Friday, August 31, 2012

The Law Of Attraction: A Twin Flame Burns

....excitement fills my vessel full!!
Decisions made, deals blown.

I saw what was; 
I dreamt it too.

Could it be, really You?

In spacial awareness of what was,
I chose the sight of men, not blood.
Headed towards a sightly deed.
I do not contract, I just See.

I watched, I listened, then I saw;
Men of difference, men aware.
Not monks, not hate,
but love out there.

Turned about and said,
"I swear!"

Off like a shot in darkness "Know,"
it's tough to see any road,
but once you hit, you always say,
"Oh yea, I heard, I'm here to stay."

To be or not, is just what is,
but you have taught me an awful lot.
Here we stand on equal ground,
and yet it still seems so unsound.

Will you read my words I write?
Will you know me every night?
You said, "Fight" but not with fists.
You stay quiet, don't throw fits.

The time will come, we will meet.
Our paths shall cross, it will just be.

Carry onward, forward - be yourself,
it is us,
 that I do trust.

The Rare Account Of..

Imagine a twin soul planet,
a solar system support,
of what no one reports,
for Ancients are no more.

Old Souls are from a Galaxy next door.
What if a fool just shut the door?

If jealousy and assumptions made
destroyed the archaic innocent born,
replaced with made-up or forced belief.
Where could one find relief?

History speaks of natural sorts,
a source of youth; Origin supports.
Why then does change
bother you, putting you out of sorts?

Make Mythology in only one day?

I don't care or I won't say,
for wonderment is in this play.
I don't dream, I nightmare through,
fighting off what seems so cruel.

A constant stand,
I must make.
At least I ponder
that is no mistake.

So be a person or to be a thing,
choose with wisdom, freedom speaks.
To travel in fear of what may be,
is only disturbing when one can See.

Here Is A Toast To Life!! Cheers

Reach into the confines of memory.
Exercise a right of conviction.
Be not bound by a closed mind or denial of sight.
Look into the eyes of what will not blind your fight.
Purpose rests upon the lives that accept their more!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A World Of Reason To Begin Again!

Free to See or to be a "Seer"

Written on 2/12/08

First post on my Google Blog,

 The Secret of the Universe is Choice!

As you open your own eyes and begin to see the world around you in a way that you have never seen before, what do you do? I have always believed in this simple thought, if people were afforded the opportunity to truly "See", even if it were only for a moment, then in time they would leap at the chance to open their own eyes (minds eye). So believing this, I made myself a promise a very long time ago, or, should I say early on in my life, I don't want to sound old. Anyway, I promised myself that I would never walk by anyone without extending an invitation of kindness with a smile. I would smile and say hello, (simple but true) this may sound lame or stupid but I thought starting with simple courtesy would be something. When you don't know where to start, then you start with the simple and go from there at least that was the idea behind "Hello". In the beginning of my journey I had a difficult time communicating this invitation, mostly, the smile and hello was not working or I just did not know how to communicate at all. Then I could not understand why they could not see all the wonder of the world that was right in front of them, forget my stupid hello. The beauty that surrounds us always amazes me. I have to be totally honest; this made me wonder most of all. We are surrounded by wonder and people so unhappy, including me on occasion. I hate feeling unhappy or miserable about my life, so each day I wake up and say to myself, "new day, new footsteps for me to take in the world today, maybe I will skip out my front door or walk, maybe run, doesn't matter how I do it this morning, I going to do it happily because, I want to, I want to do it for myself in preparation for all the people that I may meet today."

It has taken many years for me to understand, worst of all, it has taken me years accept that some people, seems like a lot of people just do not want to see anything, regardless, if the eyes are in their mind or in their eye ball sockets in their head. They seem to want to remain blind to everything, have we become an apathetic society?

