Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Silent Reverie

O for the Soar of the Calvary to the dear, In this with for the Seeing of my Say,
feel the strength as I speak of a day, this moment of the Use may service be a tear,
for the loss of so many have graved to demise, May this be a gentle to deep love those lives.

From the hearth of my Origin, in The Flame of my Tell, I invite the production 'cause this Worlds Hell.

the Finders of Fees, the breath drawn to staff, may this bring a darling to the Arms of Love by the sigh,
might the worth of my feeble Violin play the bow to the Spear,
may the music invitation a Nower of Clear!!

Teach of the offering & branch the hand of Stand,
sing to the Flowers and the Trees will bough a steer,
be of the grains in the Oath to bright sadness and the despair,
for without one there can not be the grands of the piano keys,
the concerto of sand as the smooth Ocean flees,
rolling no dough just explaining the ran.

On the beach of this life may the fountain Spring you a rice,
may the beets in the Garden be of the memory that My Grandparents found a chorus,
that water on the tributary, the singing of silence with no tears,
width these trembling words with the shattered lives,
it is the details tale the exchange,
for on the Trades, The Wind is of the breeze And the storm,
all in the announcement of the coming Rain.

Place a thimble to the Hey Stacks and know The Aware as the brows of raised,
in length of scene to task the venture of Years on the deem,
make ready the Head as the seems are the Hours,
the Panes to be The Doors that build love by Ways to consider,
that trust is learned through the Try,
a Being so far from The Beginning that the beginning still is The Keep,
for that is the Treasure, the reason belongs to Men and the hope I for not just their acceptance but their healing,
for the history of Turing clears my escape to know that Run is my way,
but to the strong and the factor may you invest in this simple worth,
I Rite You!!

Dedicated To My Mother & My Older Brother Edward

Be of the Breadth that can Sing to touch the Sky with the beautiful cheer,
in Nature the example is the Flight of the Eagle Crow here.

As I love balance The Origin of my love,
a place of a favorite understanding of the Blue Door,
in blessed beyond this World of the bondage and the fear,
I hope for the World that it is able to be an Ear!!

Creation banks the counter to grow with the tempo of Music,
as the Stereo of lives have been lost to such tangles I gallop You a Hope.

Listen for the distant Call of a Harbor that is capable of both Comprehending and soap,
in the wash of the dry Creek know that the Rivers are in Torrents of steer,
on the Won hand of life in this deserve,
that Evolution is the Plant of Gift lift!!

Shine as the Sun brilliance,
be of the Ministry of the Moon Shadows leave,
in the Stars on the Constellation live,
as the breathing to change comes from Love and paths that Cheer!!

Introduce yourself to a fleet, those History completes that have gathered Us near,
stop the smashing of Statues that Pier, for in Egypt the destruction is not so ......
tears shed to my cheeks as my lips grant this dear.

Turmoil on the backs of treachery in finding a stand to be of not of Chaos,
from the determination of my own journies I scene you to the tears that I do not cry,
as that is the Tunnels of Times in the crib of this Universe,
Solar displays to the glittering Forrest in the sky overhead,
parting the Seas happens with dams that won't say,
to the Tolls and the paved I stay.

To the Course that Society creams horror,
I choose to be a Voice in the darkest Hours,
the minutes of seconds that This World clocks as dim,
be of the greater Casper, be of a provide not the deadly finals that are dirt,
for without the dirt The Soil would dry up and blow a storm of Walls that buries the dial.

This simple Mapping deep construction to be of a dimple not the deadly dance I row,
the boat The Ships the battles both gone and shoring, that is the my brother Ed,
for in the instant love of many a year to the the home that I know he is my Mothers favorite tear,
this song of great Expectation, my Mother loves my brother so much that I simply say,
it has been my pleasure to Witness such gracious foundation of Love from Maternal to son,
the vibration of their care is so overwhelming that I have been fortunate to know it exists,
for it is undeniable that love can have no boundaries when trust inhabits what I fortune to gift.

