Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Magic of Being

You cannot stop that which has begun,
it is a Life-long Run,
'Incarnation' is already done.

"The Continue"

Once the Mountain has reached it's Peak,
the view of Eternity,
 a 'Scene.'

The realms of forever,
 settled into a certain 'Tell,'
echoing a blissful voice.


In the Spirit of Eternity,
Forever and Always,
  be Incredible,
 be Amazing,
be of Difference.

The Choice is Decision,
  existence in the millennia,


Do not despair,
show no anguish,
 'We' can repair.

I feel this is my last go 'round,
I have a 'Tale to Lore,'
about belief an Identifiable 'Relief.'
The 'Arms of Comfort,'
 the existence of my understanding,
a character trait,
 I love. 


I take pause for 'Sake',
 an ever-lasting friend,
in this thought I prepare too.


Returning to my Ancient Home,
the Golden Rings a natural theme,
to simply see the complexity,
delivers the 'Throw' to hear,
a vision of 'The Lear!'