Friday, August 22, 2014

Great Banks Of Real Tanks

Buttress signal from the earth in the read of last post hist' at the second check of spell 'The Leader Inn',
there in flight not six foot sat Two Crows in full flew in fact right swing to Window of my Flat,
to surprised the Call in light the big born Wings did Crane of knack a sight to behold this Might,
a sort of Emblem in the Wind of Cat to clause of written by a crack to Wisdom cried a track.

In simple ride of dignified no birds of these are in reside to see such beauty of the shied I spy,
in my little eye of found words to ream a dimpled sound chattered lift to Law of Sound.

What a glee in more of Team a staff of plenty with War of tree would thy pleasure speak a Key,
in cavern house a laughter loud the felt inside know divine 'High' hello be frames of Clue.

Term agreement term the shoe term thee life with given true merry Fashion roar the flu break chain,
tride I mount to leg-Up spoon saddled Horse for girth of Pew witness rote ink Tattoo 'The Plane',
Arcane gallery of Vessel Sail shipping news with swish Feather Tale cryptic Dulcet benevolent lore,
been grace Express in Trains of score to ample seeing bitten stream a natural Find to shore.

Pour by waves Tower Hill sped grove Mountain sing thy say Valley Echo tunnel beam it's the Head,
center Time dime Ages spline liver span to real theme creation sky to evolving drive down lean,
colour rain in blue of strain royal purple`d bye a bane Humanity stole the multitudinous coal,
shed of blood by drowning shell in the body the thrush is pill tabs that push to poke a still.

Letter creed to slop the feed icing frost to dye red deem clam the Pry to gut wrenched bleed,
cakes provide the biscuits pie whence the batter of a stride walk Trot canter gallop breathes,
worked form Muscle in the deeds asset of the Course on course building prowess Formal Norse. 

Told Stools

Luster is the metal the paste to polish Role in the time of sixth sense I tribe it to the Fold,
in an Origami the game of Gift in pull a Setting on The Table thus Vasing on atoll,
bridge the gap peace ripping in gates of the unknown place mats that are Hunt Scene,
gallop to the trot sphere a mind Full present stone in the granite given the Statute is a bone.

Brief in the File Case a suite of sweets in Chocolate lace per check pen in cold,
gold Filament on the brain chill to forward backwards bold,
in said the dee Vice inks the Theme a told,
eyebrows that due skew fork a World in the pool.

Moat I lake deed tup the Stag a Crow in bag the paper waits the Tepee bake,
shamans in the bowl mixed brokers atop a fire pit the Smoke in blanket Tell.

Across the Plains a Buffalo Lane to Mountain of the valley spring bark water,
bench in bile with a Smile an I do for the Mile.

In trades of in decision crate the Box is a stitch to Telephone,
ring the dial pick the number is it Seven of dash the Four!!

Preview'd by the Fix in sky a stream of Remote,
push the swipe to ever wipe an Application of the Type.

Memorization had the grown through repeats upon the Address Book,
single digits with a ribit twas frogs in be hop zone,
lily paddle stream the Rattle an Underwears to lou,
flushed with Milk the lack is silk the Oil of a Vine.

Guttural voice as low a rein the pinkie of an other train,
use for Tea in coffee grind is leaves the grit to beans in chime,
filter clause to use of nods the clear is Cream & Sugar cause.

No waste produce in the Juice of tomato cucumber grew,
seeds to fertilize the Marsh bagged in trait for learnings bait,
a fish in Cod the smell is brew the wrought of Work in just a New,
bounce little bog the Ancient rod is speech in marrow of Cruise.

See Be Est

National Television just host in the ribbon of a speak reach in a spit of kiln the Mind,
fired at the timing of age to spine the pulsed beat the fire in a brine is pepper spray,
as line in video stream is an invitational theme streaming pic. tile is a law breaking defile,
upon the Watch covered eye clocks the deck in taught has a back dare not in bleacher`d,
clorox brand in a single bass fan thrush in to blanks a signal to brain dike lights Train!!

Cable boot with the mouse on a toot per Scribed bye the plug from Address it's a mug,
shot at a label with no warning to Table brings soylent to Wafer the X in a day Ter,
shake the beat to skip bump the streak the Arena of screen lead know Tag team,
chairs in a lounge have been out`d from loud importance now tribes to the Hour Crown`d,
amble put price cost in the thrice striking the Hot where Ices had pot.