To be that lucky to have enjoyed the limber of the looks that my mother had for my brother,
I used to just love to be in the room as the smiles were so grand that I truly know,
life is the length of darlings that craft to the Baker a delivery of that Thirteenth flooring as Magic,
for without the Homosexual Men of San Francisco,
without the experience of writing until I am clear,
until the world can understand that it is with each step,
until the People believe that it is my life that has been blessed with living a Dream,
all in the Comfort of the Reality that I breathe the countenance of Forever in Infinity today.

Interesting Feat For Caller I.D.

Good growth is a like to trust that the avenue of contain is of the absolute to the gain,
as the societies push for deceit to the truth of commitment it is of the answer to a riddle be list,
for on the Science of the Earth is Round to the past that it was said to be of end an Apple,
from the sincere to the Watch a spectacular Event to the barter of Words to creations evolution.

Together the Planet is of counter to the grasp of an interesting Plight of discovery at death,
in singular to joint as the Wash is of dry a breast of the better is to Quest with a joy,
in happy accord to the Sing a little Song bright are the lights on the slimber to gree,
for that is the bearing of a Compass detail to at Tempt but it is also the grape.

Does the Vine from the dirt grow to give on the drink or does the soil fertilize the deal,
is in the If's and the Dues that bank to detail or is it the Human Conditional cause to at text,
with a pen and a Pencil an Eraser to plate is the shoulder of carriage to the docks on the bridge,
shall the Teach not be Tot and An adult carry Core is the breeze to be silent or spread a big roar!!

Cast upon the Scribe to shed light with a bulb, the switch to the life is bringing subject to Thor,
flash of the road or the drive to the Store, is the bread of the Basket or Tithes buying chore,
anchored with Thank full Graph to the door, ensure that the evidence is Inking do Norse,
for that is the Hammer a bit to the Rein explanatives expressing the tack to the brain!!

In the City of San Francisco the 60's with born, a street naming Haight the learning of pour,
those Stickers that stab to eye droplets learn that shall the fact be of growing to Pain,
a cramp in the leg or the big Digs Big Bang, earth is the Teacher and Mind is to train,
that avenue Boulevard that Most tangle Comb is the reality of being a Stone,
as the blood is to shifting with Understand crop, horse it out with the saddle on Toke.

Share shall that be of the grid to the Map, for I it is the Terror of the dog snapping trap,
in a snare that is bitten by Oranges and Craft, the Either or either is saying it Zaps,
to sitting and spelling these Inquiries to truth, do not disregard that honesty has Choose.

Choice be a Maker of shakers and grants but once the tale is Said to be dance,
the crowd on Condemn is quick to be Cat for that is the process of this World on a Tact,
rather than being so Judges to chapter try on the Verse of the Deuteronomy flu,
cycle with Christmas read Revelations rebuke, a price for the Curtain is eye blinking clues.

So shall one shed tears or be stronger than could, just to say that I told you so too,
or shan't the condition be of Tongues that can speak, do Ones be the primate or Apples in can.

Boiling Waters the ice frozen Fears, these are the founders of steady on deer,
to put to he bank that bridge to be lens I surprise to the Trophy that simple is Cleanse.

BBC ~ Future


The seven ways to have a near-death experience

Seeing a light and a tunnel may be the popular perception of death, but as Rachel Nuwer discovers, reports are emerging of many other strange experiences.

(Getty Images)