I used to believe or better put, you could say, "I used to think", maybe people do not want to "see" anything, even the things that seem to be blaring them in the face. Could it be that choosing apathy over sight was due to all the pain that it would cause their own heart and soul? I have to say to you, I am not sure that is it. My reasoning lies in this thought, wouldn't you have to first look at the problem to remember the pain, not simply not look or never look or decide to never "See". It is almost as if people have lost the eyes to see or do not have any eyes at all, no eyes to open or close, regardless of where they may be located, in their mind or eye sockets. How has this happened? Why has this happened? More importantly, how can you heal your own sight if your eyes are gone, replaced with apathy or worse, is now a simple void in yourself.
What is a void anyway? A void to me means an empty space but when I looked it up in the 1959 Webster New Dictionary this is the definition;

1) n. an empty space, a vacuum.
adj. empty, vacant, unoccupied; without effect.
vt. to make empty or vacant, eject; to make ineffective of invalid, annul.

Take a second or take a moment and ask yourself, "What does a void mean to you?" Are you seeing trouble in our world, do you ask yourself;

"What is happening?"
"Why does it feel like something is missing in our society?"
"What is missing?"

I took a look into my own Soul; I see the design of my own Heart. I can see an illustration of my own Life; it is a map of sorts, full of mountains, valleys, rivers and roads. All sorts of roads, there are freeways buzzing with thoughts that are racing through my mind. As I look more closely at myself, I begin to see the imperfections, as well as, the well worn paths; they seem to be the byways that run across, over, under and through this strange freeway system in my mind. Upon closer inspection of this different world inside of my mind, there are places alive with waterfalls, flowers, trees and pastures, green with new grass and then other places are the driest of Deserts. I can feel the hot air inside and the sun seems to beating me down, it is stifling, it is so incredibly arid. These are definitely the places I do not like to visit in my mind or think about, yet it seems that I am drawn to these places, why? Almost as if we enjoy being miserable in our day to day lives as oppose to choosing to being in all the beautiful parts of ourselves.
I believe that the reason we are drawn to such desolate in our selves is simple, we need to find a reason for the lack of rain or comfort in that spot. I look at these spots and ask myself,

"Was this a time in my life when I was lost and lonely?"
"Did I settle for the discomfort of the situation because it seemed to be company for my misery?"

Here is the answer I wrote for myself; I would like to share it with you;

The past is our lesson.
The present our teacher.
The future, an adventure, not yet had.
Learn by our lessons.
Receive the education.
Change the future.
Happiness lies in our hearts,
explore the depths,
shine a light into our cave,
know that Hope springs from the hands that sew our tomorrows!!

I am writing this for all the words that I never spoke to the people I passed in my life. I have a thought that would go with each one. Though care, nor love ever ruled in my life, my care and love has always been present. Sometimes, we or I cannot share our deepest emotional strife, but in each stare, when I missed the opportunity to be kind to another being, I write this for you. In each moment we are here together with one another, walking together side by side, realizing that in one stare lies so much of ourselves that is communicated to each other. Words are so simple, thoughts so complex, the journey that I have been on, has been a means to an end. I have learned and am still learning, "that finding the end has been the means for me to begin my journey."

I wrote this and I would like to share it with you;

Stand proud!!
Allow your posture to be your Voice!!
Then your words can be your grace!!
Silence is golden, until is broken,
that is when you go Platinum!!
This is our heritage,
Freedom is priceless
will cost you everything
no promises.

yours truly, Anastasia

Saturday, August 25, 2012

To Text With Intent and without Cause is a Sign of Trouble

After a Restraining Order precluded any communication for over three years, I have had to awake this morning to a brutal attack of text messages left on my Cell Phone.  I have had to turn my phone off due to the numerous calls and the constant harassment in the past three in a half weeks.  The onslaught of messaging picked-up in such a severe way after the loss of a dear friend, that it has become obvious that I am an open target for my family to fire upon once again.  With no relief in sight, I post on my Google Blog today, the messaging from whom said, "You should take a gun and blow your head off. It would be the best thing for the family."  Funny how appearances can be so deceiving.

