Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Soul Shatterer

The ability to enjoy the creative corners of your own mind begins with recognizing you have "Creative Corners" and the belief that your exploration of such places is for you to find and enjoy. Sharing such, with anyone is also for you to decide, we all are familiar with the negativity which flows so easily from the mouths of others, especially when you are speaking positively or speaking of events that cannot be proved or backed up with sustainable facts. So deciding to share anything out of the ordinary is a personal decision for good reason: you will never be as shot down with such deadly force by another being as when you open your mouth and say out loud, "I had the most incredible journey in my own mind last night.” Most will respond by saying, "Doing drugs again,” "Hasn't anyone told LSD is illegal.” You say as quickly as you can but your lips do not seem to be on your side which is not helping you at this point, "No, NO, I did it.” You will not even get to finish and they interject again, "That's not possible, what are you nuts.”

These words that they utter with such disdain become part of the language that is known to me as the Soul Shatterer. Cruel and unkind for no other reason than this person is mean, they don't even want to hear what you are saying but they certainly have nothing but doubt and disgust about what they are pretending that they are not hearing you say.

But, because you shared for the first time, a very personal and incredible experience, it changes you forever about sharing much of anything, metaphysical or not. Why? I believe it is for the following reason, when your soul is shattered with another persons words, the repair of such a fragile and delicate part yourself is beyond difficult, it is nearly impossible to do. However, understand this, and it truly will only take your own mind to have the mind set to decide that Independence is not separating from the crowd or the World. Rather Independence is actually joining the link to Humanity. The mere fact that we can be independent of one another in our thoughts, yet we can stream together as one in our actions is or shows the imaginative capabilities of our minds and explosive natures of our thoughts, created into pure, positive energy. Talk about protection, a heat shield or a magnetic force surrounding each of us, put it all together and I bet that sparks would become the enlightenment of the elemental source everyone is searching for independently.

We truly are the most unfortunate/ fortunate gifts to ourselves, yet, we need to be. I am assuming at this juncture that it is this way, in order to progress with firm and positive convictions of ourselves, Independent of each other, yet reliant on one another, I began to wonder if I would ever be clear with myself, because which is it? Or is it both? Maybe not! Reason for me, I do not want to stream with the negativity and yet I find myself wrapped up in it again and again. I get so mad at myself for being so stupid, falling prey to such cruelness, I kick myself as I try to heal myself from the pain the words of another person, that seemed to just fall out of their mouth. The person has no care or concern, just blah, blah, blah and rambling on as they speak so fluently this language that shatters souls. They must be some linguists, because when they are done before it seems they began and they seem to just turn to go on about their day, they don't even look back.

There I am, they left me a big pile of crap, that two seconds ago I would swear was my soul. Now it is unrecognizable, hurts like no other hurt you have ever felt. It is a pain inside your physical being, yet ice, aspirin, pain killers, heating pad, no drug touches it. It just hurts, as if the words were an actual pointed spear with a point of unimaginable poisonous strength that has the piecing explosion of, well I cannot think of what to compare it to but you never saw it coming. The exactness of such a strike is done with such expertise and experience that you are certain it was done on purpose. Yet, the shards are still felt, as the razor like wounds begin to bleed inside your very being. Help!, you cry, plea and scream, to no avail.

Well, I believe it is done on purpose by cruel people who have become soul hunters. I believe that cruelty runs rampant and that people embrace this perceived ability as some new found power play over humanity.