In 2011, Mr A, a 57-year-old social worker from England, was admitted to Southampton General Hospital after collapsing at work. Medical personnel were in the middle of inserting a catheter into his groin when he went into cardiac arrest. With oxygen cut off, his brain immediately flat-lined. Mr A died.
"The mental experience of death is much broader than what’s been assumed" — Sam Parnia, researcher
Despite this, he remembers what happened next. The staff grabbed an automated external defibrillator (AED), a shock-delivery machine used to try to reactivate the heart. Mr A heard a mechanical voice twice say, “Shock the patient.” In between those orders, he looked up to see a strange woman beckoning to him from the back corner of the room, near the ceiling. He joined her, leaving his inert body behind. “I felt that she knew me, I felt that I could trust her, and I felt she was there for a reason [but] I didn’t know what that was,” Mr A later recalled. “The next second, I was up there, looking down at me, the nurse and another man who had a bald head.” 
Hospital records later verified the AED’s two verbal commands. Mr A’s descriptions of the people in the room – people he had not seen before he lost consciousness – and their actions were also accurate. He was describing things that happened during a three-minute window of time that, according to what we know about biology, he should not have had any awareness of.  
Mr A’s story – described in a paper in the journal Resuscitation – is one of a number of reports that challenge accepted wisdom on near-death experiences. Until now, researchers assumed that when the heart ceases to beat and stops sending vital blood to a person’s brain, all awareness immediately ends. At this point, the person is technically dead – although as we learn more about the science of death, we are beginning to understand that, in some cases, the condition can be reversible. For years, those who have come back from that inscrutable place have often reported memories of the event. Doctors mostly dismissed such anecdotal evidence as hallucinations, and researchers have been reluctant to delve into the study of near-death experiences, predominantly because it was viewed as something outside of the reach of scientific exploration.  
But Sam Parnia, a critical care physician and director of resuscitation research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York, along with colleagues from 17 institutions in the US and UK, wanted to do away with assumptions about what people did or did not experience on their deathbeds. It is possible, they believe, to collect scientific data about those would-be final moments. So for four years, they analysed more than 2,000 cardiac arrest events – moments when a patient’s heart stops and they are officially dead.
Of those patients, doctors were able to bring 16% back from the dead, and Parnia and his colleagues were able to interview 101 of them, or about a third. “The goal was to try to understand, first of all, what is the mental and cognitive experience of death?” Parnia says. “And then, if we got people who claimed auditory and visual awareness at the time of death, to see if we are able to determine if they really were aware.”  
Seven flavours of death
Mr A, it turned out, was not the only patient who had some memory of his death. Nearly 50% of the study participants could recall something, but unlike Mr A and just one other woman whose out-of-body account could not be verified externally, the other patients’ experiences did not seem to be tied to actual events that took place during their death.
Instead, they reported dream-like or hallucinatory scenarios that Parnia and his co-authors categorized into seven major themes. “Most of these were not consistent to what’s called ‘near-death’ experiences,” Parnia says. “It seems like the mental experience of death is much broader than what’s been assumed in the past.”
Those seven themes were:
Seeing animals or plants
Bright light
Violence and persecution
Seeing family
Recalling events post-cardiac arrest
These mental experiences ranged from terrifying to blissful. There were those who reported feeling afraid or suffering persecution, for example. “I had to get through a ceremony … and the ceremony was to get burned,” one patient recalled. “There were four men with me, and whichever lied would die … I saw men in coffins being buried upright.” Another remembered being “dragged through deep water”, and still another was “told I was going to die and the quickest way was to say the last short word I could remember”.
Others, however, experienced the opposite sensation, with 22% reporting “a feeling of peace or pleasantness”. Some saw living things: “All plants, no flowers” or “lions and tigers”; while others basked in the glow of “a brilliant light” or were reunited with family. Some, meanwhile, reported a strong sense of deja-vu: “I felt like I knew what people were going to do before they did it”. Heightened senses, a distorted perception of the passage of time and a feeling of disconnection from the body were also common sensations that survivors reported.
While it is “definitely clear that people do have experience at the time that they’re dead”, Parnia says, how individuals actually choose to interpret those experiences depends entirely on their background and pre-existing beliefs. Someone from India might return from the dead and say they saw Krishna, whereas someone from the Midwest of the US could experience the same thing but claim to have seen God. “If the father of a child from the Midwest says, ‘When you die, you’ll see Jesus and he’ll be full of love and compassion,’ then of course he’ll see that,” Parnia says. “He’ll come back and say, ‘Oh dad, you’re right, I definitely saw Jesus!’ But would any of us actually recognize Jesus or God? You don’t know what God is. I don’t know what God is. Besides a man with a white beard, which is just a picture.  
“All of these things – what’s the soul, what is heaven and hell – I have no idea what they mean, and there’s probably thousands and thousands of interpretations based on where you’re born and what your background is,” he continues. “It’s important to move this out of the realm of religious teaching and into objectivity.”
Common cases
So far, the team has uncovered no predictor for who is most likely to remember something from their death, and explanations are lacking for why some people experience terrifying scenarios while others report euphoric ones. Parnia also points out that it’s very likely that more people have near-death experiences than the study numbers reflect. For many people, memories are almost certainly wiped away by the massive brain swelling that occurs following cardiac arrest, or by strong sedatives administered at the hospital. Even if people do not explicitly recall their experience of death, however, it could affect them on a subconscious level. Parnia hypothesises that this might help explain the wildly different reactions cardiac arrest patients often have following their recovery: some become unafraid of death and adopt a more altruistic approach to life, whereas others develop PTSD.
Parnia and his colleagues are already planning follow-up studies to try to address some of these questions. They also hope their work will help broaden the traditionally diametric conversation about death, breaking it free from the confines of either a religious or sceptical stance. Instead, they think, death should be treated as a scientific subject just like any other. “Anyone with a relatively objective mind will agree that this is something that should be investigated further,” Parnia says. “We have the means and the technology. Now it’s time to do it.”
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About the author
Rachel Nuwer is a science journalist who contributes to venues such as The New York Times, Scientific American and Smithsonian. Her website is and you can follow her on twitter at @rachelnuwer. She lives in Brooklyn.

