Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading Heard A Vocal Blurb

The World, a Choir,
the Orchestra of Voice.

Words less tunes,
musical views,
now communicating,
so much better news.

Verse fills void,
times of noise,
not the singing,
but the Talking Shows.

A Revealing,
not an end,
a bit of truth,
a personal note.

It is not wrong,
difficult? Yes,
but I love the songs,
singing is best.

Require Order,
exercise the mind,
prepare to find,
the blare?, unkind.

Be positive,
embrace the Purpose,
invest in Reason,
advance the truth,
and know it's natural,
not a booth.

Right your wrongs,
an accountable chore,
serve this interest,
know it's war.

The battle of Self,
begins with truth,
a choice to face,
without a trace.

This moment in decision,
lends to sense,
delivers liberty,
not what's minced.

Be advised of your wealth,
your Conscious Mind brings what's felt.

Advance this notion,
exercise practiced,
it brings on better.

What you portray,
reflects the work,
it will show,
the progress made.

Be aware,
something has gone so wrong,
it is the feeling,
carried in Air.

Sometimes Words,
hard to see,
spilt from mouths,
the lips spell loud.

A comfort zone will be lost,
as thinking roams,
the cost is rest.

The constant babble,
so loud and clear,
disturbs my brain.

In what I hear,
Thinking's jeered.

Back In The Saddle Again At Sun Valley Equestrian

Funny things happen when you least expect them too. I have been afforded the opportunity to ride again.  The Ranch is in Pacifica, CA. and I am fortunate enough to be riding with a wonderful team of people.  During the Summer, Sun Valley Equestrian offers week-long sessions to children interested in learning how to ride or young riders looking to just get some more miles in under saddle.  Sun Valley Equestrian hired an incredible instructor to direct the Camp each week.  This is an incredible sport and offers you a life-long hobby should you chose to continue or like I, pick-it up again after suffering so many tumultuous years in my life.  I am so grateful that I learned how to ride as a child.  Now that I am adult, I can once again enjoy the Sport of the Horse. A passion that has never left me!!  Let's Ride!!

The link provided to contact for further information about the Summer Camp at Sun Valley.  

Here is to a great summer of riding, jumping and beautiful trail rides Millwood Ranch in Pacifica!!.
Onward, forward goes my march.