Thursday, July 31, 2014

Syncing Horse With Sporting Source

For love of riding 'The Horse'
a Sport delights,
creativity to each a New prime,
the excitement of the Mount.

The track of the Rider,
forward to the blast,
galloping a Notable is likened scores of Tack room.

Engagement of the rogue,
the talent of my Type,
moving with the timers,
a Wonder spine in Bright!!

The hooves of which do carry,
a Collection to a Lane,
down the long side of Action,
the switch to comfort lead,
saddled from exposure,
the chills of Goose in Ton!!

Not all have run the Race,
the tattoo by no mistake,
leads to Rank and File,
a thorough Fair to Speech.

The Barn of which I stable,
born to breeze the Wind,
breathing thunder heightens,
the bridle on the Spot!!  

Stuffings Showed

The Letter that has Rote to bank the Worth to Quote ankle shank to the process for I have Named a tipped.

Samples ask for nothing in the gift exchange thy Door,
of Likelihood has ampled for The Flame in Being More!!

At Road to Map the Self to grits of burning Rite production,
is Society that wings now clipped in out each a flight for Tight!!

Darker days that handle today the present shake Earth does take,
her Challenge in The Trump light of,
all this brae!!

Read for purchase to be Scene a Stage of life in every bring,
chalks the erasure mean Walls will beam,
strobes that fan up higher Sky the Spot find of a great in Bide humor over with the flume sparkling Few.

A Number in the priority is simple to the Plate,
echoes are unnecessary 'cause Originals have Fates!!

The temper of a brew HaHa in party all the dates,
to Musing in for Crowded phlegm not my cup of Trim.

The O'Farrell

Watch the Compass Pt. to the Venture a Port with a Tug in the Shipping lanes shrugged,
to proper the Venue of All Ways in swim a portion of Placement is appropriations in Lend,
call to the Union for the Trade has a Send,
the importance of knowing the Brains in a been.

The tides that are pouring in the Narrow of straight,
rigs that do Fleet salute to the Great,
a walk over bridge the Part in the Sand,
view to the Beach there is a Lighthouse Island to reach.

Sharks the dolphins now swimming the need,
seals that belly on Piers that can treat,
the Tourist that Purchase of a Sweater in lane,
all adding value ask the birthed in displayed.

California drives a looker lou gave,
numbers still stolen for additional saved,
color the House to a Zoo side in loud,
roaring all Kinds the pool now a Time.

Ocean to Bakers at China the shore,
steep climbs the better for some have a floor,
Presidio a Gunnery protected the Film,
Names that are Central now speak like the Gum.

Shoes made for walking in the decade of Haight,
big buckles cooling the arm pits of date,
reality bitten more like the smell,
pets are a true Love as Hippie had hill.

Smile the faces were delightfully cheer,
strange came with Days that remember a Year,
eleven November the 5th of the say,
does this deed storm to a difference in Stray.

The rubber Band snaps like the Jump rider rode,
standards that raised the height of a Load,
a quick sort of way to discuss Spreckles Lake,
remotely the boat said the Track is a Bay.

Polo that Mallet to the Ancient in played,
the ball hit across to a Goal in the cost,
temperature rising impossible paid,
the Fog just rolls in and the bones know a Friend.

Huddle in close the teach of a Coast,
build a Profession that lands the business,
all in One visit the Hof Brau did stay,
the Role of the Men are really just Dens,
 bings from the Restaurant lead B.D.S.M. in a Trend. 

The Condor Barkers

The World in a Seven Mile sheer to the City built from Pier,
a Number or a Lot?

The Question of know Answer from the Tour of grow Dance,
park Chinatown to go Italy as North Beach did Clement,
the downtown to a Steak housed on Tenderloin the Beat.

A map to the Crooked exposure to Lombard Street,
round the Ben to a straight Toll send Cross the Golden Gate!!

The Tea Garden sang Museum Opera to walk down The Plaza,
bank the day Sunny as the Wise always braked Honey to educate a Spun.

Tootle over to the Ferry cruises,
Alcatraz an Island by the Bay Lead,
the Seals at dock play along with the Guitar Stock,
meter sits for the Bush fright Fun,
all while the Cable came with a Lung.

The Pyramid to the Union parking walk,
a trip Formal in the Watch business of Man on the dime.

So handsome the Dignity of a Tie in the Knot,
shopping was bowling for Talk roast just blocks!!

The Avenues of course were the Best most definite in War map stripes,
the home of The Force in a love to hate relationship all at the Front of Schoolings!!

The Marina verses Cinderella a Bakers mile to skip the while,
I rode in the Park at the stables next door the Casting Pool!!

Scrap Yards the hardware Stores ask Fishermans Wharf for a bounty,
the Tall hill was a Nob stop to Hotel the views lobby Cropped,
a Sunday in a weekly Pink Section enter Education it's a Plot.

City Wide Lamp Lights 'Our' Lava Rite

To Ancient back Signature in track the writings on the Wall,
before the discovery had been Buried for recovery a sense to Riddle stalled,
the Owl that sounds to Chisel bounds replaced with Ages scene to Place,
the digs provide a simple Case that breathes the Lung of Safe.

