Sunday, July 6, 2014

Can You Spell Bailey`d

Fire & Ice in the Correlative Calculate,
 measure Time ask Age,
 Aeon is the Prefect Laned.

Driven Walls too Railings Bald,
 the Vigor of an Instrumental,
 Dove Tailing 'boved.

Heights prowl base bowl,
 Vitality Drake Coaled,
 bitter sweetly graham neat.

Favored Full born Roled,
 courtesy Creation tanking Evolution,
 all in the Human Noll.

Atching Scrowl  

A Short Walk For A Did Lock Keyed Compulsive Of Human Dye Tribes

Think upon a Being within the Body confine,
now thoughts to this Site that has been a Pasture,
grazing on the words too fodder general folds,
a step at a Time enter Swallowing!!

It breaks apart the inner dart,
so pointedly specific to being eaten igonored,
the energy production,
the burst in Set a Coupling Whole.

It takes two too Tango,
three to beat,
Four in Count,
equals seat.

Memory from Cleaves,
tuning a centered,
repeat process chewed,
the meet right off the dude!!

Societies Today a Spanking in 'What May',
the Movie of this Life,
delivery now Hit Bite,
the Cache of Great stood Knight!!

Brilliance to James Blunt,
he is the Cut,
for in the equal better,
I'm a lesson in the luck.

Comprehensive Proof,
people are the root,
of Goods & Plenty soup,
Can the Baster Toots.

A C.D. plan that routed Man,
delivery would have been so Grand,
but now it seems an Other hand,
the Dragon in Scry!!

Scribble Title of the Changed,
a write to a Heavy,
this can only be suggest,
for Earth is in the Last of Ness.

Grateful Salutations Thank,
every single certain Tank,
for the Big brought on the Tall,
a Tale to the Snailed Pall.

A Flash Orc,
a bricker layer,
a conditional Types to Rite,
ignited All Ready rights,
listed in the Ancient Piet!!

The Man on The Mooning,
via the anchor for the Baud,
life is mere to minute blink,
The Continue is it's Shroud!!

So you as all have done,
don't bore yourself with run,
for in the stun of eating sums,
the Mathematics speaks to Tibetan Wrungs.

However in the Worlds dismissal of My Self as Kibbled,
outer banks of greater Lank will/might appreciate,
the Heads Up from a Base ducked Half`Stop,
a Prime Show in splitting Hose to the Stiff Upper Lip of Lives in Equipped.

The Cope of a burial without the Mark or Stone,
for thrust this very example,
as the fist for the phone,
swiping delete erase apply,
dinner with a dandy HI.

Splashing Tips

Can You hear the Marriage in a Far Away Land,
does it have a Horse or Carriage,
in the Cart of whom will Start,
I believe it holds a Part.

Gosh darn I think You thought,
for the second moment brought,
my weeping in like I trot,
don't be stupid thats The Fool!!

I herd that exact to a person known,
marching fats to hit a zone,
dismissal freeze I have a Comb,
came to email in my Home!!

Than to better in the knife,
go,go getter here's a Wife,
or is it the Mother in planning life,
either way be braved to Trades.

Cycles come on weirdy dates,
look it up you have my states,
checking always never me,
just another being peeved.

Oh my gracious Good night Taste this,
the bitter worms in your mind,
squirming like the Thoughts were Mine,
text some more Tell the Floor,
polishing is for Brass knuckles are for Doors.

Hook Line And Sunk The Answer Will Allows Beg The Question Upon The Entry Dew

As the Sofa swings to Chair in the Age of no despair,
watch the pic it's just the licked like the diking thumb,
to no resist vow is dicked by the plug of dumb,
I cannot see what I ignore for in the Aisle it's a Door,
slammed in my Face that's Okay Amy met You walker.

Now that Hall has just the Play of nothing but a Prey,
down on her bleed to Ketchup dine it's much to the Pizza Talkered,
conversation always proper to end a best friend for better Locks.

Traits to close much the shame that in an end beginnings came,
to dish robe the plate too clean,
Settings lust after Leans.

Crate the Barrel to thanks for Sparrow,
a Bird is a Horse in Marrow,
lost to the ex'ed out feat,
paid the price of a double-beat,
now the Time is to complete,
have this Day particular Skeet!!

Shots to centrally located dreams,
children come like girls in themed,
the eyes of daddy I never did see,
looking forward I would guess the Lead.

Like a flip of 2 grand plus,
the Acquaintance comes down to Lust,
a Frigg there an Apple Pear,
in the grit you'll know the stare with the Blue dales.

Mountains Range to Keep the Rain,
it pours for a moments pane,
in Mind or Body or Just in Now,
only thoughts to set the Wow!!

Like a Vow of a Snail,
it really is the best of traileds,
to digest the thinking bests,
as if Time is all it Takes,
why than it must Chest Placates!!

