Friday, August 31, 2012

The Law Of Attraction: A Twin Flame Burns

....excitement fills my vessel full!!
Decisions made, deals blown.

I saw what was; 
I dreamt it too.

Could it be, really You?

In spacial awareness of what was,
I chose the sight of men, not blood.
Headed towards a sightly deed.
I do not contract, I just See.

I watched, I listened, then I saw;
Men of difference, men aware.
Not monks, not hate,
but love out there.

Turned about and said,
"I swear!"

Off like a shot in darkness "Know,"
it's tough to see any road,
but once you hit, you always say,
"Oh yea, I heard, I'm here to stay."

To be or not, is just what is,
but you have taught me an awful lot.
Here we stand on equal ground,
and yet it still seems so unsound.

Will you read my words I write?
Will you know me every night?
You said, "Fight" but not with fists.
You stay quiet, don't throw fits.

The time will come, we will meet.
Our paths shall cross, it will just be.

Carry onward, forward - be yourself,
it is us,
 that I do trust.

The Rare Account Of..

Imagine a twin soul planet,
a solar system support,
of what no one reports,
for Ancients are no more.

Old Souls are from a Galaxy next door.
What if a fool just shut the door?

If jealousy and assumptions made
destroyed the archaic innocent born,
replaced with made-up or forced belief.
Where could one find relief?

History speaks of natural sorts,
a source of youth; Origin supports.
Why then does change
bother you, putting you out of sorts?

Make Mythology in only one day?

I don't care or I won't say,
for wonderment is in this play.
I don't dream, I nightmare through,
fighting off what seems so cruel.

A constant stand,
I must make.
At least I ponder
that is no mistake.

So be a person or to be a thing,
choose with wisdom, freedom speaks.
To travel in fear of what may be,
is only disturbing when one can See.

Here Is A Toast To Life!! Cheers

Reach into the confines of memory.
Exercise a right of conviction.
Be not bound by a closed mind or denial of sight.
Look into the eyes of what will not blind your fight.
Purpose rests upon the lives that accept their more!