Provisions sent long in Rent gifts that came in history flame the Production of in Like,
shields Armed with current Yarn is best of Show in dancing row a ribbed,
the Apple in a garden plight did know the seed in grown,
a barnacle on a Pier in bay is construction of the Say!!

Creative design brought with Kind develops love of Line,
a Poet in the Rank of Cast may search to prove the Pine,
swaying while the song is Spring does not discount the Winter Theme.

Wonderland in The City park a Concert from the Steady,
stage the decade true to page a Mirror affection stays in laid,
reflecting said ask Arch of lane a Boulevard to the equal sprain,
catch the Victor bright displayed the Mark of date per day in skate.

The Theater often Crows a lone wolf Range that Trail of Came,
long before the Traveler lored the path was walked by whom was bore,
birthed in the 60's a Native treat the bred and butter A San Francisco beat!!

Shipping Lanes like Train Rails the ride a One Way seat,
the Style of sense would Look to See that Clearings oil grease,
a wheel to steam the Engine of Means has evolved with Iron penned,
the Road in a Modern Day Zone enter Innocence 'cause it's A Stream of Consciousness Gaining!!

The Bugle Times

The Shrimp on the barb a Que to the life on a Tale of best Feat forward desires an Ear not the berg,
in the melting glacier the Scene of Sheets to page shelf are not Prospect rather evidence of a tide rise.

The brow that must balance this Sign is in the Mind of Thought that loud is Silence in the Vast pool,
swirling waterfalls at base residence mark the Cave to be known should the Cliff aspect discovery in Shown.

Creeks begin before the span of a Roar to the river banks shore,
in Flash Floods the movement is dynamic in the score,
moving boulders remain to carve new Maps.

Speaking Ocean in natures Valley the brink of sand filters ask Planned,
to negate the Burl for the tree proves the seed grew to measure the bark worth syrup!!

Trade Winds north by West comb merely knows the Magnetic of a Pole search to state,
the spin revolves to a Watch built for directions in the World currents change by Rise per spoke.

A Pool in the pond of a Tank in the City of a Native enters the able the View of a Reading,
do Cause from the Earth in beautiful bloom faced the Hots stinging plight to heavy metal!!

Expression flowing Stream counter bellies the granite through Evolution ask Prime,
a two Timing Age that doubles-back Tongue day records the Measure Versed skate,
the freeze to shaking Colds are indicative writes with the Home address of a Prompting,
negative pressure from Formal Rye gifts Wheat the field in Water bells ringing breeze.

The sway of the Tempo in a Cleft bass string Guitars to the stretch of a Tuning,
a frame of musically driven rides brings a band of sewn to the Origin store factual Plates!!

Earthquakes be slide Glades in the recording in advance of the easy shield that Animals feel,
the spread of information crumbs in the After Shock of the Event that already graded shifts,
per gear a dot zero sprang on the listen Tusk of an Ivory slate design.

Filming Forms Flinged

Oddly understood in a visionary stood the Elemental Flame in the origin of liquid Pane,
rising from the base of which the bottom can not be seen out was taking bodily leans,
as the sight was straining my I said to Watch for theirs was the Movement Show,
aye tapping in not as commoners do rather taking a shower to relax my desire.

The Moment spilling shock as The Watch pulled extracts more than counted I booked,
in the Hour of Life living this bright sharing rode difficult as seeing truly be leaves,
as the accompaniment was escorted sort of straight to the side two formal guards a load,
removed from this Ancient melding the comfort I felt as strangely appealing,
for this was the Home that seemed troubled with bothered.

Being shown in total stone as Energy is it's tone the haul moved it's legs as it rose to display,
limber to shake a good hold the guards make I witness the Comprehensive in comfort of find,
to say that in Finality it is the Trued in the full as what I did witness was removing the sold,
a bit to the Task I wondered the fast.

Belief in the Picture of a movie ran Cool my Mind is the thought that many are fooled,
for acceptance of Scene comes with natural need the foundation to loved by witness key,
to think what is Source took a Course so sorting can show in this World of blow,
relief is this hug for a Seer the nud.

Know the walk to active shock require feet in all these Locs,
should those be missing trunks a stand makes simple the Complexity in Panned,
the whistle Stop heard echos the shirt,
The Secret of the Universe is Choice & I was told someone would kill me for that name.

Hare Flashed

Old School Bounce Called Back

The beauty of an opening is the ability to experience a new delivery in real action,
the natural state of an Introduction is the amazement of an Audio warming up,
be it a chilly world now the turn style of many is cold,
I put a Pull-Over in the gear of this drive called Life.

The grass root approach from back in the 60's often parked out,
by Word of mouth the Venue would whisper it's Wares,
something New was a big curious scene,
ask a friend in the days begin the guitar was the drum.

The Band came from different lane to the Cities reign,
particular talent would be brought to Festivals now fame,
walk-on's were not rare in days that Ab~lib sang shared,
joining at the Hip to bebop the trip a common affair.