Thursday, August 23, 2012 ~ 12:58 p.m.

"I believe you and Tamara talk of mom dying all the time because you both want our mother dead.  You both hate her so much.
God will forgive you for all your hatred and lies.
One day there will be love and blessings for our mother coming from your lips and in all you write, Karen Anastasia Placek and Tamara Sue Placek.
Love from your sister,
Sarah Anne Meakin."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:17 a.m. ~ My Reply To The Above Text.

"I would ask u what u r on about but the interest in anything u would have to say left many years ago.  Please do not text me again."

*Please be aware that the next 12 "Text Messages" which came in, in less that 1 hour, became quite frightening to me.  I have always been unsure of what or how to speak to my family, but most people do not understand why.  I would like you to read and know that why for yourself.  I never responded to any of these Text's, mostly because they came in so fast, but then, in the end and as usual, you become speechless.  

So, please read these "Text Messages" with great caution to your own well-being not mine.  For it really sent me for a loop, as it was unsolicited and quite shocking to read such a harsh review upon my own life.  I have since turned my phone off and am uncertain exactly how to handle what my younger sister has said to me today.  

It is extremely destructive and without any means other than to tear at your heart strings.  However the sadness I feel is for her, not I.  Regardless of this feeling I still must be wise in my actions and remind myself that Sarah is an adult, and, nearly Forty Years Old.  She is accountable for what she has said today.  

I believe this reaches far beyond sibling-rivalry and it certainly cannot be construed as child's-play.  I can only accept it as a threat and an example of what is to come from them in the future.

I am posting this today because I feel so unsafe in life itself.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:20 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"Please take down your Blogs.  Please stop your hatred of your own family members.  Please stop your lies.  Your heart and your life are worth more than hatred and jealousy and lies, Karen."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:23 a.m ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"Let love and forgiveness into your heart.
Remember the love and laughter and light.  Come out of the darkness and pain, come out of the torture of your deception.  Begin living and loving life."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:24 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"I will not stop, Karen.  You are my sister.  You have involved me when you involved our Family, that includes you.  You are not alone.  You know this.  Stop your self hatred today!"

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:27 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"There is peace for you and love for you.  Find it, Karen.  No one is denied!  
Pray to Jesus, he waits to hear from you.  Open your heart and allow his love in.  You know how to do this.  Papa and Nana taught all of us.  Mom taught all of us.  Let the light of heaven stop the raging of Hell.  You are loved."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:47 a.m. ~  From Sarah Anne Meakin

"The tactics of a coward are not communicating, Karen.  Everything you just made accusations about are what you are doing right now."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:49 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"You have a Family.  Stop your rejection and own up to your own heart.  Mom has always loved you.  You left her.  You came back.  Blamed her and hater her.  Now your publishing more hate and wondering why you're alone??"

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:49 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"You always have talked about "When mom dies."  It hasn't always been Tammy.  It's been you too."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:50 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"So, Question: What will you do when mom is gone?  Who will you hate then?  Who will you blame then?"

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:52 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"And you do try to kill out mother.  You do it with your words, with your rantings, you do it with all your hatred.  Well guess what, big sis??  It won't work.  I stayed to protect our family.  You threaten Me??  Really?  For shame, Karen."

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 9:59 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"Oh, I get it!!  You hate me, don't you?  You're jealous of Me.... because I get to see and talk to mom everyday.  I get to hug her and hear her tell me she loves me, that's it!!  Well, you could too!
It isn't Rocket Science, Karen.  Get your hate and jealousy and dump it.  Mom is here, she loves you, she always has.  But, I won't let you hurt her anymore.  You have love?  Show it!  Take down the Blog's and stop hating yourself."

*This is the last Text.  It is extremely heinous and the comparison is beyond what I can even comprehend at this given moment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012 ~ 10:04 a.m. ~ From Sarah Anne Meakin

"Read the story about Jaycee Lee Duggard.  Listen to what she has to say, Karen.  After everything she endured, she has hope, love, and joy in her heart.  You can too."