Plant the ban laud but ramping the Mice whom should Tell bill that receipt is a dice,
dot the sides that match in the Two gamble for dollars the Thought is a brew,
did Volunteer bring the silent of Sing autistic in bust the Maze or a Cusp,
speed to the Human being in the came Notes are the Fires that burn with a Claim,
swallow the Halo it is a jerk to be brave quiet To 'morrow a tier is a sprain.

Is it to Many or Few that can dam Hoover a Clue to the grave in a stand,
ticker tape latter with a spread without rake photo shop Public the televised Miss plate.

Recorded on U~tube a bucket approach lawful in baking the People read coach`d,
stations Identification to Fast bigger not better has Channel`d a sack,
swallow`d the Robin in bellowing Jay whistle to Rat fink the Pan in display,
lead down the pave Path to tremble in Fact under the pretense it's smoking extract.

Hedge House`d

Purse Buckled

Lets dribble on the basket Court of ball in thorp 'Play Horse' in hooped,
draw a line the blank is Fine at okay ball a way to the correction Spell,
drop a plot on the lot set-up Shot for the talk it is the Sunk Barrel net.

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scrabble in the learn a Word or the Berm up in outside a Rake to a side,
dictionary produce suite for deuce but in the Four`square it's the Tennis stare.

Back & Forward to the racket in the beam eyes on the Closet pay theme,
chair on the bookcase stoop of the Porch step on the target a dart thumbed,
teach by a pile in the Wood sand a build handle in a Pilot split is a stood.

Garbage Cans that wagging thumper went the bang in Meadow of Scene,
above The Paddocks down bore to be looking at Watch timing of the mean,
cruel is as Cruelty of Corn from base in the throw a Front Door a pro.

Because of the Slam the weight of the dam two Homes nest in gate smarter brake,
install the lever that swings to a gear than smaller can just open without the near.

Grateful for explain a partner in the Lane may be a bigger trouble but shouldered on per day,
the Cliff House to pave a walk on a Neigh carts did a Job in put there was log,
timbers cut the grown for Trees are in the bone standing from address the phone.

Memory of bearing hard`liners in the subway trained those Words that sentence,
remember Charter School on the big time Rule,
size of a letter to the Acceptance of the drop in crop played strings of stopped.

Oversea a Marriage with relatives support lies are in the Carriage of Orphan on the more,
crew did a Term in Band Shell Britain 'The Train' of ridden pushed the seat of dibs,
a Ferry to the Island the diaper of the bag sometimes it is best to know the case is Lad.

Purchase of a Nappy pins that follow tool tabled for the nurse often speaks of stool,
pigeons that set a City buses driving Vote a Shark in the Tube is a Round a bound,
circle UP to I in buck the counter sees the Garden luck a Gate to the debt inked Plum.

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on the Street a Vegetable treat driven by a Man in Feat,
much the same different lane for Milk delivery had a Named.

Off to the Market was the Change in the A many of Slat boards elevated to View,
still the Petrini's once a Butcher brought a Breakfast with a lunch in a fact,
in-between the Flowers the building exact still provisions of the Magazine Rack.

The Sack Shack

Under The Stairs

Wrought day 22 for the rig a rift on the deep in bar walker stair rigged to a real from Answer swear,
count the years to the nth teen bare in the Truth I can't let the stare be in dish point as Rose shared,
so many ass that bank broke grasp the statue of said just cuts grip with dread,
step on a Stinger sit on a shaft lie upon the Ping Pong a paddle in the bath.

Gosh darn do you know whom is belling Toll a sipper in the day the lopped off top,
to an enter in the door crossing all the more a Threshold does reveal all that is a deal,
right over to the place where the Fire had a face take the green of Sofa down to the change,
digs offer money that hands did do the work the tilt of the back making all berserk.

Parties brought a Fish Bowl oh wait you were not there down at The Park a City of the share,
the order of the set would Second of the bet from third in line to four match grew the math is in a chew,
tool bench on the would a coffee can in read metal was the Tin Speed locks of combo blew,
much to the dip jerking A Horse did also go for nothing is the better as Best of no is Show.

Menu Ate

The apple patch in reference to a Pirate lap of the Mast,
a sail tusk spray,
tree in Feat Plank board the Vessel to walk,
the same at basic lane,
off with the Gag for a tongue alley strong has Tied,
hands in barker sign,
the peel of the Core to the grove Yards,
chore burps seed Tar.

Oil is no water born to be a slick grease,
the mop it's Soap plot,
serial a Container the Brand Pops,
captain grainer,
can the bottle the motor chain gots,
a Throttle,
fuel fill be spoke the wire is a Canter lope,
blink Folk.