Even the Main Streamers would join the first Timers,
rocking to the sound of tradition changing moment tunes,
players ran with an invitational stand together on Land,
no rehearsal it was the reaction of the go getters.

In true form it provided the Audience with Original performance,
as the Intro became the Hottest Acoustically echoed demand,
for it was the Audition live so full of dynamics that pulsed Old to participate,
the Crowd loved it so much the link from that simple move a foundation,
the Human Touch.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Break Knots

It is the Robbery that brings History to a Front.
in a Modern Day War of True Marriage in Aeon the born,
the Isle Flame that burns wick Rite,
to the Camp lights of a Sun in Held Bright,
for Eon speaks bite,
a do snapper the hook Trout.

A Basket in a Paper,
the Shed ask Tool an Instrument,
is the meat of the answer in death a Pro trancer,
the Bin is the blast of a Body in Fracked.

Treat Version of Ancient Verse with my counter of banking unrehearsed,
much to Plato in a Philosophical Shire,
the Best has yet to be the Fire!!

Dreamers Aspire


Took a brake to Address the skate 'round the World in plate,
shattered lives with torn up Reals the strange of it All, the Deal.

Laughter at myself in my Country is well,
for I am forked and cut to shreds over Appealed,
dirty place to be in an Independent delivery!!

The Isle of Flame in Ancient Record,
the Walls that have Evidence to Creations shores,
to have survived this Life I have lived in deplore,
but to find the these Tales that Match my Lore.....

anger has a Brand New Door!!

The Reader 

For The Love Of The Mind It's The Expressive Kinds

I move to the balance of knowing the Power of Music, 
in it's finest listen I heard a young Man say,
the Tune was Magic loving brushed freeing need to over gushed,
proud the stride to "Oh so Touched" a bigger hug of this I bust.

The times of Page that spoke in say Singing in his Voice today,
so easily the words did flow from lips that found the grace in teach,
the Gold of ring on this believe so simple it showed the cheering lead,
how grand it is to Show!!

A breath to each and Every lung to hear the Goods display,
is not the fear rather belongs to Opera gears the Singer spins a Way!!

Great salutations to find that tongue so free,
to speak a lyric naturally the burst of heard made clear,
know the worth in verbal spear is difficult to Mind,
for negativity kills our brains before the Age of sign.

One way in is to be a friend that talents a New reach,
hello my dear and darling send you gallant me at speech,
the best day I've had in Bay was hearing you sew Sing the true,
I'll see you in my dreams as well for the path to hear is raining Steer!!

The Beauty of the Wave in thought a cheek to bend an Ear,
play this wonder for I will know that Musicals are Notes to finally tear.

Finn Again!!

I Am The Volcanic Isle Flame

Shark the ocean to Name the state of Dau to psyche the preventive Nape,
in this the foundered had a Vase upon kiln to a higher skate,
in Ice of melting todays fate, think Sage to Orcin from Time escape.

A raider came to over spew,
the face brought,
by Head in suite Asking All,
 addressing Chute Boon per True.

The Aim extract was not put lack, 
forking knife to Spoon it shack!!

Shed of Tools ladder taste in the bitter the Sweetest Raced,
micro film Cause did the base,
trusting Play dough the shrink Watch Laced!!

Quit the bicker asked the Self do the Work and basis Felt,
the Temper of `d Orions Belt,
tights the Magic,
Rug flew Well,
right with Left a Path of Shell.

The Sandy Beaches Hit a Shore,
in the Island land was Core,
Continent not a speck of Stork on Dot Mapped,
the Country started branded Stacked!!

Crumbed by Social Media,
sped kept Canned shallow wading,
role the dress to shorts in bred,
the Rank out Trolled but History Crept,
not Mine said the Dine.

Up the Spine like a Wined Vinegar, 
the Malt dug spurt to not a Steined,
barefoot wrought in barreled signed,
spoke to Nature Atlantic dyed,
blood burr Veins it's Mystery kind!!  

Red Taled Hawkers

The Elemental Shale

I treat Love to the Understanding of an Ancient Composition, 
the path of a Present Flame to Forge,
the ground upon the Fire in brought with my life,
to Self aspire the Quest of my desire the snap!!

Tree the oracle to reveal a cooling with the hots of comprehending mead,
coals ember words to Verse in the sentence of reversed a heel knife to comma`d sigh,
expressing chutes the building by releases buried nest of lit,
I am a pure Original sit.

Dank the deep of Societies,
think the wash in Soap of daily blowing, 
a curtain Vain paled,
trek of Rail conquer Time,
watch a Movie drop a dime,
simple Smile go a Mile in thus be a sary!!

Purify piece while spoken Wheel of Ree inhabits,
spine do not separate the gift of line connecting to protect the sign,
link the energy to breathe a prime,
solution Bell to sing their bye,
in touch free my Peace to the Sky forwards read!!

Shake each shift to echo jib,
sail my countenance to the grace of an eternal isle of the beauty Shade,
from whence I have been that I have shown,

my dearest design Creation Nome.