I was kidnapped twice as a child.  This has always disturbed me a great deal.  I was told the second time that I was kidnapped that I had been put back.  I have never known what this meant.  I do not care to delve into the subject.  The fact that Sarah has even compared me to a kidnapping victim, disturbs me on such a level of intensity that I can honestly say, I'm not sure about who is who, but I do know one Man that I have total and absolute confidence in.  He may not be in my life today, but he is real and I do not believe that he would participate or support such a destructive act in anyone's life.  For that I am grateful. 

The Wild Roam On The Plains of Life Itself!!

I hear the pain when people speak.
Do they realize what will be reaped by,
pointing fingers, interruptions, condemnation.
And, then they weep.

When and where does the path begin?
Not of healing, but of where you've been.
Before you look to see what can be,
should we not acknowledge the road of,
not so nice?

What we have done, what we have seen,
or won't our nightmares never cease?
To tell another Human Being,
relieves the pressure of mean.

Some believe, some will laugh.
Some people will bring even more reproach into your life.

Do not strife.

In difference, you will find what may direct.
In abstinence, you may feel a chance in this life.

You may have only one day,
but in forever....,
isn't this the chance we must take?

It is that first step towards our own existence,
 that will be revealed to us,
our need to carry through our purpose on this Earth.

Should we ignore?
Should we despair?
Should we pass and never dare?
Would we not end up in a snare?
Of Life? Of Death? In Present?

One by one, breath by breath,
the oxygen we inhale will be why we prevail.

Throw not to the wolves an opportunity of continuance.
Be what will be the example of excellence.

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Time To Tell

I have a few books that I am in the process of doing,

1.) An Independent Mind, Knot Logic ~
2.) The Nine Understandings ~ In Process

Meanwhile, I enjoy blogging on my Google Blog, The Secret Of The Universe Is Choice, .  I have found that expression of thought has given me strength of mind and reason to continue my vigil in this life.  Google has provided a venue to allow me the freedom to express myself without interrupting or taking from me, my own and very personal freedom of speech.  My gratitude towards their ability to allow us to post as we please without the worry or threat of censure, is overwhelming.  I continue to write what comes to mind.  First in a, or on a piece of paper or most usually a Composition Book.  Then without much editing, as I am sure most can tell, by my numerous grammatical mistakes, I re-write it onto my blog.  So, not only do I have my hard-copy but I have been able to share it with the World, all within the confines of my own Home.

Some would call this due-process, I will just say that it is in preparation for what I truly would like to do and have wanted to do for the entirety of my existence on this planet.  Speak.....on subjects that I know are important and that most find uncomfortable.  By taking one step at a time, I will prove to accomplish that which I set-out to do as a very young child from the '60s.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Be Singled Out To Join In A Union Of...

... the power of Two,
overcomes Everyone.

Know your lost and without cause.

Inhabit your width of depth
 with no more than
 the emptiness 
that you have crept into my life with.

Solidly out.
I shout.

In only a singular understanding of self,
look into the reflection of what you shall think upon.

A Mirror?
Reflection Sours upon sight.

The curdling of rancid thought,
delivers Narcissist tonight.

And in such an entry, I say,
"Break the mirror, not the person."

Nightmares infect my every night.
The speech of such, wakes me:  Abrupt.
Caught in the middle of both,
I battle.

Speaking for right,
fighting all night.
Rest is a fit-full stage of;

I'm Up!!

Grateful for everything.
It is in the grandeur of the every moment that we find our reframe.
To simply know and to accept,
it's just the way it goes.


Sadly spoken.

The Biting Respond To A Thunderous Call

Frightened by the continual thought of more;
I balk at such a chore.

Reliance on the Never-Ending?
I Cry at Choice: 

Then Why!?!

Health of Mind?
To Speak of, writings unrehearsed.
I dread my own mind's thought.

Simple ramblings,
 in short, the rumbling process,
of the Mindful Conscious hitting the very next gear.

