Friday, November 20, 2015

Is It A Retaining Wall Or The May Sees Day Pare Raid

Thought to a shores years back Baker Beach and the Avenue send of the sync,
a whole in the Wall of the retaining fact trends to a fill in the satchel with metal pass stew,
as the sudden in pack to the Trucks that dumped strap the Witness of said that is a skunk,
the strip core of a part meant strumming with added extra stills that a recycle said dumb,
it was in the compact of the lines of delivery that shook this particular to the rows,
in and out to the tax of the sit as the stuff was not sand but the empty full landing.

So as in the City of San Francisco lost a Home in the middle of gone,
as the trees swayed and that connecting lot just fell into that weird openings gutter,
who would have thought that the drainage in scotch would blow out to beaches Safes and big fear,
the horror of the noise to the disappear of a lot it is the unbelievable happens in chutes,
freaky find on the rivers in Springs to be that near to Lobos Creek in the clear lead of disappear.

Just in the known of the Arena of walk it raised with sharps to touching what I don't know,
horses pounding the ground to the earth and its shake but what of El NiƱo with the banks on the spot,
should the pour of the rein direction to flow a Marching Band heavies the location of slots,
as forceful pushes to water that's strange is the chemicals or the tunnels that blind peoples lossed.

In on the scene a drive to the cream is sew much on stitch that a thread is a star,
the distance to speak from what is the said a Satellite known was Herb on his score,
yet to that different my listen is quicken thus liquefaction with that particular store,
down Up above is the speaker so sound echoes will also be vibrations that go,
is the wave of traffic to thundering light shed with the harness of quiet its bad,
in reality of done the Flags are on run at the stirrup of scary the fall is of Times dime quarters slag.

At hand is the Horse to be of the Heard down on the Road Apples a staff off read leaf,
a put to the factor of rye lead to stick but the experience of journal is that its just deaf and rung,
hood ease to zippers the jeans and the boots,
saddles to girth with the cinch on Poe deeds,
the usual shore of the Tidal of drawn is many just stare to the Waves on a Bell,
that say money to hide with bytes to Tide from what is the Face of dirt on Mud slides.

Sigh In Tall Oh Gee Or Do The Public Shell Companies Say Shinned Lure's List

Why is the Coincidence so happening that an actual letter sent via email went to these pages pleats,
to state that I exist on the return email have a taste of what is wise on the Trailer of based,
in the run off to perhaps a Trail the bread crumbs stumped the horse to the falls in arena traced,
should the doors go to the floor ride than is the gear shift on yet another Map others slide of Film in ride,
to be of candor to tell of this Blog and the marker Mention of what is the Park Road ribbon on An Oak,
for playing fish is not my game on Poker Face to dealing the Copper Sound of a hard wire steer.

So know my Foot down to ground this absolute to what has passed with at the very best reply,
for in every different chart of send no reply was the consistent method of ignoring those tiers to lathe shin,
for the Staples to the paper Clip a Movie on explaining shore is of the feather`d City soar,
as ewe laugh to said in Fact I put to the truth what is a Tooth but a Say burr.

A Civil Action

In this legal thriller based on a true story, John Travolta stars as Jan Schlichtmann, a tenacious personal-injury attorney whose fierce determination entangles him in a case that threatens to destroy him. The case -- which appears straight forward -- instead evolves into a labyrinthine lawsuit of vast dimensions, in the intelligent, fast-paced drama, "A Civil Action."

How Deep Said Its Stalled Beyond The Pasture And Call

As the freezer had a bottle in the message of Absolute Vodka for the left,
I gated immediate attention to the drink on the case of a library of the soar,
as the explanation tore the fact from the Bell,
I put to the stirrup a Wonder on the shoes.

Horses falling down for the reason being thrown,
the gather of In form rate was the difficult on state,
to discuss the Coyote as a Wild Dog explain,
it remained to be the Wells on the deep within the laid.

