Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rivalry of What Could Actually Be

Live Tomorrow like it was Yesterday,
and know that it is in the Moment of Today
that this Streaming Thought of Said
Ignites you into a Believer of,
Never-Again be Dead.

Soar like the Eagle you had to have been, to be.
Be of a Day that you knew a Dream that took flight in just a night.

Oh Yes, I Can!!
< not >
I Didn't.

Words to Rue!!
If the Guilty get through.

So be Wise.
Or, it may have been You!

Forgive Yourself.
Don't be stealth.

Work on your Everything,
In the end you'll know nothing of The Begin.

Right and Wrong exists.
Who are you to Judge all of this?

Mere Riders in this Storm?
You carry nothing that is adorned by anymore than what is Worn... out.

Be of Difference,
Be Exact,
Be Knowing,
Be Watchful.

Be an example of Excellence!!

For in this Simple Verse,
you are a person, not of Perverse,
but, One, Worthy of Self.

Do not throw away Belief in its Self.
To sway to the opinions of other persons interpretations of Life,,,,,
of what will be, could be, or, has been,
in the Land you Were,
is merely strife.

Be Ever-lasting,
in the 
Breath of Now.

Take-In the Heir of RELIEF,
not Sin.

CHOSE A Better Tomorrow, TODAY!!

To Sport A Thought

To deliver a message of a greater tomorrow,
takes the sight to see a sad today.

Many throughout Time or History,
have come with messages.
 Spilling from there need to deliver to you,
a greater understanding.

To give the Gift of Sight, of Meaning, 
and of the great importance to follow yourself
 through your own Minds Thought.
 To seek out that which cannot be bought,
is the advice given, to listen.

The Frailty of Belief in this system of past,
has come crashing down on a Society
that believes nothing of Permanence.

To be in a condemned roll,
of a permanent existence of denial of what is,
what has been and what could be,
is either Foolishness or Idiocy.

I don't know which Rules your Affairs on this Earth.

To Presume that these Words are false,
is an Accusatory Sentence of,
non-belief in anything that has not already been.

A double-edged Sword of Retire.

To be so forward with a Mute Intention,
Deaf to any New Idea,
is to discount the popular belief of,

"We begin again."

Reincarnation is not a Sin.


From a twin-soul of Then!!

A Title To An Order

Born on the wrong side of Earth,
I am challenged by that which I see.

Lack of Belief!!

Condemning are the ways of the most commonly spoken.
Yet, as I search, I confess....
there is no place that is Best.

Everyone searching,
No-one finding,
enlightenment to an existence in the waste-lands of today.

I compare nothing to the emptiness that consumes this Planet.
As the negative words spill from the mouths of selfish beings.

I contest in brutal vein.

Put forth an innocent remark.
Uplift the sense of Air that seems sucked in by Oxygen Itself,
not knowing it would have to Gasp at the shock of what is.

Whom do you believe gives the Sky it's dream to be over your head?
Who pays the Sun to rise so you may have the Warmth of a Day?
Who pats  the Moon on it's side, saying,
"Good Job.  You gave me direction in darkness."

Talking....Always wanting.....Never giving..
but in all the sadness of the existence of what may be our Tomorrow,
it is declared in the echos of Forever,

"You don't know how to receive."

There must be an order to things.

The Eye in the Fire of an Eternal Flame

I saw the flame of Life in my mind's eye last night.
As the flicker of flames lapped the Air,
I was drawn into the color of the Fire Itself.

A deep well of Elemental Bricks surrounded the base of this Eternal sight.
I embraced forever.

Each flame shot as a flare,
out into the darkness of no despair,
a lurid affair of caught in thought.

Drinking in the breath of right,
I search the unending delivery of time in this fabulous stay.

I relieve my thoughts of a Dream upon this book.
Closely held, I put Ink to a place for remind.
Creating the written word of my silent voice streaming consciousness.

As I look to this picture of delight,
the story of all times settles into my mind.

In the days of more,
a Spiritual Guide might implore the World to vow.

Stop the Hurt.
 End the Pain.

Be simply amazing Now!!
...a crackling of the fire echos into this distant night sky.

Resisting nothing,
I type.

To the Flight on the 'Morrow

A Decadent Source to Origin your sport?
to lay in the Arms of More?

A rapport.

Withdraw your nature to only be a Carnal Ride.
For you have not put a thought into the One who is willingly blinded,
for Mere Venture of Night.

Think about your Being ridden as though I am your Liege.

To only be...
so gracious as to allow you to falter in your need to satisfy your drive.

I wait.

Not anxious for a hurried approach.

I learn.

As closeness is not your appeal.
Only a way to relieve a pent-up Life!

I advance.

With each thrust of release,
I listen..
to join the active approach..
of where...

No need to find the climatic relief for ......
I am only in the Begin of this thing called........gone.