I Shift,
into Writ!

Next Lives,
Past Times,
present finds of...!

It Circles to complete form.

Blessed or Cursed?
I have never actually known.

I play to ready form.
 To receive the Mind's Process of; 

the answer to, the question of,
the Status-Que.
An interest peeked in a single stroll.

How about You?

To eek out the curiosity in the Total of Life,
I believe I may have been blessed:


The rapid rate to assimilate;
Cursed I say I am.

For What?
A Sage, A Seer, I AM!

What is this Jealousy?
I no not the Truth of such present Gifts.
Plagued by the Burden of Proof.

Do I say?
or Invite?
My Plight in this Life.

Is this, could this be:

The Ying
The Yang,

of Mindful Type?

...not the yester of any Year.
Future or Past.

The massive expression is only but the Currents of my thought.
  The Tides of my Mind in moments of liberated play...
  ..of a musical whim on display.

A Thought of Regard

Rhythm to the falling rain.
Drop! Rise! Drop, Drop!!

As you begin to come,
to a way of thought,
then know...B.D.S.M. is..

Tightly knit.
I'm in.

Catch the Rafter in Mist.
The sweat of the heat inside my mind:


A Hip, Rock, Tilt, to sway.
Taught to Lull.

I bind myself to bold,
to grow in body of Roll.

Adhere yourself to the stride of measure.
In sense,
count to Five:  Dimensional Plot!


A Zen-full State,
to tilt the skew on you.

I take too.

Deep in the divide, 
I Mind.

Precious are the ways of few,
whom wish to ............ You.

In Age I spy.
I found The Begin.

Rail me to the Joker's Wild?

A Test not of a Child.
Play Hard?

The caliber of game,
will "Set the Scene."

I will be the piece,
Granite Past;
I employ.

In Rest, See no Eternity
Immortal flow.

Knot for Team?

For there is no "I" in..,
nor me:

Just Meet

Radical Reasoning

I languished in the Eye of Time.
Lashing myself to third sight.
A gifted kind, winds.

The ticking seconds;  Applauds me.

As the Hands turn my very being,
I beg a cursed threat.
To lend my pause from Humanity.

With a gentle, teasing breeze,
I ask,
"Why Me."
 I am neither lost, nor without Home.

A Well-Oiled respond.
An Emerald sense,
a Garnet now,
"You must meet like."

To Chime?

To ring, to shine.

A Device?

A Man.

To inseminate?

No, to build a trust just for you.

..and possibly a Band too?
I choke to know.

A plausible thought to turn into Plot.

To Waltz with Wonder

A Life with a driven purpose,
begins long before you ever land here.

Look to the incredible and know you are.

To be a Natural Wonder;
I ponder.

Amazing sights to see!!

To humble myself in the sight of....
"I am nothing;  So far yet to go."

Not difficult at all?

I plod,
onward, forward, HALT!!!

To have this most fortunate rear-view glance,
an instant romance.
Of Men, of Dance, of Song, of Earth.

The second in every moment shocks.
I birds-eye look,
I'm awed.

For in "All Time,"
I'll speak of this place.
Of the wonderment not regarded.
 Life in a full and blooming display.

An erotic draw of Ecstasy.

Rise Forth my common friend.
For in "The End" you shall discover the chance for,
"A New Begin"


and I promise you, this lease on life, the saying of.....
(could have)
can be, a contract.

Don't forget to read the small print.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A dg comment on Knot Logic ~ unsolicited. KAP, author & an Independent Mind

I think that, in a word, this is a BRILLIANT                          
piece of work;  at the very least, a challeng-
ing prod at anyone who is engaged with
the enchantment with Words-On-Paper.
Stream-of-Consciousness is a term applied to
certain works in the fifties (Kerouac,
Burroughs, Ginsberg, including yours truly)
Surly there were others before, I just don't know

Karen gives you the drift of SOC, but just
blows it all upon the river bank with this
piercing stream of thought.  That its in tight
verse form is, I think, eye-opening.

