Friday, January 15, 2016

Solve AWE Means!!

Awe for The Harbors of such/must have been incredible wealth of desires cheer,
the loneliness that aches a steer,
remember that the Flight is sewn with out reservation to the fear as a diamond is but a sketch to smile,
the grounds of wonder to that beauty in the aye of journal felt through a shoulder friend,
be hugged with eternal and know that Infinity is only a breath to clear!!

The balance on those outer realms is the found on the finding that beginnings often near,
to each variance,
to every Spur,
its the trust that embrace is a Seer.

Thought that to a standing,
knew it to a sound,
bellowing to the lumber in the will of a grub,
for that is the floor which cadence`s foot,
that stride to be of strength in that musk,
for on the fountain of method its really the greatest of feather,
a brilliant quiet violent storm that creation knows Its alive,
be born to fact,
be that thorn in the writing of glory and love.

Deny the destruction and that struck`T will Violet the sugar of the Cain,
herb the berth with a simple languish and death will substitute smear,
find that strange and the envelope will deliver a near.

In the piece of the Knights their missing chunked so strike`d that Welds are not Solder,
it will be the Forge of Understanding that Deck Land which will provide a clarity,
dynamics with the comprehension of this worlds portion of script to ladle the poe leased,
stream as the Wind found,
rivers and Creeks are lovely but Men stand the fear,
in the Whirl of Wash it is the Dried flour that makes each day the able body Cheer,
remember the Bakery remember the Olds,
remember the Fact Ore remember the Mirror,
say to that question What Shall the Dance State should the Failing dye but a tear.

The Rein Bow Lodge At Sew Duh Springs

As a small the mind will throw to the memory of the Winner on that phone call of a promise to ride,
it is inside the shorter fragments that the brain will squirrel a way,
to that burst on the Tribe be of fact to this current, 
the Tides on Humanity are Drowning People all over the World,
swimmers are going under the water to waist,
this is the providence to sexual chorus on the bends,
no belief on the grape to that bellow of the Crate and barrel on the work to the Wine!!

Breathe in my friend as being a bracket to the Picture of the lap locale to a nice warm soak in the bubbles,
with the walk of cadence and the stride on foot to scene Remember the pots and pans,
the chill of the day and the ice of that difference for the Winter inch is a tiny rise in fragments scene.

In regards to know regard is circumspect to Piel as the choir on that is a beautiful Park Road home,
the breadth of mountain to drive until the thoughts strained by the taste o f the installation of the covered situate,
should choice be bitter so be it,
should chose be done that so have show,
should the voice be of squeak and chimney peanut butter learn that fires in the place that musics land,
on course is the best of vernacular to charge the tech town nick with a sent tence`d car,
this is not my whir E! as the Port of conversation 815's at Bricks & Mortar,
for Ross E! pool was a drive to the Hot Chocolate and patience to ski,
all license to that Pear on the stun as a Fireplace to know that Reservoir is akin.

It is the provided moments that spoke a double bind with a double backed tongue on words of Brit to born,
however the place of residence on delivery to note on entry of first Site is in addition a womb of delight,
for staying Alive is a Paramount Production in this life of so many sewn to deck,
land with skill to sweet as the Spice is the sort that will file naturally and Teak peacefully,
the beauty of the Oak to the windows on the drive to Tahoe,
a tunnel on the Tell a Vision to recorded blinks that Kodak film is in each Hand to clue.

Aye Oh Awe!!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement. The term originated in the United States, but has spread to AustraliaCanadaNew ZealandSouth AfricaBrazil and Nepal. As the use of the term has been expanded, the exact definition has come to vary among political cultures.

Origin of the term[edit]

Lewis Carroll mocked the futility of the UK's caucuses in "A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale", Chapter 3 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: when the "Caucus-race" of running in a circle stops, everyone is declared a winner by the Dodo and Alice is told to hand outprizes to all others, receiving her own thimble as her prize.
The origin of the word caucus is debated, but it is generally agreed that it first came into use in the English colonies of North America.
A February 1763 entry in the diary of John Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts, is one of the earliest appearances of Caucas, already with its modern connotations of a "smoke-filled room" where candidates for public election are pre-selected in private:
This day learned that the Caucas Clubb meets at certain Times in the Garret of Tom Daws, the Adjutant of the Boston Regiment. He has a large House, and he has a moveable Partition in his Garrett, which he takes down and the whole Clubb meets in one Room. There they smoke tobacco till you cannot see from one End of the Garrett to the other. There they drinkPhlip I suppose, and there they choose a Moderator, who puts Questions to the Vote regularly, and select Men, Assessors, Collectors, Wardens, Fire Wards, and Representatives are Regularly chosen before they are chosen in the Town...
An article in Great Leaders and National Issues of 1896[1] surveying famous presidential campaigns of the past, begins with an unsourced popular etymology of the origin of the caucus:
The Origin of the "Caucus"
The presidential nominating convention is a modern institution. In the early days of the Republic a very different method was pursued in order to place the candidates for the highest office in the land before the people.
In the first place, as to the origin of the "caucus." In the early part of the eighteenth century a number of caulkers connected with the shipping business in the North End of Boston held a meeting for consultation. That meeting was the germ of the political caucuses which have formed so prominent a feature of our government ever since its organization.
No wholly satisfactory etymology has been documented.[2] James Hammond Trumbull suggested to the American Philological Association that it comes from an Algonquian word for "counsel", 'cau´-cau-as´u'. The word might also derive from the Algonquian cawaassough, meaning an advisor, talker, or orator.[3] This explanation was favoured by Charles Dudley Warner.[4] The American Heritage Dictionary suggests that it possibly derived from medieval Latin caucus, meaning "drinking vessel",[5] such as might have been used for the flip drunk at Caucus Club of colonial Boston.
An analogical Latin-type plural "cauci" is occasionally used.