Shy Stormed

Waltzing with the pages I dance the love to lined,
with Moons that hold the Ages it's all in such sublimed,
a burning in the belly for romancing in the Flame,
a Fire built from learning the bring of every lame!!

Locking out the readers for freedom written Ink,
the red blood truth in saying,
the Sun is beauty playing in the best of Sync!!

Next day I rise to voting a better say to lead,
that next is in the breast of kept to better due the Bred led move,
the game of All compete.

Private walks in breaking I watched the World as it balked,
sky to see the Clouds that move in Total shock,
the balance of the letter is all ways set the debtor,
for in the Rain the Lake should Pond in puddles of it died so long!!

From Aeon that did send me an Aye to each the Sled,
for in such Ancient calling Celts the braiding came with felt,
the Knot just blasted Looming,
a spoonful of sugar the creaming bringing Doom.

Courts of land in Global the fryer or the Pan,
Medusa has her snake eyes but I do have the plan,
in penning Rite to equal Sight the Sage in Seer spanned.

Dan it off to Odin in Zeus I have his Named,
baking knot The Masses,
that took the Prime in Dime,
the Quarter Chunks came.

Ole the path to power Scot the Mot that broke the prop,
challenge in the building to skate an Infinite sought,
all in Signs of Angled binds from Society dropping Meet to find,
replaced me with the bigger Pine than chopped it down for Wood.

Knock the twice to Three in spice the broth of boiled shore,
rising to the Chills,
brought goose bumps all the More!!

Wreath in Aunk the Sable so sleek to sure the still,
got rid of the negative cable and felt the free just pour.

A Pitcher on the Mountain in Valley of the bore,
crafting to a Gem Stone the Facets are the Core!!

So Tight 

Times That Shed Tooling Upped The Ante Pressed

The story of a Tale that shrank the site to single sped long into the Night,
the days of total enjoyment with no worry of the Read,
it came to Fruition the Decision of the Rite!!

Treasure buries evidence that my life is occasioned with love & happiness,
the skip to beat the ringing neat to speak of what dreams are leak.

Unlocking all the pain to a bigger older dialing,
to the quick of Thought in bag it's really just a furthering,
without the Public peeking blinks!!

As the casual drops began to invade the play I halted,
thinking that I freely glad to share the journey lined,
a simple verse to stream the burst with liberty and breeze,
the day I stopped I spared myself the rest came like Piano salve!!

The music asked the Question love the Answer Treble kept,
the pedal for the grand in ran dealing with the sub.,
scores in points to Soprano joint developed into like,
in the Continue I value only Real say!!

Verbal sound had not come 'round my home was Welcoming,
but the Populous only took and Ran a reality docked!!

The Pier of ready came in Steady built before it's Sign,
breathing gently Mouse slept well & Nero was so glad!!

A brain that had woke in Night with cold in body stored,
the shower warmed the blood to move an arm with shallow fear,
all together with these bounds the climb removed the mirror,
reflective Mind just grazed the shine that People are now clear!!

Cleaned off the scuff to not belong with Views that lead no Wares,
a Den or Dungeon life would Wise to chains that linked from there,
the attach put Worth to Fact the truth was shutting out the rough,
believing Beauty loves to Touch on only what is Here.

Real lives that bothered me with off~handed notes to Queer were suck,
the rent to a Parade in part the candelabra speared a smear,
Bill's Place on California taught this Girl how to Mount in plain sight to Speak with light,
not shown was all the bites.

Take the Class the Koi Pond path a bridge to the Park in bashed,
remove the Window replace the dash to take a seat for the Chef was Me,
serving daily dabs of munched the Eats were Words that fed a bunch,
enter Minds that only Dine the Price became the Dear.

Pot Handles Burn Hotter Freezed

The Royal Shrike

I ring in open value sigh the treasure with a cover,
no charge to fee the barrel moved deciding better lay,
for in such thought the Mind of lot brought out no ill regard,
from basic touch to forced to far the isolation made a car.

Drove the sail of the mass the built to be sewn spill,
I love to dream and therefore wish upon a given Stone,
yes towards forward know the pass is training forked repair,
a knife so been that cut the hem to stitch the Nine eleven!!

Life inks date to look the rate on birth there was a great big Quake,
so Year of born in House of Snake the Druid also said 'It's' from.

The great excite to look and bite the Platinum melt pouring Rhythm,
a Twister in a Mid~Done Site of very Important to me in why,
because the challenge is a Pool of ever laking over due. 

I structured Formal to the Sign of the Universe by Design,
not all can be sewn Under stood beyond the Reach of latter could.

Time of Ages times compete in this World of nothing lead,
crumbling be standing Feet the Walk of Infinities Treat!!

A Line to Circle of this Sign routed Number in the Prime,
one oh Eight in Upper Case streaming Window of a race.

Setting fast as from the base know Comprehensive has a play,
words that bring and keep the speak are the platters of new Seat.

Simply done in dream of Sum the calculative read the sung,
on Record of Label sprung a virtue that had been my lung.