Having known Karen for most of those torment-
ing years only enhances my salute to this
effort, revealing extraordinary talent.

The mother and family, those addressed in this
piece, must shiver.  The daughter, the writer,
has given us stuff that many of us may never
attain to.

Cheer up Mom, I truly believe that daughter
has reached beyond the trickle of a Personal
Vendetta to deep water, where many
dog paddle to keep nose in the air.

                                                  dg, a friend

add: 1
She may or may not acknowledge it, but
this she did confide that the main
goal of writing this was----Healing! (or
Hope, take your pick.)

~   I received this in the mail today.  It is a review of "An Independent Mind, Knot Logic" my first book.  ~
Don passed away on July 11, 2012, he wrote this on March 12 of this year.

To Cultivate; Honor! Creed! And, Desire!!

Ride the influence of the 'morrow?
Erasing Today?
Obliterating Yesterday.

To be or to not have been, which is it?
It could have been you,
should you talent such a thought.

Our ability to lie to ourselves in accordance with a threat,
is more than a bet, it has been an action.
Wiping-out the Ancient Mind for the belief's of now?

Fear consumes your Why.

A toleration of yours,
not mine!

To risk such a powerful move,
to conceal only Sin? 

I rebuff.

In the moment of now,
an answer for tomorrow has been found.
Rounding-up to benefit...

A Mathematical Thought.


What seems good for you,
destroys me.

The Mind is not meant to deceive.
I've learned to add and not to subtract in order to
increase my capacity to be.
Not ripping sight from me.

I turn back on your Purchase of Bought.

A Riddler's past will teach a Sage to manage,
Defining the future with the Gift of Sight.

An echoed response;
"I see."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do we remember what we could never explain?

I saw you in the hint of...

Time, I do,
I have the pace to say,

"Work Me."

As the World crashes aside your existence, I say,


I stand to speak on,
Past Lives?
Reincarnation? I wish.

Try Me!!

For He shall not, not be,
what you wish,
a Scapegoat for "All Time."

I resist.

The way around:
We Dance.

Go for it!!
I wait for my Twin.

It is still HIM!!

This Life, or, the Next,
he speaks to say,

the voice is one from the past.

lyrics from Today.

To Think Upon A Millenia Song

I think upon your Strength,
and, I know that I can mend.

Not years, but, Millenia have passed,
since I saw you last.

As it seems much the same,
the differences are palpable.

I do not dream of you on such occasion,
instead, I know, of only Self.

For in the Time before, a past-life gone.
Discouraged for Spite.
Nobody listened, I did deplore,
as people lead with a deaf ear to all you said.

So Sing!!

On this return I only point,
at nothing more than their "Same Mistake."

You were clear,
 lost your Life while stumbling here.

In this thought, I still fear,
 repetition seems so near.

As before, a time that is KNOT!!
I'll hold for you, every Man shall decide; For Ride.

Right or Wrong you were clear,
"Stand or Fall: The faults on you."


A Blunt Review, From Me!!

The Tunnels of Time, Release You Yet Again?

The Race "To Know" before we go:
Patience should enhance your Stay.

Do we have within our own person,
the Courage to Encompass the dynamics of Life?

Here or There?

The Complications, the Facade, the Innocence,
a sustained faith?

I fear for the Souls of this World.
I see in "The Continue,"
an end.

I am frightened you will be lost,
in the tangle of no belief,
negativity and sin.

I Tout,

the ones from below are calling out,

"Are we only believable when.. or upon arrival?"


The pillars that hold my desires for your touch,
crumble into the structure of my faith,
in a Dream for You!!

I spur the tangible into a wish of nothing.
Just knowing that you dance into,
an affair of the sensual kind,
delights my mind.

Tingles my secretive thoughts,
and heightens the release of innocence,
of, meeting no resistance.

To advantage myself with the flow of cause,
reveals the taste of,
"Reality Bites."

