout to Grizzly barrel to pick.coal and pi from the skip on Vinyl??,
or note X.Cert Extra Extra as Their Entertain.Meant too Knight??,
alright its more like the projects on the speak to it only is dark mon.knee on get a fire,
or this as a fraction Dim as division a bit of Math.A.mat.Ticks and a ghost.lee Tree for the Cross.scene:
1.)  President of the European Council (since 1 December 2014, Donald Tusk) 
2.)  President of the European Commission (since 1 November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker
3.)  President of the European Parliament (since 1 July 2014, Martin Schulz) 
3.)Presidency of the Council of the European Union (since 1 January 2016, The Netherlands)
next The Numbers (for this please reference Immediately the Movie Serenity),
the opening cheese.duh!!!
The Cite for the EU is like a definite check it out

E!.sent.shoe.Lee common sound??,
know that the Up racer is no Country as there are no Countries in Europe to defend,

The Flag of the EU is a circle of Stars,
just indicative of The United States of America in a Wiley Coyote Cartoon on Saturday,
the lack of our won entertainment to the clause,
no wonder to I anymore on the civilian dampers on the smoke to this jacked!!

As The United States of America is being invited to join the Civil War on ankle,
back to basics James Blunt did not stop World War III,
as World War II never did shift the Square,
from that to working it out,
James Blunt just used shutter Fly to Australia and the shrimp on the Barbi defense.

EAch Chart to these deep lies NBC, ABC and CBS on International New York??
more to the lies that the Media has put to the plates their Side,
obviously in agreement to the dictatorship.Ping of the EU,
producting A Civil Action to Junk on what move was that with Matt Damon??,
oh yea 'Great Benefits' the In.sure.Hints Company to the lip made language just a slit.

James Blunt is not Married,
he has not had a child or even had the consemation of bedroom style sump,
the ether to the lighting of whatever the Internet has shown,
is just as easy as saying that James Blunt ran away!!

Oh well on the Depth,
James Blunt is A Coward and formerly to the 1000 Year be cart,
harness to bridle the bits and pieces of a Flutter of play.Toe,
so excited am I to say that Sock,Craw.Tease was to say that Row.Man gained a Strong,
neat are these recent informational bigs on Boom,
that Big Been on the perfect Storm to just Deeded by the Washing.Ton of Machine gone pong,
leave it to the Bravo of the American Customer of using dust to sheet,
thanks to that The Mutter Tack makes for Beautiful the song!!

Rickets to the Poets Case a Library of shark.duh,
the gale sigh.clone to that is the knee.and.dure.thump.per Bong,
more than Cents is Coin and Sips to whom supports Know Fly Zone kip,
a differential on the gear to what is a Man in the worlds fleece.

James Blunt to sample for all the Shepherds that Germany shall dance,
whistle sweet the ticker tape and Wall Street just Kongs,
is not this exciting to achieve this simple long,
a Universal Divorce that show on Televisions Tron!!

Now the Journal of this send to James Blunt single true,
I just say to your butter rump that being you is dawn,
in advantage to such luck my life on each a sky,
the Cloud did Hold the bean and Prose to signature of you're big tsk in convenient organized and bankers Dike,
yea I say that James Blunt is Single with his Bed.limb staff a purr to working poe.knee lope,
now on the Soap of Box and coy I cork that Internet of International,
thanks again you big fat Den the Pharaoh of the Screaming Penned,
do to your indignity to lie and put the whole thing Stream!!

The Mountain of that Mild delve makes Civil War in EU sing,
lyrics deep with lines of crud like Volcano Tom Cruise soil,
each method state to awl of bind The Pope in said is Roman Read??,
who really cares not aye to stead as America is blinkers fed with dinner out for Breakfast Ted,
Rose.a Velt the Aunt.lure stacked a gain that is the lines,
like the bars between what song the see.deed said that dimes are shrugged!!

Is not the World happy Gay to all the Greeks and All the Boys,
for the Athenians turned you down and those Philosophers just said Nigh.Key,
well we all know that the heads of Kings leaves the Middle East with Jeeves,
articles to Wells of Tease but thats just America on once upon a story with the Christian and a bee's Hive Feed,
now the Comb is Honey bare sew Apropos its Ace and Flow,
to James Blunt my beautiful just sign the stipulation Co.,
that will be comprehended good as the EU wants it stood,
thanks again to the New World Or.dure as Hitler waisted and making Fodder,
this Brand New Air.RA in I for sake must just say its James Blunts take of Fish.Sheen freak.key Friday Slate.