Friday, November 29, 2013

Evolution Bangs

The disturbing trend of,
no concern,
will know and end as,
the approach,
is not indifferent to what is rote.

The divide of a cavern,
a fossil won't lie,
it's wealth is truth,
the find,

The pass of a moment,
knot rushed, pushed,
delivered curse,
evolution terse.

The mountain valley,
the stream so sick,
no matter dark,
the negative?,

The tree so spoke,
the ample bough,
the vine,
exampling toll!!

Words erupt,
structure fails,
the hurried day,
brings hate not death.

Move quickly friend,
or I may sum,
your appearance means,
run fast from.

The breath it takes,
to state "I'm Fate"
is less than equal,
for I say make!!

Far from Earth,
farther Universe Scene,
the sights of such,
sent Life to touch!!

Spread the News,
not Lies be shrewd,
for I have found,
Human Beings are rude!!

Take, Take, Take,
seems Their rate,
robbing lives,
just like War!!

The lead to grace,
appealing source,
the Gold Rings core,
a Dragon Force!!

The thought of great,
flight is had,
not just my spirit,
it is my mad!!

Description filled,
stories full,
as Humanity ignored them still.

The smoke in signal,
the sound of mourn,
I hang my head,
Mortals dread!!

Life to Death,
a victory march,
known to those,
whom know the Mount.

The liberty of,
comes with type,
a simple prose,
Identity, Rite!!