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Enjoying The Google Plus On This Single Post Today ~ One Hundred Twenty Thousand Inviting Approved

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Pegasus with the foal Equuleus next to it, as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825. The horses appear upside-down in relation to the constellations around them.
Pegasus is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations.
With an apparent magnitude varying between 2.37 and 2.45, the brightest star in Pegasus is the orange supergiant Epsilon Pegasi, also known as Enif, which marks the horse's muzzle. Alpha (Markab), Beta (Scheat), and Gamma (Algenib), together with Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz or Sirrah) form the large asterism known as the Square of Pegasus. Twelve star systems have been found to have exoplanets.


The Babylonian constellation IKU (field) had four stars of which three were later part of the Greek constellation Hippos (Pegasus)  Pegasus, in Greek mythology, was a winged horse with magical powers. One myth regarding his powers says that his hooves dug out a spring, Hippocrene, which blessed those who drank its water with the ability to write poetry. Pegasus was the one who delivered Medusa's head to Polydectes, after which he travelled to Mount Olympus in order to be the bearer of thunder and lightning for Zeus. Eventually, he became the horse to Bellerophon, who was asked to kill the Chimera and succeeded with the help of Athenaand Pegasus. Despite this success, after the death of his children, Bellerophon asked Pegasus to take him to Mount Olympus. Though Pegasus agreed, he plummeted back to Earth after Zeus either threw a thunderbolt at him or made Pegasus buck him off.
In ancient Persia, Pegasus was depicted by al-Sufi as a complete horse facing east, unlike most other uranographers, who had depicted Pegasus as half of a horse, rising out of the ocean. In al-Sufi's depiction, Pegasus's head is made up of the stars of Lacertathe lizard. Its right foreleg is represented by β Peg and its left foreleg is represented by η Peg, μ Peg, and λ Peg; its hind legs are marked by 9 Peg. The back is represented by π Peg and μ Cyg, and the belly is represented by ι Peg and κ Peg.

In non-Western astronomy

In Chinese astronomy, the modern constellation of Pegasus lies in The Black Tortoise of the north (北方玄武), where the stars were classified in several separate asterisms of stars.[4] Epsilon and Theta Pegasi are joined with Alpha Aquarii to form Wei 危 "rooftop", with Theta forming the roof apex.
In Hindu astronomy, the Great Square of Pegasus contained the 26th and 27th lunar mansions. More specifically, it represented a bedstead that was a resting place for the Moon.
Warrau and Arawak peoples in Guyana used the stars in the Great Square to represent a grill on stilts.