Bath water to suds is the say to sentence structure,
no the came to much the grain its up on Top the mountain,
as the truck came to fill the bins of questions ankle,
the edge of language held the tongue to what is a parade.

Ring around the roster of the age that years to date,
can you lead or brush the bridle for the girth on bay,
oh Lonely is the POA a put to pasture Friendly,
no the shed took so skit that Harps began to string lei,
than the scoop of what picked up drug the debt to soap,
the react shin to the broom was ever in the lapped.

As the time on hours stun did say to even answers,
does ray tag neigh the nailed lame each every time on service,
no I said in the ask for its a strange to certain,
for as a Three-day Eventer I the Pony Club grad. Certificate of 'B' upon the story had,
yet to that said the faction claimed that nothing to experienced,
why is the kids not on the bit to more than what is sad.

It truly added to dollars hide as in the reins a given,
how ever does the horse on get become the friend of purchase,
should the Trailer come to be a Goods to Independence,
the danger rang to danger scene the horses falling bump kiss.

Present lead to writing keen is difficult for method,
as Priest in dress so does the Dust of simply saying Fencing,
that trip to Up the Mountain say Crystal Springs on listing,
a gate to key is ever theme on course the eyes did sprite dish,
therefore the listen to the ear was no Echo coursing,
as what is the Gong at school of 6th the grade of walking Missed this,
so off to sit the ready kit and be of on assistance,
a good hard What did come from What this did this in an Instance.

So there the cruise to shipping news the leap was I in horror,
for CTETA came round and that just made a biscuit,
riding calm to how this long came to say that Bell was song,
than off to Wares in Kit and rares for brushing silence Wrists it.

Its A Peak Around The Corner

I do not even want to sync the Wells to the Natural Pond that was for the Groves,
on that the fill of the exact was so hard to brine that my Mind went what to the prosed,
as Herb cane language to the range of a place,
I said that the rein is direction to base,
on that is the situative drinking the reeds,
as the surround is a known from my riding just Zest.

As the each year to the Bud would formula feed,
the footing to harness was a month full of sand,
in filter the tongue to the spill on the shade,
is riding a accident to the coincidence lap.

For above the big barn is the View of a scene,
trails that drain to watts on the stomach,
drop this an ink can describe with a root,
now on that glass of water its stun knee.

As a heels down approach to the jump,
standards with English writing the sun day,
however the trip to the back of a Hill,
is it the silents that brings the big spill,
for as dry land is fine dust to the come of a storm,
wise is the purpose to write on some more's,
for it is a difficult course to put correspondence to shore,
should the disappearance just startle a floored.

With information to location is Clinic on waves,
sweeping aside the buildings deep grind,
from the mouth of the dock to the shipping news snow,
what melts the method to operation on grub,
is the worm of that howling gone to a shrugged,
does the care that it took to be of a dug,
be on the pictures to walls of the deed,
an Hour is 60 Minutes to 20/20  on Cheers,
for passing the message the good old fashioned of pave,
once on the shirt is the kick your foot in the dirt,
than its the whale of the bones on the start.

Bottled Water At A Way Station Of Don't Drink Out Of The Hose Or The Found In Will Be...........

How about the fill in the Arena at status of the Ranch Manager Herb said the Fax,
no palm hold was truer than what I had Wow as that is really the stores on the steered,
the know of footing to the sharps and the glass,
that weird on the still in the dump stir of sat,
dust on the breathe in where the rides turned,
in circles I feathered the writes on a Fear.

So as the World goes sand in the depth I will symphony to bread profits on corn,
for as the weather brakes to Ponds in the fast a Field of Football is below the big craft,
for in the deed of what was just breeze,
Satellite coverage to the seeds in the Carriage,
harness the shelf so that mudslides don't swell.