Broader Ages in Open Sight,
for All to See the Wounded Knee,
that's alright it has been said,
that Humanity had it's Head,
in the grip of Dragons Fed.

Birthing out to be A gain,
torture is the B of Dained,
like a Mut in a Curr,
the Cougar is a hitch to Heard.

All it Takes in Recept would have been a simple met,
to put to pleasantries in kept,
it's been nice thanks for the lept.

Free Skates Read Released 

It's The Dead Gain Tocks Swinging Locked

Ices in the belly of the body stores,
compare the Kenning Letter to you've ignored,
the rise of the Dawn in the Twilight of Man,
the Virtuoso Schemes to Planned,
all in the Fiddle of Bow to a Middle.

Fire Starters

Charge the change to done & over,
decisions run the Axe of Clover,
a gentle hello would have Dovered,
like a Mag. in the Arms of Warred.

Kindled Stoking

Read the Verb to say no Name,
empty verse to filling stained,
magnify the belief,
as the Ache to eat a Tree.

How do You like those Apples now,
Mango ate like a Cow,
slobbering taste sharing case,
the Orchard small is likened Laced!!

Riding Horses Arena Faced

The World vouch in Aimed to Loused,
sucking hosed to exhaustive poked,
take, take, take, take, take deceptive,
eat the Fodder of the let 'em.

Proud in I of merry Kind,
congratulations to the blind,
eye sockets hole for I balls Snore,
Blunt is just another Door.

Trace the Base to just no Meet,
makes the Cake say what's a Sheet,
duvets are made of Down today,
the Feathers with the Fluff in Stay.

Back, Back, Back turn a Way,
leg, leg, leg use the Calf,
increase impulsion heels down,
made riding Axle a Mango'd Fan.

Understanding the lingo Horse,
a Three-Day Event is often coursed,
cross-country the simple measure of court,
dressage before the Stadium Vorked.

Time in the Score of Complete alone,
for no comprehensive said Blunt must go,
it is mere to the next big Show,
a venue to surf to the Popcorn curr!!

Like time disconnected for the Cell call,
remote is now as good as dough,
text the quick to intro slow,
warming up in the Arena Mow of Done Overs.

Hello, Hello, Hello Again,
the Past is in the Futures bend,
of Now the Hour in shattered Cower,
for the Learn is all 'Just Matter' of Factual lattereds!!


A Bakers Dozened

The Body of the World in all of it's completion of debt,
 to the Stolen Lives of Passing Fly by Knights try,
to extinguish in Real the Life of know Soul,
 a Heart given whole drys to the keep of it's safe in done!!


Walking this Earth I am a Lone from an Ancient Sure,
 where Magic came and Left it's Borer,
freeze Humanity whilst the Melt Glaciers speaking Sheets,
 crashing Ocean shores rising Me to Know!!

Expands Fore

Persons Concerned you have repeated the Burns,
 creating Hatred thus Delivering Destiny differently,
as an Elemental I stair to The Continue a broth of Reality,
 in spore of the Cell the Egg Shell gold born cracked Embers,
coming from an Ageless Fire the Flame of Sensuality held desire,
 back to further torture an onward track in the Watch of Man & Lack.

The Movement of this Planet thwards the the Idea of a Progression,
 no Stop envelopes break sealed to open,
nothing to Every Thing in a Blink of Grace,
 to the Flight of Home in the Midst of Mankind & it's Doom all Traced.

Treasure to Pandora wealth with Zeus hammer to Thor in Odin their Our Moores,
 Kept for Spout,
Ice to the Hot as Steam in the Meld of Water bloodied The Air,
it is the better than the Chemical despots.


Framed no Longer the Trip Questing Journey brings an Enlighted Mind,
 whilst Man skulls his Thought to Sync in with obvious Lots.

Wash not your Hands in the Sake of a Cross,
 Killed standing up by Two Thieves fought,
it is the burial louds of Past Present Futures Shot.

Battering Chum

 For Two Millennia have joints in the Age of BI`lays Count,
lored of the Mountain in a Cosmic Cry coupling for the Moment Sty,
 negated in a Country Lie for What!!,
You Humanity have Extincted in Present.

Knowing Baked

 The Animal Museum of Both Kinds to Multiple by Design,
evolving to mere Life Itself,
 magic hugging the birth of this Froth on the Bridge of Anchored to no Cross Would!!,
bright time spent as a Quest for the Mirrors.

Answering Leeks

People of no Cosmic Reign have dependent Lanes,
 in the Children at Need for Dreams like Me.

In that breadth I understand the Comprehensive,
 it is not hope but the actuality of a Dragons Planned,
for the Evidence begets the thrust in the hands of a Genius Savant,
a Prodigy in the Simplicity of Complexities of the birth to being a Seer ore'd Sage.

In no more than the Heir of a Blood Line Bred,
 the done has produced a Brand New Lungs,
to Heel the Grounds upon which You grunged.

Missed Fits