Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mult A Pull

Never have I heard like this evening in loud,
the Tempo of drum as the crickets do Hum!!

Outside on this now the sound Strum,
with rhythm`Ing in Cast as the ears do a Thumb.

Artist in scene the leaves on Display,
in stature the Head of a picture to start,
these are the things that teach on a lark,
the ample of Nature in her Original part!!

The balance of Sung ask the asset in Vault,
the change of a Feel to the trumpets of legs,
a believe with each list,
the check of a Vist,
on the Client act Globus a mastery Fax.

Term of the mirror showing real of Tier,
these are the Signals that signs are a Fere.

The Tree A Speak

Tremendous speak to all caps lead a born at vantage,
the mount Ton in bust sheet,
the practical work with dot Comma phrase,
a lock with the number in ALPhABET rare,
thee island of green a block to a Pea,
in the pod of the Wrap a beanstalk of shown.

To canter the stride with writing Fern day,
a gasp in the arm or Pit in a grape,
oil at tongue the spoon of my gave,
as my Mother delivered the Cod liver tray.

Taught by the certain to take as it came,
toast for the Omelette tea Hot to strong,
cream in the cheese, 
Salmon smoked lox,
a tasty invite to the breakfast Room life.

Wallpaper great tress on the first,
apples so red Fruit in on burst,
chairs that did squeak across the floor,
make room in a Visit the conversation of course,
ring as the Phone would call interupt,
on the dial an Annoyance to Keep the voice stair,
no need to the frig as it is small too,
holding the milk for the Cereal clue.

In the Pantry of entry the dishes in Set,
many a silver mixed in for stuff,
yet on the reason the match had a stuck,
the favorite of China horses on tuck.

Much like in exact as bird on the wire,
but more to the dance of a heady aspire,
on the lay of the dinner to the perfect in plate,
until the Food comes it's a picture on spake.

A maze to the circle,
a treasure to Line,
in the mist of denial I see like a Spine,
the anchor of route in infinity took,
no time to start it Toots like a Train.

The show to the caption,
a Flag on the ray in done on the Keeper,
it's Rum in display,
to sleep with the barter of work out perform,
the rumble of Hunger in the corn on the comb.

Ore 'Cause Straight

Whirr Rees'

The Line of a thimble in the cycle of round,
letter'd a Say in the Infinite Sign,
the truth of the Talk was a constant at Stream,
in with 'the Record' a river born pour,
the spin of a nut to the clear understood,
I hold the 'in Frame' of information as Tack.

The Pitch of composition tied fluid with read,
particular Portions shed Words like 'Go Teak',
to the already wrote a Mind strobe to set,
keeping the needle in the hey have a torc,
the short of the thread to a desk in Mall ped,
'is' thee chalk of the Flour inkin' the dough.

The bake in an fire a lumbering lodge,
too the Wild of Resistance electricity laws,
arctic flight on the switch floor is polar of claim,
melting Mechanics the sky of a came,
tumbler Time the clock keeper Dates,
truss in the Wind a gear for the shoat,
spring in the mud it Cools on the heels,
like feet on the Ab-sent the chute of the Bose,
echos' are Nothing 'ti the Callin groats go,
to the microphone lasting a speech on the Prose!!

Come Mints

The Calk

The Nine on ten of Month ask year of the Tale Clay,
hooves on shoed the Work draft clop,
a sound on concrete or 'The Grip' of cobblestone,
these are the brushes in a Carriage Horse or Type Ride,
road course of a bowl in the Agree formal lawn clipped at Ice apt the Games of Oh limb Picks!!

Five Rings show a four too Second spree spake,
true to real commercial stake,
'The Yes' drive on face`d with Advertisment to dime Chaise,
remotely read Case to the Skate Art 'Is' in deed of Raise 'The Flag' on a Vase,
the greek in fire burn,
an Eternal Flame.

Never allowance at Fifty-Cent great,
a trip-down 'Memory Lane',
the trick to breathing an Up skill 'As~tech' driven,
know gear shift in the Standard of a Hub Steer.

Corner store park of Bore,
the museum on a Swing a sole to the Pier of a harp Guitar picker on the Slide,
these Hour plates served to trait the Talent of speak History comma Graph a Hey lo!!

A number Violin with strings to know a Combo as set to the bow,
case of held is the rosin of Glycerin in the stick of Pool,
on the Table the balls rack to Triangle fact,
eight on shot or School of Taught,
the college of education on the Stacks.