But as the Ocean does bank to the sea so did the bay be halt to that Tee,
circles and lines to speak with at ease,
now in the Hour is Minutes on stream,
does than the scare say to the Drum that what is Ways is watering tongue??,
or does this simple write to the worry make the in fraction discuss the big Ton??

Where is the Spot to spoke Wheel of sheen,
tried and true blue but the said is to Violets,
water is not on the pour spout of grout,
it is the hose that is filling the posed,
pellets Alfalfa the bales of straw,
shavings made Came from the lumber yards lawn,
the nails and sheets to port of a Vet,
strangles with deep gates to the shed.

To say as the prose Poe lease was a Mint,
to chalk lets that out line the rear and the rake,
shovel the pitch Fork to mucking for deeds,
gates that the Birdie was a Horse with a clue,
to that is the Fly Masque's covering feed,
conversation Nimble to jack Its a sprawl,
now whom in the fluff is yards to the grit,
is it the toy lets of construction on the wainscot coat of bring,
or is the plaster of Paris that concert is carrot??

Lamb In Knight Is The Founder That The Mane Frame Is An In Deed To The Equestrian On Bees Nest Of Milk Weed

With Homers on the ABC of tax that I went to the IRS and they were Extreme in the kindness touch,
for another environment said to have signed on behalf had Not paid the Tax Bill on the Bar in been,
so on the Account and this was years ago I was finally able to resolve the Tent with a done,
as that is under the table of this blog on the lathe I shingle this hour to the Horse that I love,
the kids that I taught to the drug on the Site that made the Horses able to ride.

As the Feed Room was off-limits to I,
this simple fact will bring to the drive,
of what is how and that is drugging horses girth,
as the Month to the email that surprised me to scream,
it was the online that I found that stride.

To that is the exhaust of location location,
as at the barside chat its the book with a rate shin,
for should one not know that riding is ride,
than whats in there mouth would be the at talk.

Listen oh hear that the perk is a bust,
to finally talk from experience dust,
shaking and trembles have filled my deep tier,
for what is the barn but a reason to clear,
that sum things went Up to hour long less,
even the Clock rang rinse at the toss.

So as I due write to the tears that a Shed,
cheeks on the inquiry will bring in new read,
for daily review to the choir is lung,
singing to what has been chores to this drum.

The Jewels In The Neigh Neigh Of Course Its All About The Feed That Went From Hand To Mount Or Perhaps It Was The Discovery Of Absolute On Total Wipe Of How

Actually I believe that the IRS would be terribly interested in the Barns that stable the cash at gas for my car,
as I only got a Fastrak to touch the class of teaching kids to ride the lead of horses rode,
in this it is the convenient store of what I saw on daily chores,
for that is really at the core of this doorways threshold more.

To know of monies that I watched moved,
from the hands at lessons told,
I volunteered to be of sat. to this event of what chewed fat,
to the Trail on the guest may the virture show the clay,
for dg sang to base parade,
is the brave a flag or say.

To delve with more on my home of slow,
I now can put further Crow,
for in the Wash of dollar bills,
it is the stage of what is Tills,
coins of made to rise in post,
heat is Hot with making Ice,
mineral d.m.s.o can you say the needles stow.

For in this ankle of truth fact,
I have always paid tax shack,
even on that dill bowl loan knee,
in Sacramento my record grows,
to every year on doing trust,
now the screw does bolt the score.

Accounts in Witness first Person dashed,
to the grain that Vets in bitten,
gears do shift and thats just singing,
deep Wells on the structure penning!!

So go round to the basic back,
this will be the word of deed,
the Horse has been a rein of read,
for saddles bridles and bits that seated,
to much more that the paved on greet tin,
as in the now or on the pass,
I did the correct drive for the brass,
kids on riding to learning Tack,
for at Mill Wood shake the Shades had cast.