As you come down from your Mountain of Contain to rest,
I sort my thoughts to ride those Tides of Wake!!

"A Cause for the Oldest Art to be in Existence Today"

In the Times of Trickling Sand in the Hour Glass of Old,
I go to know the broken shards.

Testifying to the lack of interest of should,
I will uphold that which has seemingly begun
and cannot come to an end or bring to a close that which rose..
under the Dungeon of Done.

I speak on a frame of,
 Pictured Thought

A Templed Plot!

To the Master of Lean... I Report

A raw sense of desire reaches into the 
Darkest Lair of Dare.

To Cuff the Hand of Deliverance..
from Common Fare,
is a shame.

Close yourself off to what peeks,
the Mind of Men.

Entering Realms of Unconventional Shares,
only condemns the blinding light,
that issues a final flight from life.

A flare of what creates the shape of a Thought of When,
starts your heart and will tingle your begin to be.

To speak with a Voice of Silent Record,
opens the values of the;
Weight of Time!!!

We have been!!
Shall We be Again?

Closed off from the freedom of a mere adventure,
of  simple lustful desire.

I question the Stand of All.

Are we Sacred to the Quiet?
So behind, in the Hidden Scene,
one obliterates reason with the Lies of Desire, for obtain?


In open venue of the Forum of Now,
denied is the pleasure of what you have claimed as,
"Faulty Minded"
as your appeal of never did wanes in the night air of done.

I Ask.

Know your Covetousness'?
As you are contrite and without honesty as a compass in your life.

Do not partake in what is not a Sin,
to only turn and cast disparaging remarks on...
'cause you've already been.

A Plight for Rare Difference.

The Frill

Standing at the gates of Hell,
stating that which facts,
the way I am or wish to say,
am feeling in a State of Black.

I wish to carry-on,
with that which Sings the Song.
A Tune with character,
a musical whim, it isn't very long.

A time and place it seems
to bury everything.
Go and visit, place for peace,
a person, place or thing.

Upon your entry in,
do not carry Sin.
For if you're One, pay the Debt,
and wish the best Old Hymn.

I know no other time,
to speak in such a rhyme,
I wish to go & state;
Leave me I'm mistaked.

Taking back my birth from Earth?
A thing I cannot do for you.
So I must say, "I'm not your play."
Wish for something new.

I'm sick from all your words,
the things I cannot tell.
The threats are ill,
and, wishes still,
for my death has caused me so much unrest,
that peaceful must be still.

Bury not for I am a lot.
I need to breath the air, fraught!
Exhaustion takes the till.

Good Luck with all you've done.
I hope for you no one,
maybe the light will be the way and hope shall shine on some.

I've lost internal will.
My choice is not my own.
Secrets kept have made me: Wept.
I want not much, I run.

A Law of Lurid Reveal

I see in the sight of thought,
a Lair of the Master's Fight.

On the Walls hang:

"The Scrolls of How"
"The Desires of Trust"
"The Life to Wise"
"The Duty to Please"

A decree of "Old Art."
The Artistry declared in archaic sound of the night.

Bow never to clever,
for in Real you will know.
The touch of the tips of whips as reward;
For a job well done.

Lost you are in the after-math of a journey,
to see what will be.

The Doors of Life have opened in the Sight of Mind,
under the break-out of Command.

Searching through each view,
you may become confused in your own desire to stay.

A Wipe-Out of Kind!!
Riding Waves of Strange.

Etched into me.
I never scream, I stare.

I swim into the Lakes of Show me,
and give-way to what I SEE.

Oh, Yes, I say.

No need to fetch me back from this dream of a separated, 
Reality of Believe.

To bring the Light of Might into the 
Caves of Mans thought.

Traveling through Teams of Must,
I give no trust.

For you would stop this girl for 
Sake of Touch.

After-Care a Bust!!

Let fly the Ones who leave this,
Terrestrial Plane of Painful Hurt,
of what has been done.

Tell no Dungeon, Master or Sir,
of an active appeal on the run.
In plain sight to go through,
Doors of Multiple Draw.

My Green Path,
so cleverly mowed,
with a park bench,
to lend that End of Stop has disappeared.

To only know of the next rise within myself.
To know an explosive start, 
to Clear the Deck of Reason.

To remain grounded in form,
brings the Piers of the Oceans Portal's
to Dock upon:

The Shifting Shape of Time Talking.

A casual approach to a 
Galaxy of Wonder.

With no Atlas Support,
is only for an Adventurer of Lost.

Faithless trust of so much More.

Leave Me....
In-spite of ......

My own devices of Never Shown
produce a concern for the Watchers of Right.

For I am by no mistake,
letting go to Feel the Breeze in the Storm.

This Flight of mine!!
There is No Contest!!!

I do: A Chivalrous split.