Friday, October 4, 2013

The Hills Are Alive And The Mountains Dream

The Day of Broken,
the moments breath,
it almost seems....
what is best?

To stand to only wait,
hear the beat,
the drum does pound.

I heard the 'some',
few will be or make it through,
will it be,
the 'You' and the Truth.

To study the Worlds View,
seems to change,
a Constant tune,
the Music Theorized,
as if it's blue,
will there be a day blown too?

Question answers know insight,
the eyes, the face, 'Hello' is true.

Should you sit,
wait for tact,
does frustration batter rack?

Up or Down,
left or right,
death and life,
like a door,
the hinge deplored.

Invite a common friend in flight,
the Run-A-Way is a gift of fright,
once the bet,
now thought plight,
does the sample deem what's nice?

Interviews long in length,
the Verse of Graph is new in silence,
does this lead to a twilight?,
or simple speak of what shows Might?

The Root of Old,
back-to-basics of our past,
court the ring of the elemental return,
in a Fire that still does burn?

No more does the ignite so flame,
it is burning,
 the desire so plain.