Conversing 'till the pain be allayed than turned to seek the brow!!

Shoots of groans did settle loan but the paved was heavily thrown,
to begin the never say brought these Scenes of movie trays,
to enjoy a life this Bay I courted Nature the answer stay!!

Write for Choice there ease of voice in strained by situations noised,
speakers clear the opened stairs a Curtain sprawled that killed the Pall.

Know draw cord was gifted Hands attached to arms my elbows brand,
the print upon the palm above the Fingers foiled the inking strong.

Craft of Central stake a gave the lights upon the strobe of long,
exclaimed a Rite of Twin Flame plight an Ancient Art Belief in Start.

Know bit to brake the Wave is care for Success in extending paved,
the skipper Streaked to rote of Teal with many signals for the Keel.

Round about the World shout no stop to ending what's a Proud,
in touching dart the Arrow Bow wired off to be a Code!!

Date Shake

Truth be lost in this global denial to breathe Humanity the flu,
the horrid lies in the straight up died my life has born scars inside,
writing chapter verse in book the vary containment made me belch free,
realized that all lived lives bring ladders while most just stew!!

Relief did come with each word sum in addition subtracted from,
dismissed by Worse than courage first bid myself a farewell loud.

Brought character stride with each the bide in certain liberty a Bell to Tau,
that rang with Piece to puzzled brake the Picture Art in gave.

Road to zone my Path in loan down to the Wire in my bones,
heavy price but paid my debt from such the toll received a let.

Fright the Hours as minutes gone string the bring to spoon of Tongue,
not all was horror as laughter given late,
in that Great Gained.

Preference branded when Use was Farmed to a lane in Stalling long,
the girth had Seat a saddle made by hand the Stitch to leather shown.

Dressings styled Opera Shows all within the Music Cold,
the flowing steers wheeled bright the Day of lory in a flight.

Inked striped colors a Painted spot the horse of often ever Lot,
crupper shock the Tale stopped writes than became a spin,
in the blog of hidden Scene starks behaved to comfort love,
the Nature of the Animal Snake a Year too speak 'A Date.'

Big Bills

Infinite Lung

The fuselage a living breathing machine built to Being,
energy that replayed came to enter a point compassing,
turned the Station to automatic find,
the scale of an antennae breaking the line.

Change scope while the World does soap,
flights to sing the barrel of the echoing,
Solar Systematic save that grabs the After in be born,
sight to travel the sky unraveled in Time the ark of paddlings.

Like any gracious dismissed from dirt,
the ground of Earth is more than I wish to search,
skip stone to the spear of thrown,
I am proactive in the SID,
yet another acorn bib!!

No ground corn the think is Form,
lightening shot shoots from Lot,
the Roar of Thunder not Peoples snot,
clouds dispersed show clears rehearse.

Park of Order gates of Sage,
shirt the Wonder with gifts of Age,
Iron Win for Methods gave,
the mat of smashing burned the Saved!!

Still Steers Lived!!


Beak Borrow Toned

Equitation to the rider of the feat in storms,
that trait is in my Repertoire formed,
as I believe Life is training to Continue,
the rider as the Quest is I on my shore,
the Beach I love with sands that give,
best Footing to the lives of lived.

Answered with the Waves that grace the born,
to wash the Footsteps trace,
in tracking nothing left behind,
the vision of a Visionary kind,
just ankle deep to swim the leap,
that Universe in Ancient Meet.

Trades upon the Rails of yawn,
for in the Happens it hopped the Pond,
to skate the Ice in replayed for slipping,
out in other spacial lipping,
returning to Original Race,
as theirs has kept,
the discerning Paced.

No tired rating gave such day,
Wares of Training guides the Say,
Oracles Seers that inch per Stay,
now dead and lost to a World in Fade.

Odd strangers run across my come,
the looks are horror as their Minds draw bung,
I cannot help but hold a Tongue,
the twist is in the crumpled sum.

The noise that builds a Tunnel spring,
hard to know the echo Sing,
drop from den the Cave will mend,
by scrolling Role to done and Been.



It is nice to finally know the rite of the flame in just the correct,
with ice that freezes from the strain,
a break away glaciers explain!!

Mold the sheet start read trains,
with the sentence hold the strain,
move to where the fire can breathe,
outside the scene of every lane!!

Lap the freedom speaking sake,
considered torn in wealth of lucked,
flickering in sunlights touch,
a wonder moon in bay ache rush.

Planetary songs the nurse,
shant I move with grace displayed,
north Peace to Creations day?

Rapport so longed that felt the neigh,
inking shall not go to Ray,
just brake the sentence and no the brain,
taking issue is not my lay.

I enjoy the Idea of Love,
piece connecting reason sub.,
the riddle ran Ice did tray,
cubes still build and lives still Came!!

Treat Change

Captured Start

Anciently spoken the actual has been a great journey of seeing the sling,
lull a bye to cast the shy in done before again.

Stake driven with thieves living the Human Race is mixed blends,
salt to pepper the grounds of lever gear the shift in skin.