Covering 1121 square degrees, Pegasus ranks 7th of the 88 constellations in size. Pegasus is bordered by Andromeda to the north and east, Lacerta to the north, Cygnus to the northwest, VulpeculaDelphinus and Equuleus to the west, Aquarius to the south andPisces to the south and east. The three-letter abbreviation for the constellation, as adopted by the IAU in 1922, is 'Peg'. The official constellation boundaries, as set by Eugène Delporte in 1930, are defined as a polygon of 35 segments. In the equatorial coordinate system, the right ascension coordinates of these borders lie between 21h 12.6m and 00h 14.6m, while the declination coordinates are between 2.33° and 36.61°. Its position in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere means that the whole constellation is visible to observers north of 53°S.
Pegasus with the foal Equuleus next to it, as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825. The horses appear upside-down in relation to the constellations around them.
Pegasus is dominated by an asterism in the shape of a rough square, although one of the stars, Delta Pegasi or Sirrah, is now officially considered to be part of Andromeda, (α Andromedae) and is more usually called "Alpheratz". Traditionally, the body of the horse consists of a quadrilateral formed by the stars α Pegβ Pegγ Peg, and α And. The front legs of the winged horse are formed by two crooked lines of stars, one leading from η Peg to κ Peg and the other from μ Peg to 1 Pegasi. Another crooked line of stars from α Peg via θ Peg to ε Peg forms the neck and head; ε is the snout.

Notable features

The constellation Pegasus as it can be seen by the naked eye.


Bayer catalogued what he counted as 23 stars in the constellation, giving them the Bayer designations Alpha to Psi. He saw Pi Pegasi as one star, and was uncertain of its brightness, wavering between magnitude 4 and 5. Flamsteed labelled this star 29 Pegasi, but Bode concluded that the stars 27 and 29 Pegasi should be Pi1 and Pi2 and that Bayer had seen them as a single star.[8] Flamsteed added lower case letters e through to y, omitting A to D as they had been used on Bayer's chart to designate neighbouring constellations and the equator. He number 89 stars with Flamsteed designations, though 6 and 11 turned out to be stars in Aquarius. Within the constellation's borders, there are 177 stars brighter than or equal to apparent magnitude 6.5.
Epsilon Pegasi, also known as Enif, marks the horse's muzzle. The brightest star in Pegasus, is an orange supergiant ofspectral type K21b that is around 12 times as massive as the Sun and lies around 690 light-years distant from Earth.[12] It is an irregular variable, its apparent magnitude varying between 2.37 and 2.45. Lying near Enif is AG Pegasi, an unusual star that brightened to magnitude 6.0 around 1885 before dimming to magnitude 9. It is composed of a red giant and white dwarf, estimated to be around 2.5 and 0.6 times the mass of the Sun respectively. With its outburst taking over 150 years, it has been described as the slowest nova ever recorded.
ZetaXiRho and Sigma Pegasi mark the horse's neck. The brightest of these with a magnitude of 3.4 is Zeta, also traditionally known as Homam. Lying seven degrees southwest of Markab, it is a blue-white main sequence star of spectral type B8V located around 209 light-years distant. Xi lies 2 degrees northeast, and is a yellow-white main sequence star of spectral type F7V with a red dwarf companion. Theta Pegasi marks the horse's eye. Also known as Biham, it is a 3.43-magnitude white main sequence star of spectral type A2V, around 25 times as luminous as the Sun and 2.3 times its diameter.
Alpha (Markab), Beta (Scheat), and Gamma (Algenib), together with Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz or Sirrah) form the large asterism known as the Square of Pegasus. The brightest of these, Alpheratz was also known as both Delta Pegasi and Alpha Andromedae before being placed in Andromeda in 1922 with the setting of constellation boundaries. The second brightest star is Scheat, a red giant of spectral type M2.5II-IIIe located around 196 light-years away from Earth. It has expanded until it is some 95 times as large, and has a total luminosity of 1500 times that of the Sun.[19] Beta Pegasi is a semi-regular variable that varies from magnitude 2.31 to 2.74 over a period of 43.3 days. Markab and Algenib are blue-white stars of spectral types B9III and B2IV located 133 and 391 light-years distant respectively. Appearing to have moved off the main sequence as their core hydrogen supply is being or has been exhausted, they are enlarging and cooling to eventually become red giant stars. Markab has an apparent magnitude of 2.48, while Algenib is a Beta Cephei variable that varies between magnitudes 2.82 and 2.86 every 3 hours 38 minutes, and also exhibits some slow pulsations every 1.47 days.
Eta and Omicron Pegasi mark the left knee and Pi Pegasi the left hoof, while Iota and Kappa Pegasi mark the right knee and hoof.[15] Also known as Matar, Eta Pegasi is the fifth-brightest star in the constellation. Shining with an apparent magnitude of 2.94, it is a multiple star system composed of a yellow giant of spectral type G2 and a yellow-white main sequence star of spectral type A5V that are 3.2 and 2.0 times as massive as our Sun. The two revolve around each other every 2.24 years. Farther afield is a binary system of two G-type main sequence stars, that would take 170,000 years to orbit the main pair if they are in fact related.
IK Pegasi is a close binary comprising an A-type main-sequence star and white dwarf in very close orbit; the latter a candidate for a future type Ia supernova as its main star runs out of core hydrogen fuel and expands into a giant and transfers material to the smaller star.
Twelve star systems have been found to have exoplanets. 51 Pegasi was the first Sun-like star discovered to have an exoplanet companion; 51 Pegasi b (unofficially named Bellerophon) is a hot Jupiter close to its sun, completing an orbit every four days. Spectroscopic analysis of HD 209458 b, an extrasolar planet in this constellation has provided the first evidence of atmospheric water vapor beyond the solar system, while extrasolar planets orbiting the star HR 8799 also in Pegasus are the first to be directly imaged. V391 Pegasi is a hot subdwarf star that has been found to have a planetary companion.

