Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Tiered State

Held in Bank of Memory mount,
a recorded 'Blind of Disguise' in Rite,
placed in the center for ritualized 'Sight',

Hooded Men encircled Star,
a pentagram made Red this night of Might.

Made for 'Purpose' to deliver the Knowledge held,
became delivered as I visit Hell.

Conspirators attempt,
Laymen try,
but until you experience to know the Sentence,
you should back-off,
ask repentance.

Many guess and proclaim to be,
however this still remains a Mystery.

At hand you mock the power of,
doubt the Act,
point the finger and now 'Just Dues,'
the Owl is Back and calls from you!!

To scoff at actions,
Ancient Ways,
I believe that most do not give 'Way'.

To much Info teams the Net,
but as you say you only bet,
possess no wisdom or,
'Know of Set!!'.

As Silence is Their gain,
the question of,
is no game.

In reality these things are done,
and 'The Serious' become the Gun.

Shots are Words,
spoken Fare,
to engage, to contact, proof in meant,
to 'Ask' the Demons,
many sent. 

An Allegiance!!

The deeper Tell to visit Hell,
takes no faith in Religious wares,
for the missing piece of need,
was the B.D.S.M Men to See.

So People sneak,
hide camera's as well,
to prove existence and to tell,
of what 'See's' best, in what invests,
as if exposing changes views,
in the end you'll just regret.

For in the truth,
which does lie,
deep beneath the earth at nite,
torches burn in candlelight,
fire churns, man out of sight.

In this Venue you would turn,
as if to say,
there are Degrees and Masters read,
and should you leave all will seethe.

Scores are written,
a registry, a lair,
the more you know,
the bigger the fare.

The interest great,
the purpose known,
'Why?' delve in when you're not shown.

The whole point is to restrict,
kept with men and secrets known,
in 'An Order' to advance 'The Take' in Sake.

So as you're placed in circle's face,
it is a race to hold the pace,
very few can return you,
from the deepest points of do.

To lose your 'Mind' insight of 'Times,'
is not good but considered sublime.

In ready mind,
'Sent' unkind,
'Show' develops where 'Hooded Men' stood.

In a slow and certain motion,
down you go and up 'they' come,
in the middle no-one runs.

To have 'Sight,'
understanding 'Therewit,'
it is the Men of B.D.S.M. that hold with 'Whips.'

As 'These' men did do 'No Deed,'
'They' were not the Ones I knew,
sunk inside this darkened tomb,
'They' tapped-in as I was 'Tell.'

Left in horror of this 'Plight,'
I still do venture,
in 'Third-Eye' right?

For 'They' just left me in this flight,
there I was in midst of 'Fight.'

Battled through for 'myself,'
in this gained freedom,
I found 'Well,'
the 'Deal' was hard,
the 'Cards' just dealt.

Retained the wisdom,
familiar words,
delivered 'Language' not understood.

Now a 'Two-Week' vacation,
a 'Retreat,'
delivers ceremony without relief.

In Centuries past,
this 'Path' of 'Use,'
has been blocked,
said uncouth.

As it seems practiced today,
although believed to be a 'Play,'
it is No-Game,
and yet some cry to be let in,
to testify or 'Show' what's been.

As does Innocence say to You,
'Why?' go see a Want or View,
if Faith in Such must be reviewed?

Is it to 'Out?'
state untrue?,
or to touch upon a morbid view?

Does it matter what Men do?,
if your blurbs answers knew?

Motives drive the silence true,
with this aspect you still pursue,
not for Knowledge,
not for Truth but to enhance a 'Point-of-View,'
of what you say is not new.

Does it matter,
I think so and in this 'Note' I do write,
what is sought is done at night,
it does remain in plain sight.

The trick is in the knowing of,
there's not just 'One,'
but many love,
this 'Order' of,