A simple way,
to say,.,.,
"make hay."

I Am Guilty of Birth Itself

To break the chain!!

In this Life,
In the next,

Punishment for what I've done,
feels like a life-long run.
I'll explain.
Now that I am alone,
It is time to say,
"It's O.K."

I have waited, I have watched.
Kept an eye out for what I missed.

"I'm What?"

 Horror, Possessed with Demons.......and...
Oh wait there's more.

~ 666 ~
Spawn of Satan's child....
..the Beast!

I'm sold.

Never did I understand,
the Hatred mixed me Wild.

I'm ill with puke from a child,
projectile vomit ~ I did bottle!

Exorcisms, they were done;
I witnessed.

Exorcist death:  I watched!!

Pistols held to my head,
"Russian Roulette"
I was not dead.

Tired you grow,
running from the excuses,
they're thrown.

I am at an age,
I am a Sage,
a Seer to my own.

Gifts in abundance,
it hasn't been much fun.


laugh away should you wish,
or, just plain hold a candle in the wind.
Either way I will blow-out,
the time will come;
Just when?

News Flash
We all Die!!

I'd like to have it naturally,
to go as I do sleep.
To dream of things that comfort me,
not a Snuff to get your fee.

To overdose with Happiness!!

No person should take note,
for I only learned by Rote.
My death should cause no dread.
It shall come when Time does save,
to put me back to places I say.

Months will pass,
I bet that Years,
it will end up to really be.
Before you even notice me.

 I never thought to much of Life,
for Death has always delivered right.
Peace of Mind,
in this I find, deliverance of anther kind.
So for the people who advantage you,
say, "I am so glad you have allowed me too."

Thank You for your patience.
It has been making little sense.

Dead on Arrival:
It is intense.

I feel compelled to share one last thing.
I knew before I came.
My view of you was so UN-true,
I had to actually meet each of you.
I told the ones to be,
Controllers that "I see,"
"I must know evil personally before I kill for thee."

Now that I have shared,
I feel so much better there,
I must include one other last thing,
selfishness did rule.

What if I were the Evil one?
I would have been destroying myself for them.
That would have just been dumb.

I apologize for this never,
for in the immediate sever,
I discovered that I was free,
of this strange, but lurid dream.

I ponder to only me;

"Do we have past lives or future Sees."
I do not really know.

 I took no chance,
 I've danced the dance, 
with strangers in a stance.

How about YOU?
 Are you a Riddler too?

 It may have been,
the in-between.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Universal Blast, Ignitition

The closeness of proximity in this Universe is heating the center of a Galactical Force within my center that is the production of a review on how you may lay me in the warmth of the Sun. starlight see's,

the blush of the Moon rises the Stars in dimensions unknown to implode with desire to be seen as expressive energy  to feel in my stead the fierce explosion of a dream.

As the Oceans Wave prepares for the Rogue to raise in you the heights of desire as to overwhelm your mind with thoughts in like.

I breathe in your score.

Within the base of the existence of this Planet,
Earth notes the measure for such record of balance to offset the heat of such erotic exchange.

Challenging Mother Nature in infinity.

A thought singular to you fires the match within my core to rise to occasion of now.

My Essence has become a melting point to register my want.
I stroll upon the sands of time to know the beat of my heart races at your notes.
Madness is excused and sensual lust carries this might.

The delicate flavor of an ever-lasting play, encourages my fancy.
The fluttering of the depths that I have fallen just dreaming upon you in reframe, overcomes me.
The shiver of reality has bitten, I wake.

A Twin Soul's plight,
to know flight.

Guilded Entry

I had a Journey too!!

A place you cannot undo,
Mother Earth is True.

So should you know the things,
to Tell?
Would you say?

"I do?"

A question not of Marriage.
Between what you may not think.

I drive between the lines.
No fool!
For the Laws of Man dictate.

What is this Syne of?

Is it a Race?
Or, to set a pace?