In alternative dispute resolution[edit]

The term caucus is also used in mediationfacilitation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution to describe circumstances wherein, rather than meeting at a common table, the disputants retreat to a more private setting to process information, agree on negotiation strategy, confer privately with counsel and/or with the mediator, or simply gain "breathing room" after the often emotionally difficult interactions that can occur in the common area where all parties are present. The degree to which caucuses are used can be a key defining element, and often an identifier, of the mediation model being used. For example, "facilitative mediation" tends to discourage the use of caucuses and tries to keep the parties talking at a single table, while "evaluative mediation" may allow parties to separate more often and rely on the mediator to shuttle information and offers back and forth.[6]

In the United States[edit]

Precincts from Washington State's 46th Legislative District caucus in a school lunchroom (2008).
In United States politics and government, caucus has several distinct but related meanings. Members of a political party or subgroup may meet to coordinate members' actions, choose group policy, or nominate candidates for various offices.

Caucuses to select election candidates[edit]

Further information: Iowa caucusesTexas caucuses and Nevada caucuses
The term caucus is frequently used to discuss the procedures used by some states to select presidential nominees such as the Iowa caucuses, the first of the modern presidential election cycle, and the Texas caucuses.[7][8][9][10] Since 1980 such caucuses have become, in the aggregate, an important component of the nomination process. Because such caucuses are infrequent and complex to organize, there is a practice version called a maucus, a portmanteau of mock caucus.[11][12]
Despite a rule in the Democratic Party that delegates are to be allocated proportionally rather than winner takes all, some individual caucus groups decide for themselves how to allocate their group's delegates[citation needed] — for instance, by using a majority vote to determine which of the two methods to select. Discussion of party rules is not necessarily part of the caucus experience, and few rules govern the actual process[citation needed]. And, in the winner-take-all scenario, a group's delegate allocation may be reported as unanimous, with the minority votes ignored[citation needed]. Depending on how the caucus is organized, the caucus system may require voters to publicly announce the candidates they support. Voters have the option to draft resolutions, and those are introduced by delegates at later divisional caucuses or conventions[citation needed].

Affinity groups[edit]

Congressional caucuses[edit]

Main article: Congressional caucus
Another meaning is a sub grouping of officials with shared affinities or ethnicities who convene, often but not always to advocate, agitate, lobby or to vote collectively, on policy. At the highest level, in Congress and many state legislatures, Democratic and Republican members organize themselves into a caucus (occasionally called a "conference").[13]There can be smaller caucuses in a legislative body, including those that are multi-partisan or even bicameral. Of the many Congressional caucuses, one of the best-known is theCongressional Black Caucus, a group of African-American members of Congress. Another prominent example is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, whose members voice and advance issues affecting Hispanics in the United States, including Puerto Rico. In a different vein, the Congressional Internet Caucus is a bipartisan group of Members who wish to promote the growth and advancement of the Internet. Other congressional caucuses such as the Out of Iraq Caucus, are openly organized tendencies or political factions(within the House Democratic Caucus, in this case), and strive to achieve political goals, similar to a European "platform", but generally organized around a single issue.

Caucuses within liberal organizations[edit]

Among American left-wing groups, a caucus may be an openly organized tendency or political faction within the group.[citation needed]

In Commonwealth nations[edit]

The term is used in AustraliaCanadaNew Zealand and South Africa. However, when used in these countries, "caucus" is more often a collective term for all members of a party in Parliament, usually called a parliamentary group, rather than a word for a regular meeting of these Members of Parliament. Thus, the Australian Federal Parliamentary Labor Party is commonly called "the Labor Caucus."
The word was introduced to Australia by King O'Malley, an American-born Labor member of the first federal Parliament in 1901; it presumably entered New Zealand politics at a similar time. In New Zealand, the term is used by all political parties, but in Australia, the term is used only by the Australian Labor Party. For the Australian LiberalNational andGreen parties, the usual term is "party room", and for all parties in Ireland (not a Commonwealth country) and the UK, the usual term is "parliamentary party". In South Africa all parties use the term caucus.
In Canada, caucus refers to all members of a particular party in Parliament, including senators, or a provincial legislature. These members elect among themselves a caucus chair who presides over their meetings. This person is an important figure when the party is in opposition and an important link between cabinet and the backbench when the party is in government.
In a Westminster System, a party caucus can be quite powerful, as it can elect or dismiss the party's parliamentary leader. The caucus also determines some matters of policy, parliamentary tactics, and disciplinary measures against disobedient MPs. In some parties, the caucus also has the power to elect MPs to Cabinet when the party is in government. For example, this is traditionally so in the Australian Labor Party and the New Zealand Labour Party.

In organizations[edit]

In conventions, where the membership from different parts of the organization may gather, each separate group within the organization may meet prior to the convention as a caucus.[14] Each caucus may decide how the group would vote on various issues that may come up at the convention.[14] Unless the votes are made binding, however, eachdelegate is still free to vote in any fashion.[14]

The Yield Of An Understanding To Touch The Comprehension Of How Amazingly Capable See 'V' S Is To Represent : What A Lombard Returns!!

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