Named stars

NameBayer designationOriginMeaning
MarkabαArabicthe saddle of the horse
ScheatβArabicthe leg
AlgenibγArabicthe flank
HomamζArabicman of high spirit
MatarηArabiclucky rain of shooting stars
BahamθArabicthe livestocks
SadalbariμArabicluck star of the splendid one

Deep-sky objects

M15 (NGC 7078) is a globular cluster of magnitude 6.4, 34,000 light-years from Earth. It is a Shapley class IV cluster, which means that it is fairly rich and concentrated towards its center. M15 was discovered in 1746 by Jean-Dominique Maraldi.
NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy located in Pegasus, 38 million light-years distant with a redshift of 0.0027. It was discovered by musician-astronomer William Herschel in 1784 and was later one of the first nebulous objects to be described as "spiral" by William Parsons. Another of Pegasus's galaxies is NGC 7742, a Type 2 Seyfert galaxy. Located at a distance of 77 million light-years with a redshift of 0.00555, it is an active galaxy with a supermassive black hole at its core. Its characteristic emission lines are produced by gas moving at high speeds around the central black hole.
Pegasus is also noted for its more unusual galaxies and exotic objects. Einstein's Cross is a quasar that has been lensed by a foreground galaxy. The elliptical galaxy is 400 million light-years away with a redshift of 0.0394, but the quasar is 8 billion light-years away. The lensed quasar resembles a cross because the gravitational force of the foreground galaxy on its light creates four images of the quasar. Stephan's Quintet is another unique object located in Pegasus. It is a cluster of five galaxies at a distance of 300 million light-years and a redshift of 0.0215. First discovered by Édouard Stephan, a Frenchman, in 1877, the Quintet is unique for its interacting galaxies. Two of the galaxies in the middle of the group have clearly begun to collide, sparking massive bursts of star formation and drawing off long "tails" of stars. Astronomers have predicted that all five galaxies may eventually merge into one large elliptical galaxy.

Meteor showers

The Eta Pegasids radiate from the area near Eta Pegasi every year on May 30.[3]


USS Pegasus (AK-48) and USS Pegasus (PHM-1) are United States navy ships named after the constellation "Pegasus".