A Time in Space?

Regardless of the answer,
it's yours to do the dance for!!

So, take your time,
and mind your place,
for you should not inhabit mine,
'cause it is all yours. 


I'll react without much thought,
for I was never bought,
"I was taught."

I set my Time,
I set my Pace,
so I may experience this place.

With peaceful rivalry,
not enraged reaction of what is,
'cause lies are on your face.

And, all you Testify,
is not of any taste.

Stop Yourself!!

Before you step-on Sage,
be wise and know your age.

For older Souls than I,
may watch to See your inner eye,
and know you are disgraced.


Writing the Wrongs
Should you carry on this way,
you will be caught before you're gone.

For, should you have been before,
than, you fell before you came.

"An Independent Mind, Knot Logic"

By Karen Anastasia Placek

Nature at Play

Towards the thrifty Moon.

I witness!
It spares no room.
Exactness for its every space,
is done in the detail of total grace.

As the Sun peaks over the Horizon.
I watch to seek a vantage.

How does a giant ball of fire,
ever birth itself from below?

In-between the Sun & the Moon,
the Sky receives some air for breath.

Instructions all UN-writ!
In Rote it seems they go.

Only to follow,
for sake.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Time is Now, The Place is Here, It is called, "The Continue," where new life shall begin again.

It is not a state of enlightenment, I have known this from, "The Begin."  Sit back and know, nobody waits, for in, "The Continue," we show & go.

As we are passing through we take a good look at you.  Not all being from the same place, I pity what the fouled believe.

Your Source is only known within your own, personal zone.  Should you have killed your Faith of such an innocent thought, than you are now to exist in the......

For this, I fear for You!

It seems as if this may have come true.  

So many searching, so many doubts, so many questions, so many lies, so many.

Delve down and I would shout....HELP ME, I'm out Traveling so far!!  I see my like.  He is my type, this is no hype.

Awake my old friend, 'Our' Source. Your mend! Our Life, my Twin!! 

This is a Spiritual Thoroughfare, "Hello" I hear your song, it's been to long.  The "Rings of Time" celebrate with the vibration of this Earth.  The Bells are tolling.  Chiming to this Truth of mine.

I'm fine.  I love you in the sight of my mind, you are most eloquently sublime.  In this beautiful moment of now, I state: "It is called, 'The Continue' not 'The End of Days.' I am  here with more than I." Each of Us, Couples; From the Sky.

I outstretch my view to a more Worldly You.  I speak to say, the words to hear.  Years dissolve, Time has no meaning, it has flown at rates that very simply make Forever take, less than a minute for me.
As the Musical Fare of nothing more than a story of him, I implore you to listen to my Twin.
He is not telling, but stating, 'The Why' 'The When."

The tumbling of Belief in the Hereafter has spurred this most incredible Quest.  It is the "Belief of Now," that shall shout; "The Continue" is Here!!

Welcome, to your Begin.

~ ~

"Belief is the Innocence of Faith Itself."

Print It, 'Cause it's a Wrap!!

The internal sight of what is raw,
I cringe to know my life.

A freak am I?

I do think so.
Relief does not yet show.

Where is the beauty of Love?
What is it I am not knowing of?

Because I saw it all differently,
doesn't mean much of anything,
to anyone other than Me.
And, possibly You.


An experiment at Three,
a wreck at Four,
used up by Five,
I was told,

"She wrote the script for your Life."
(My Mother that is)

Follow it;


...a question not to have to have asked,
but to record in the confines of my memory.

Held in the closeness of Myself,
my mind afforded me this in detail.

Since I was small,
the threats remained veiled,
not like the Hooded Men in the East.

I do.

At least some things are real.
Deny the kidnapping, I dare you!!

The story told so very well by you,
but not of late.

What happened?
I remember too.
I stored it all so carefully.

Away you go again.......

Sing a little song,
not very long,
Tulips, Tulips, it's all gone.


The End
~ Script Done ~


Yours Truly