Traveling scoots a plane in rein the guidance of a pre~Vain,
repeated in this life of live not to sin I drop from lend.

From Sourced in the Fires flame a lap sank in Peoples balk,
written brought to expletives seen the hatred worn by what is Shocked!!

Drive your car attempt to be an example smiling lead,
dirty glares from passing stares halted me in this I left to bring.

Whilst in the breeze of mirror to shone the bricks I'll use to home,
blood mortar stone in latter shed for Granite Sage is better met.

Society denied my every Ask in such the Questions added docked,
in admission I quit the prop to seek the difference while I thought!!

No stranger to the odylic thrown a Classic entry to best in let,
rather grab ink opportune to Set and breathe the shed of why social kept.

Que this with a Former rip that Took me to the World skewed,
in such a deck that it is bet to come to be the said.

Birth the steal with a big deal at least it was to me,
I watched aye waited the global stated,
the Moon went Red in Steed!!

Break Knots!!

Snack Bites

I posted my thoughts on a Site The Secret of the Universe is Choice,
know decision brought me here to discussions of the Means on Earth,
the lines that lead down simple Met with absolute and total read,
stanza kept in shortenings dread however pain still fed.

Years swung in the Being in lend a Keeper of the Secrets spin,
a Wheel in the Eye of Ra showed many more than just a nod,
the handle came with Writes to Name scores shown freely,
bye completion for instant Rain shut out the blasting Vained!!

Trouble with an Open list a Google perfect place to fit,
stride by strike the Keys too Life was brought down,
no indeed it's worse than this the Gentle Mead be groaned,
dates to breakers of the ply a trigger or a Sky.

I love to dream with lettered theme Publishing a reaming,
pouring pitchers ache per say that faith of being seen.

Let us prose to Riddle light the Head a forge in thoughts,
still thinking in a mirror post late gave wait a different bane,
I realized I gave in much the work on Self was Lots,
the spin of spools were full with Goods to plentifuls in done.

A fractious crumb in Role did sum as Matter bellied got,
it's not the recognition but the seed to lifting a breath,
when only sucked to chain these lears the crate began to sour,
as I am in the Trade of City bred,
I retreat to only sheet.

The Cool Cellars 

Road Reals

Venture experience of the shouldered a Crop in whipping Creed,
forth vase in shatter hit the Core of World as in total ignored,
hard lease in life to be contrite not be action flung to write,
confidence in work of done speaking closely in this vein.

Trust rode to stand upon the worth a find in complete,
suds of soap not tongue of Scope held for purpose Moat,
river bank to jumping tanked no guide created trait,
verses growing Act my bay in length of whom shall Neigh!!

Patience sung of language lung the Oxygen in rank,
removal shrank the bale spake removing action of,
creek the flow asked the Dam in infer striding dire,
no Goods to spare the great old sky shed love.

Hope remained dreams still Vein the blood of living stain,
a Window pane to what is came cut Flowers beauty stoned.

Effective rain shorts that run in doors to threshold out,
no need to work for Peoples loud as Earth is in a hurt!!

Look up dear friend I cannot sure,
the upside down is writing mights,
love held strong for moment wrong,
it's kept within the beacon Song.

Travel Flown

Black verse in the knit of Silence two Doves nestle,
on the bough of the Ole Oak lead the quiet of a tree,
turning the Wind with a stay to Love the Day a Way!!

Treasured all while not I crawl,
for in the Flight of the Mid 'morrow sky,
a dark Cry from the stage afar distants.

Views of the blasting Moon to shapes of loom,
spooning the Maker to the shine of the brightest Star,
shown that a Sty is not the Eye rather peace by Designs!!

Trade mountain Reign sets gallant the bell from Clang,
a tightly found stance forwards the brown death dyed,
spoken with elegance not laid by pride.

Shall we term life to hammering force existence,
the Key Strokes wide strike to Clouds disappear,
so becomes the skip to the sentence on Earth.

Present a rafter bore the Shrike,
a Wine in the book of the word in Rite,
shed the baggage of Trunked in Bahut,
Cyte to preparations of training for Dawn.

The Pantheons

As Prison locks the Isolation to a Private mingling,
the caller of personal belong bellows robbery,
in the cast of sleep Stalls the People brawl,
the earth of the filter in a saw led.

Shrinking the counter fed towards priority driven,
the breadth of the lingering steals impartial,
long since youth the extractions been long Walled,
bright sorts often fall prey to the bod.

Speaking at sparrow an inkling of spline byes,
it is the Passing stake drives that Course darn,
streamed with temper for Sake,
than said self it's the World shilled!!

Anchors that Societies have brink knowledge of,
poke to Dates than stern the Flu,
in sick that is the wroth,
all in the Spreads of a Predetermined spend!!

Traits to 'The Continue' verse work Noise,
find the spur within your own life,
sing like the Shower was the Outer Realms why,
the purchase of your Life came to Read.

Health to decision from constraint to the nerve,
in dreams the signals to wake hours learned,
the shadows of day shone in Mid~Moon of late,
coloring the break nest to stand in the High!!