Truth evolution to the Machine of design,
creation sent a sign,
all in deed livery,
the Neigh heard in the Collar,
feet on Shale to the fantastic spark that Hardware of Nail sole,
the walls of growth a Six`week Change to the Toolers' of Trade,
pound in the Fair Ee ore of a Call,
Mart In Gale!! 

See Prints Charm Ens

Ask 'time' the journey of air Lines art's write to Bracelet shank,
the add-a-Tune to the balance thing,
go to Chinatown the necklace clasp,
a fortune in a cookie Crisp on the wheel of Iron in caste,
these are the grands at stories prime.

The loop to tangible clip in letter lip,
score the note to demonstrate nape on spot Catch as ear the length chain on side,
crown a jewel of watch,
mechanical auto on the pendulum swing of wrist or the snap-A-clique to battery chip,
talk a lickin' keeps on tickin'!!

Timex the band Face treat rubber strap chain link,
the class of digital second seat,
the wonder of alarm a side-table bed of the ding-a-ling,
wound able jumping Cartoon as the speak on the Bell Hop!!

Bang goes the minute slow,
a hand atop to stop the snooze ore gain the straight sleep for those bare leads Use tongue`d,
all in An & of a towering shock of wake a feet to shower.

On the wash rain,
head trough lane to the warm-up day span,
to Truck the walk on about the flower of bouquet wrapped,
by smiling Sheets to pillow block the plotter,
the slip to slide a Merry arm in the shield of a Carousel life door Song a long!!

State the reality of draw a shock to the T.V. News date,
ripe with sit elbow platform in the guest or Invitational book Pump,
all with the Pencil on a typewriter throng,
the Paper to a curtain Crier the feed`a Ticket,
sticker Rate with adhesive glue`d Windshield ink An as Tech.

Day Sha`Voo

Intersection chords of stick the nail Hammer cost,
on in pact the worth basic Tremble ask grounds.

In stern applications a Pandora from dust to Mid-Deuce a grange of silver Hare,
the hop skip stump trudge a pocket shawl of Eye(s) Wares.

Stem glass, shade tint to Spatch,
the Quilt of so Also'd stitch to Warn the frigid laugh of Knot lockery`d.

On Story stack a Tier to bless the real to kick~back at the close too crock level,
a field of lead-line @math,
to stake of Usage At What spat,
the feed of a mountains lap on computation answer receipt the clamp gone been cleat.

Spoke in Tree of blown type Halter to breeze Aisle console,
the length of Tin brought Iron ration,
too groat bone!!

Wise wheel tied as release to star gaze in the astro of knot-N-bleed,
the gallop to thrown,
a Yo-yo on a String bait Spool,
to belt the shout at 'X' knock-it-stout,
the bull Taurus birthed by Year date Symbol of.....
none of U're bees Wax!!

Trek Grates Civ State!!

The racket of the moon shine skate Art Scene aspect dip,
in keep dial Tennie Shoes on paint bare foot strung,
the laf of the Dee lights start Halter,
buckle dart Tart tee Bump,
the Hip in a cup of cart Tire loot!!

Add sum come harp at the steel bass guitar,
at the Mouth ring element in slip Nose steep,
a climb`d bye cree to language the Blink in a dash Crumb biscuit gravy Cream.

Ball Haul Awe

Ages in can of~text Tile width meant,
the advise on write to Witness at base Phone Cell of being in tune,
the call of Lilt in worth of page,
a know in`guard of testify before an Aft tore speed,
calculation only succeeds on Impact of proof to Island Shed the Follow shows directional lead.

A branch with no photo-Crop, 
a Mind on the River Stream,
the conscious line to actual,
once an Accurate always been,
these are the days of such brings.

To skate Ice thin,
pen on key press bing,
ask the door the Walk-pad fling,
the note was drawn a Score of goal,
treed by the bough at volcano.

Turkey descriptions impacts Ream,
additional After confirms the last at Sat to the wings of height through natural Means.

As not a steam but a full~Boil spline,
the flavor of an Organ tap,
the pole stops loose a world lean,
what is has hit the inside sheen.

Monster bridge to speak a ridge,
at lo the hold a grasp of mold to roll,
the lake of ocean cold,
speech of Cloud in all the fury.

Restraint to pore the Sea of Sweet,
waving turf in charting clue,
as scripts to Solar Moon of gold,
deep the Impact blow the toll.

(As) Sure (Inn) Stir (Aye) Seed