Saturday, May 4, 2013

In The Forest I Can Still See, Believe And Know

I will not 'Spook,'
I want to 'Show,'
to heal and to be whole.

The Truth of Circumstance,
can be a Wild Romance with Ones Life,
I embrace myself to know,
Reason delivers Peace!!

I search my Mind to find,
a relief in the challenge,
to Do, to Produce, to See,
this nightmare will not become me,
but benefit my Destiny.

The Impossible is the Possible,
waiting to Happen.

I hold my thought in this Idea,
I don't want to only survive my situation,
I would like to Thrive in my life,
be an example!!

Too Try

To embrace life as it has been presented,
allows me to decide before I die,
to be Conscious,
to make a Choice to Chose,
to not just be Alive but hug this Life.

The Wonder of Ability,
is to say;

"We are Able!!"

In times when or where Trouble befriends our Lives,
I find my gain is learning,
how I would like to be,
by seeing what I don't want to be.

Knowledge is an Intellectual dream,
I stream.

I love to listen to the Inner Me,
it makes it so the Words that you Speak,
I can hear, I can contemplate your Idea,
so that your thought remains unique,
beautiful and enlightening.

An Independent Thinker,
questions with the answers as they go!!

I enjoy the Idea,
that there is a road,
a journey to embark upon,
a quest to experience,
a mission to complete.

On this or in the Midst-of,
some are on a dirt path,
some have paved this road,
concreted as they go,
some have been broken down,
into rubble or the dust below.

Either Way we build a Foundation,
a sort of Girth for our self,
a path that becomes or can become,
our Strength, our Love, our Wisdom, our Joy, our Peace,
to Know, too Continue.

I Row

My motor is within me,
my thoughts are not a sin,
I know I have been before,
I am confident I will be again.

I See, I Can, I Am,
learning how to attain my goal,
to be free of the strife surrounding my life.

We all begin Somewhere, Somehow, Someplace

Life seems a Maze,
more often than not,
I feel dazed by the pace,
it seems a race.

I wait and patiently say,
it is an adventure,
on any Given Day the random event,
introduces sent,
there are many roads to roam.

You are Amazing should you chose to be,
you are unique to me,
your thoughts inspire my imaginative dream,
your originality is sublime.

I believe in everything,
I believe we are not a mistake,
I believe we are not here to take but to give,
to receive an education on how to Live,
with ourselves, with one another.

The Mystery of "I've been,"
a past life surely cannot be a sin,
to speak of memories,
I think it's neat!!

It is as if 'We' are our own personal 'Keep,'
a structure providing the design of more than a store,
but a reason to be,
a Value, a Measure, a Wealth, a Strength to Humanity,
we can heal, we can become well, we can be an asset,
not a bill.

A way to say that we will be again,
because we have been,
the song of incarnations,
sings to me.

I Continue,
how 'bout You?