Range to the rumble a certain in brave,
rain still can feel in the center of smell,
the depth of the shrimping as nets are it's bell,
chiming to vents in the mid drift for shell.

Whist played to ensure the deck sound,
for Piers built with asset to Moore the dockings strong,
a buoy production of Acoustical lever,

the warner of the break shows Waved!! 

Tonka Tart

The burial of Information to the scale of reviewed,
will bring the Big Bang to the evidence Stot,
A tangular burn.

Wrist ringing finger to the swipe ample,
erasure mimics the preevade sequel in perfective of ran,
shape too the tunnel with Vision of slight,
a Bridle that handles the grift to a Sprawed.

Virtue so locked that it is Sung on the Cycles,
in breathing it whisked the lyrics of Speech.

Each Verse an equation of Mathematical wham,
delivered Wic lighter to install it cash geared.

Singular to sell able,
a blank in a spoke,
fill in the empties a Name spells it Coach!!

Fee Corpus

The Echo at Times End the Ages of the Universe did hymn to Know a Human ear inking the Terror A firm,
valley plains sank while left a grit Sand for a Mountaineer in thus the Climber be lane the truer of Vein,
the classical Noise of the Society at Hand was the static Communication of an Entire global Friend in dirt.

The Rock of crumbles pebbled the Veer creating a path to rumble shore trimmings,
a ship of utter cruelty isolated the Island of a frothy score,
Notes written Singer ignored,
debt paid with sparking Trait was Owed!!

Crisp Fires burned the brains of lending land,
broth filled panting dried the Veneer,
shellacked parter steeved the strap,
a stirrup on the Iron Ordered a strap Classed!!

Trucked to Hitch the thumb nail ditch Railed start to sheathed,
Sword in Forge worked Out the groove in bred to be a Stone.

Purring life stumped the strife increasing Stride the More,
in front a Bore with Bull like stout a dragon sang to Sync,
the Accord orbs of Pour a Pale Rider in the stork,
the hatchling in the Solar lend beyond the Cosmic core.

Sheer luck be strained the lilting shied away from curtained bites,
the Clay a mold that captured Told that Man had plans to Equal lulls,
in the Swing the Bough of spring gave Leave and ventured North.

Launched It Skewed  


Published On 10/16/11 10:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time ~ The Source


Upon entry to Death.
The immediate stop made, after you believe.
That Heaven and Hell are only cities,
with Hotels that usher you into what is your next permanence:
Judgement of Yourself!

1.) Pull a number.
2.) Stand in line.

Recite your defense while waiting,
as if you can rinse away your guilt or sin.
But, not as it's been, it has changed since then,
you've contracted in, for a stiff sentence,
called, "Life."

So, as you wonder, or as you fear,
this time you die is drawing near.
Dirt you're not: Compassion nigh.
Your life has been read,
line by line.
Are you ready to face your lie?

Have you shown? Have you done?
Have you been? For anyone?
Are you a person, who thinks they can; Run?
Or, do you finally know you're done?

A simple message, from Old Past.
Where Souls exist, but, you've killed that.
Did you hear? The cry of One?
Who said, "Please Sir, I need a Twin? My Souls been sold! I need..."
Or, will you only plead what you print?

"My God, Help me to survive this deadly love."
Does it matter? I think not.
We both know, you will not show.
But, well-versed we both are on this thing,
the After-Life is something.
Death will meet, "On U-Tube, Right?"
A practice for your Shroud?

In my case, I have already seen;
Death for you, is Life for me.
I'd rather have a "Deadly Love"
then plead to anyone from above.
So, live your life free from me,
'cause one day soon you'll cry in need.

Loneliness, your best friend.
Sexual resist for what? I do persist.
'Cause when I bed a Man or more,
I won't be a singer or a fucking whore.

Attraction, will rule and I will soar,
to finally have it all, like THOR!
Your hesitance in this will be,
the reason why you're Homeless, SEE!
A transient life is lonely; Strife.
Take a chance?
You can't! You won't!

You are afraid to loose yourself,
although you write in Limerence. Right?
What do you think? That I'm wrong?
If so, then let your nature be,
continue on and sing the song.
"Been in a Country 30 minutes long. Got a Girl"
Come on!
Settle down, end your whirl of whine.

A True Love found you did for "Sis"
Sold her on E-Bay: No Resist?
Yes you did, makes you fair game.
God forbid, I heard your name.

You are a curse to me and mine.
The hope that magic comes from a sign.
But, I hope you accept my pain that's true,
you seem well-versed and very vain.

So, if you find a love at funerals,
then why deny yourself a Seer?
Who writes some script, it rhymes, "I guess."
but in truth it is a Riddler, am I.

This I do,

If you could find the meaning in,
realize that I don't sin.
But, want you too! My mind wants more.
I imagine you're cute, but probably "A bore."

I look past your foibles,
I look into your eyes: Just right.
Embarrassing? You have no clue,
I'm the one in like with you.