Going Clear Strikes The Secret Service To Tiers Owe For The Seer

Just got a call after the send to where it was said the War had been win,
now on the fact of L. Ron Hubbard the cup of Tee just struck my deep see,
so does Fletcher now skit to signing my name to the knowledge report of the crane of a check deposit did strange,
for in the House of I kind of quit is the next balance of the beam on a Kit,
namely its called the Eye are 'S' a phone call at the hour just before Seven.

So here the post to wise on a nut,
bolts of lighting touch the Prints for the shrug,
a Mustang in banked the Total goes Up,
where is the Shed that does the big luck??

I would Imagine that money goes Clover,
sway the wheat as the drink is of over,
so does one say that Sigh In Toll owe gee Prosed,
as the verse of the letter inspired the feather of Rose??

Who is on this weather station of treat,
is it the Trick on the link of a did,
just to plainly announce to the Cruise,
what is the cope with this ever sound dues`d??

Does one trudge to the Site to letter the dash,
on of the Alphabet to battles on Vast,
whistle the fry for the Owe ill's on trashed,
but that is all right for the bridge in a bass.

Fishing is not the sport of the tackle,
its Poker face to the pine of a placed,
now on this treasure of less and best taste,
does the Opera sing or film to this traced??

The Diction Airy Start

The thread to be the form of communication to the already done is not more or less than station,
an Antenna is the fact that traveling Airwaves are the choice of placing perfective to Choice,
should the roof not know that a beam is of candor than it is left at understanding needing no state,
silence is real the lives on the Move,
hour to Minute is just be frame to a truth.

The World grands the Canyons as the Mountains have proved,
valley bridges with Natural compass at the base of a letter,
the logos of stride is to say to the lathe,
honesty marks the curl to First,
reason on my write came from sole to the Theme,
that is the tell for Car Tunes with bells.

A Whistle stop Cafe is more like Breakfast and see,
but on that is knowing of the Dinner time Jung,
in a lifetime of duty to honor the stride,
I have chosen to communicate with more than just stung,
how is the Why in adding the Speak,
this is a simple way to complete.

Be of encouragement ride with deep Read,
say that the Jump Course is an Eventers be lead,
as that is a perfect Introduction at snare,
I chose no Mouse trap but the peanut butter taps rare.

Blink of an eye to the Guide on the rocks,
a good climber is familiar to slate ankle talks,
the more of a reasoned approach to be clear,
is the basis of backbone verses the future gone weird.

Films are a favorite Watch for this steel,
making the Movies great expectorant real,
what is on the Mind of the writers and scribes,
a pulse for the rate that lives got a Pi.

Love is the word that I know Wisdom is View,
check-off the said while reporting the did,
be of date Cheers a norm on a Kiss,
cheeks often smile with a little resist.

Park roads to maps owe for the scene,
reality over the make of believed,
chess match gone Checkers is simple with sheen,
this is more state of grace for the fax that I faced,
battleship bowling and blue chip stamp collect shins on grace.

The better of Show is to speak on A count,
not ignoring the bearings of the circus on grout,
being of Tack to be of the Scope,
to bring Time to Ages in the Years of the wrote.

Holding to not trace but rather track a said great,
it is of importance that ports do more than just thrive,
it is in the step by step memory to bringing the ride,
more comprehension to the grave on yards slide,
for it is lie after lie that is disturbing to rye,
shore comprehension for words will than scale with better on safety and less on fears shied.

How Do You Spell Seed Did??

Come pew Tours are on the drive of language to the translate shin of the Text in of trolling,
the bait with meet is sign complete with screen on the fact or a Tell a Vision stream,
with the sweet speaker on line to engage choir with ready debt at the plant of a Pot eye deed verse scene key,
lock Now with present,
shrink Wrapped with Tide and Chart,
what is the form of being present to the gift of shoulders pheasant,
the Peacock on In be See or is it Public Works on the National Broad Casting syndrome
pea Gee and 'e' trades on wall streets map of eh tee and Tea,
the saucer is the all seeing eye topping the giant pier a mid for the dollar stores ice.

