Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To Reins

The hand written Ream verses the Palm in a tree that fruit brings Coconuts to clear fluids drink,
the well-Kept trunk to Spider writes in the trim are the Waves that score the Menu`d spotter,
break Nest to the Mast to the Viking caller that echoes form while fog is Thick in loud banked,
turning Charts to Tidal`d parts the Craft each Vessel built by the work of the Thatcher on spur.

To state by State the Coast of Bay stout courage in the open lane no Dinosaur to oil shore that's Crude,
clogging the Channel with spilling the tank`d the lapse time of the bring to the Goliath spillings,
filter an Ocean with chartered Fleets the drill to the sonar Sleeps while pounding in the hole,
on the deck of Complete the hill of the goat billies fires that Feat through the sure shot Accident think.

Pipelines not laid but Mohawk Stations of Gasoline place`d the Loo to the over a few to relief flush,
pumps that are familiar with sync Well in the historical venue of Plate a Tire to the Wheel of floats,
it is the sweeping sudden under Tow that creates the Knowledge to structure of the Engine Featherings,
the arms of How riding to the Scale of rifle break that bulletin to this straight shooters rogue Colt.

No matter the Weight it is the boats job to muscle the freight as loaded to empty from Full to Bank,
the title between a Tanker and the Means is the ability to both due and to feet the Porridge in the Meal,
that is the portion of Real work in a Man that gave me a true value look at the Tugs Captain at Seat,
these are the lesson leads bringing discussion to Know Order has a Keep in the House of steel Cogs.

Hire A Crane

In discovery find Witness the testify while alive is the best of the message dressed from reply,
as History has torn life cores hanging necks to drowning bets the walk on planks the score out rank`d,
now in the Present the net Enter web the tangle yet another bug in the contagion of rub a sub. Sub!!

Plane the flight of the Albatross egg carving the Tusk to the Elephant ivory a Crock to the potters' Clay,
mold did Forum outline of the least a calculation to Time served speech although returned Teach.

In the rare finds of Fossil dimes the measure of the aptitude to the depth of the burial gave Clue,
no writings know lie for the etchings before Painted Walls in and on a Many shore,
Hand Print horse to shale the Course weaponry inked Tattoo to the Speak of Individual deep shrined.

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stone unturned to snail the roll of trail not dust yet Ash does scar bones to tartans' Flu.

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the crack response too a full cube ice chills the phone Cell sweat,
in the Hand of perspiration the sweep has numbers that dial from think,
doors closed know Envelope the peel of the Still Inker remains Photo graphic in Paint.

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remember the Member of the Human contender for Animal in basis of creature`d Earth.

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bone to detail soup in the brew stick in the brake a Terminal will shape,
a Station of Cross`d Rails two bye kick fee Price upon the Board of Digital Vice,
running Told or Investigatory Sold however the Third buck Antlers luck.

Tape Worms

Smoke Wet Fire

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the Turn was freeze the Orion whelped as Teachers are a strung,
clapped amongst the Audio shingle hung for real in the deal Cards that read of Micro`d late.

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as my Mother said it sew for the Cill a bused had date.

The Syllable Dust

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in broth of the frail the fault of the steer was removal of Vivid to duck in the plight,
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in the choke of the clasp true bark barfed it back revealing Piece through Riddle of fact.

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shame on you for such liquid sauce contain in the wrought of brain I will caught YOU!!

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for only the shed dollar the process asked the Clepe ...............for you just read wrote giving Know sage the compliment of hello the Ice shall melt in the burn fire of the Rise'd.