So, do ignore!
Pretend you're blind, to every word and every line.
And, when your Old, holding your mind,
looking up at what?
You had a chance to dance a dance.
That was new, A World Romance!!
But, cold you are and age will take,
your looks away and leave in stay.
A date with Death, you cannot miss,
for at this point, "You'll wonder this?"

If I had taken the chance?
In America?
On this Romance?
Would I be "Old" and "Alone."
Or, would I have, had a life, a home,
within a Family that loved......etc.

Not mine, but yours my friend.
The only answer I have from then,
When you go, to far below,
pull your number and they ask slow.
"What have you done for anyone, that was selfless and not a shun?"
"Did you help? When you were asked?"
"Was Romance, just a piece of ass?"
"Do you have a Soul? Or, Two?"
"Are you missing? Did you undo?"

Caught you are inside yourself,
sounding better, you are so stealth.
What would it cost to find out, Why?
I write these riddles, are you so nice? I ask myself.
"Are you my Twin? Are you more?"
It seems I know you from Old Past.

But, down below, silence won't go,
the answers forced, they never wane.
So, here you are; Denying yourself,
you've made C.D.'s with songs: You yelled!
What do you want? If life's not it, is it,
adventure, fun, about?

As I come to my own end,
I say to you, "Good Luck."
Every person enjoys not much,
and in your case you have been touched.

By a Riddler, a Poet Seer too,
a Reader, a Savant,
"What more do you want?"
.....does laugh, at least its true.
I have a chance, if not with you.

To experience all you've done,
travel the World and meet everyone.
Just to say, "Hi, how do you do?"
Stay for dinner?
"I would love too."

So, March yourself to shorten life,
married Men, know much less strife.
Travel with you? "Of course, I would."
Cook you dinner? 
With good food and a very kind hand.
A homemade plan.

My ..... would love such an idea.
To see the World, not count thereof.
A number, you keep of Countries that pay,
you to sing. It's not the way.

To build what's good,
friendships that last,
to make more money and to be invited back.
You must believe that people see,
they do read and wish for thee.
To know what's good, will bring you wealth,
not to your Bank but to "Yourself."

It's not about giving away,
don't be confused or turn, say "Shew."
You must make bank, it is what you do,
so that you afford what's new, what's good.

Relaxing, recovering from your long Tours;
You've been, it's true, you're tired too.
Just don't count the days or countries; You sin!
It makes the people feel so much less and then,
it becomes surreal and that's not cool.

Would you like to just be a ticket or deal?

Magic happens, maybe it won't be you.
Just maybe, it will be another you see?
You cannot say that, people don't sway,
at what I've written to you each day.

So, take your time, it seems your way.

But .... save you from what might be true,
you're just too scared to know.
That in "Adventure" you find what's new!

Don't worry Sir, You are just fine.
I'm sure you'll find and "Fuck" your kind.
Make sure your eyes are open so,
that you'll be alive and "Whoa."
Not in a fantasy inside your mind of sexual, blow?

The truth is bitter!
Never goes down as sweet.
But, "Death Courts" real,
to me, at least.

So, in defense, of never me.
I'll send my record in advance you see,
 of your date with them: Announce,
"Your failure and/or your lack of try,"
of any interest from this guy.

Anubis, Iris and RA will be,
just a few, that represents Me.

The Demons, the Spirits and Satan,
I'm sure.
Will receive you, "Dear Sir."

You sing of this, in Time, in Space.
Did you know I have a face?
Now you are aware of my scars;
I too; "Write!"
 dear Lord,
by no mistake, you're made.

Not so stealth, but Honesty wins out.
So, ever so loudly, I do so tout,
"To a sensitive Man," he's about.

Alright! I do, admit my guilt!
A "Twin Soul" haunts my very self.
So, I do listen to early songs,
but after that, I do what's wrong.
I ignore and push away,
the very man I should pull my way.

I only do what is correct,
'cause odds are that my Heart will break.
By ignoring and not coming to see,
what is this Magnetic Force to thee.
It is I: He'll never ask himself.

Protecting me from uncertainty.
I hold the Flame, a Candle, well.
Of Hope, I do to see me through, this time, it's weird,
"What to do?"
I just don't know?
"Do you?"

They say we are only suffering from,
"The Seven Degrees of Separation"
anyone on this Earth?

I know I've seen this man before.
I know a "Twin Soul" he is to me, a Sword.
So, words of Wisdom; "Words!" I plea,
"Cut me out! and leave me be!"

Don't pass so close to my life.
Don't tempt me, my children, I love,
and we, as family, deserve what's nice.
I've had the worst life, "A Thing" could have
(referred to since my birth)
but, a best life is my balance: A Stab.

A shot at what would be so cool,
from "Worst to Best" with only too.
The moment it takes to say, "I do."

So, whether it's you or someone else,
I wrote the truth, I was not stealth.
But; Silence will come one day, so soon,
'cause, a book I want to do.
Write, it's true!
"Death Court"
a message from my youth, "It's due!"

Just like you, I'll never be.
I won't be late for this date:
Instead I'll speak and be what's neat,
Myself, my story is what I like,
I keep it real, based on life.