Sing a treat to the writes on bleep,
oh wait that was back in the day steep,
minute to the voice on herd had a drop lead,
time the Clock to jones^in its real on payphones deep wire,
touch the wrote a rare read is the bounce of a stoop purrs stare.

At that is the calendar on thanks giving with a clause,
is the rein bow of the saddle to aprons on the water closets saw knit,
for by Fresh Air is the radio with a speak to what is the tick its skeet,
does the a lee in also in add of Mathematics sub Tract to the buy law??

For the grow up saying was step on the sidewalk with a Chalk,
outline the game of skip rope,
is the rubber band that played the stand,
just a lesson for the city kid scram??

Eggbeater the carton of scramble,
milk with the oat meals handle,
banana Straw buries tow made doughs vary,
the guard in of the Prop per Tee all with a Tare read.

Wall Tour Math Ewe's Odd A See . . . .

When you Tweet the Notes to Text,
you can sing most all silk theme,
just like a little pony is a thread,
to the underground on the read,
just like abc to read that up ordering said,
does the steer do sheep??

Who is the only Won,
its the gift of what is where,
now bank that corner on the creek,
wet lips to taste this butter rum,
with the tweezers to pluck a pun,
bits to pieces puzzle alpha betting extra Gum.

These best of games on jacket terms,
foot for the Feat sports got a Leader shore,
to tack is the real time on the week sheet,
the bouncing language a ball to Karaoke on the string,
wrapped with Jam as A steady land.

Easy is the port of Angle,
per pen dick ewe lure to tackle the put,
bait with stride on the vernacular book,
is the minute talking timer to the square of rounds on Pearl or the Oyster look,
clams biscuits Crackers And Tris kits .

 Cheese spell Ham String.

Turned Out That Fear Of The Walking Dead Was The Extract Shin Of The In Vent Shin Of A Text Tile Called The Smart Phone With A Sleeve Off Aye Earn Knee

Would it not bee the strange EST hotel in the 1950's should the invasion of the body snatchers have been Ant tee IM,
thus the message in the first Movie as a simple precursor to the Punctuation of the smoking gum,
so in the dial the dye wreck tore wrote the caller ID as A Camel to the Mar burr ole packs,
as it throws the Television in each House as the in Hail of the back in the thundering thought snyc.

Than the product revolution in the 1970's showed the replay of the read make to the difference of the special,
in edited add diction the Streets of San Francisco in the City put to the plates license yet the board,
to that the Films in and of they live is mustering a must heard as sigh Fickle to a brine Salts spice,
just at that the hour of the Process to parade the Handheld Cellphone to the pod as the tablets model pow,
for often in the shorts of the twilight spook in describe as the A lean in to discuss shallows with Humanity.

Another boost before the box as the look on the screen in each home and hand leaving no finger Print,
yet the send & the seed is processed as the inhaling of TOK on the broadwave radio dust jackets flat Screen,
feather ruffle to Recording the plant as a Modem to the Operators blind,
the character of sheets once a pen to tickets now a sleep.

Lines that walk to drug down by a picture of the sap of stick key to eyes forward on the snapshots shoulder,
to this present day method nobody sees the distribution of Commercial Parades as the grow,
touch the Home Box Office with the tell of Timely to the dust of speech with pancakes paddy Wagon,
stretch that with the Com A deed act owe darn the Tunnel Vision is as eh sat A light to spreading fax pay per scissors,
the cuts on that floor ride to baking soda on the Yeast in the rising Sun as the exploitation is every say.

As throughout Hour History crowds have gained to pass the pipes of voice in gets in throttle sets,
the text sneak of the sheep sewn is now a camera on the palm readers to skate,
people chasing scenes of particular roast not to be of assistance rather stand fill and photo graph of Human scotch,
the drink served on the ice of totally a phone to play that chain letter with the country Worlds dikes as the Thumbs Rule of Sites.