Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Darkest Knight Lords My Every Deed

The sentence prose of a verse in hand,
the Mind at Play,
the wonder of reality delivers words to due,
inside a simple phrase of amazed!!

His love is the horizon,
I see him in the rising sun,
the light that shines to warm my heart and know,

The breath of nature,
sweeps the breeze,
blowing across the plains,
raising the stagnate air to stream.

The Northern Stars,
the ones we must have swum across,
to enter this galaxy,
to rest or a repair.

The sphere of the universe,
the dark mass of any void,
does not hide mystery,
it is the realm that disguises tomorrow.

The known cosmic roar,
the planets of which must store,
an ever and lasting lore.

Without fighting reality,
lets join it with the ecstasy that we can be,
a galactical play in eternity.

The twin of me,
that One and only He,
an incredible Man so dynamic,
it must be his explosive plan,
that engages this stand!!

May the blasting cord be the Time between our Meet.

May our finality be the ignite of what will show,
Ancients exist and be the example of this most incredible trip.

Cheers to Him,
I remember Our hymn,
the song of every life,
is the tune he is to all I could ever imagine to have been.

He sings my everything,
in a singular theme of,
I know you too!!,
and the whole way through I will be with you!!

The lasting of forever,
in the treasure of severed,
is found in this simple pleasure,
of knowing,
he is my measure,
and mends my never.