Sunday, August 25, 2013


A flaming fire Ignites,
Twin Flames Excite!!

The Might and/or the Fight, 
the Expediency of Eminence,
no threat in balanced,
when the Scale reveals Rites!!

An amazing trend,
a new existence of what has been,
an eternal and elemental win,
showing that Life is a lend!!

In a timely and Universal stream, 
this Galactical Theme,
shows an equal splendidly!!


The root of Source,
this brightly Course,
the Millennial of the cosmic roars,
exampling predisposed!!

A space in-take,
the myth of the story viewed,
the lair of life,
a deal of 'Well'
so deeply grounded,
people will.

A royal truth of romantic roots,
a perfection proved,
cheers to Lives,
We can be true!!


A ray of lit,
it's arrows hit,
the bough of birch in choosing.

A simple complexity,
a spoken rhapsody,
an Improv since our birth.

A real Life,
composed to stow,
the length of an advancing page,
to speak on what he gave.

In free opinion,
the equal bloom,
will sing-in a New Age!!

 An honest reveal,
the evidence of whom I breathe!!

The composition of such a position,
that predates the history,
that created such misery,
that people lost the hope of a Twin Souls scope!!
The inquisition buried tradition,
love was lost as a marriage to Cross,
the ages of a human lost.

The fear of burnt,
cremation cinders,
the phoenix rising,
the ashened sound of whom goes 'round!!


The gracious sense of only sixth,
enhanced by days,
as threats are made.

To be shown and talk of known,
the guilty will only groan,
to smash exist of a Twin Soul throne.

No Matter Proof,
the start was an incredible Art,
the Dungeons reveal,
is a religious surreal!!


It grew the chartered skies of knew,
in Den's such future Scenes,
the courage of Amazing Men,
master who've I've Been!!

Original Send

The dated disaster called 'The Rapture'
an Apocalyptic revealing horrific, 
it seems to reduce to 'When?'
Humanity showing Trend.

The shock of Fact,
as News does lack,
implied: exact,
to instill more Fear!!

The magnetic pole of North in roll,
the West will point at a Compassed joint,
the tilt of Earth will only sound,
the Win we still go 'round.

The furthest 'Rise' in realized,
exposes even more such bye's,
a silent echoing erotic speech,
of what is simply out-of-reach.

The Line of Such,
entombed to touch,
the Corpse concealed Self.

The relative to,
an Ambered Room,
the memories of being shewed,
the journey's quest is far from rest,
the Name develops blessed.

The countenance of a Major Chord,
the notes in Mozarts' written lore,
the music that I still adore,
the Mansions of the Mystics!!

The compilation of a Nation,
pursuit of freedom lost the state,
 the happiness for Peers replaced,
by the wait to join the Race,
 of Human Beings a natural play.


Strangely it's what has been,
a healing from a time of when,
a life cut short and 'old' restores,
that 'round and 'round does report,
that innocence aptly named,