Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mind Court

Line the Circle stream diagonally to the sign Infinity the song,
words no rather letters steaming right with text in the capital forming cine,
great were Times of Heavily scene the counter of the whether ba,
know aspect of perception lining captured frame.

Envision the Mind of collection as a Recorder reeling in,
captions run to absorption stating held,
the social comprehensive to active in the stay,
a day by day regards to from a base in care.

Signs consist of multiples words contain the sentence,
no brakes introduce the onward,
in evidence the Press,
print preludes the going on showing in all blocks.

Fluid conscience in no particular diaphragm,
an itch is born to walk the term of life in lung,
scratched the broken body drummed,
Life returned Address!!

Know Independent thought brought News,
scripts ran the T.V. brew,
stories told of only Terror information rose,
to find grace the Tale told the dead are moving New.

World round vacate bounds an Empty loud,
however threw the Cob web talks a Test raised in Bead,
looming Knot of Ancient Rocks the break trot,
releasing in Free Flow the glacier sheets belling!!

Hugging isolation the forced upon the spied,
a brain on synapse lightening comes in thunder done snaps,
beating too a rhythm heard music came to dream,
asleep in resting of the night a Symphonic joined the Real.