Sunday, May 22, 2016

What are in Hour,
instructions or the Core of where in the Whirled did the Whale stone green,
at the basis of the shipping news to the V it Tram soar,
an eagle forth the flight as this Planet not wants but a post.stir board for the direct chins Rook!!

Chess to King champ.pea.yawn,
a dip on the brig to the drip,
nigh horror as memory,
to the bee's??,
is the stip.??,
a Mind of Thought to the decade of the chore or the left??

Back to this Country on the extra heave,
for in the 1960's San Francisco was a dive,
in that Haight on the Ashbury apropos,
namely the process of love EAN the drug More??,
sure it was as the aye land to Continent on the Now 4th of July Shirt,
sleeve to the Age Group and whom Warred in the V it Kong gots a Glupe,
as to the Dali Lama and turn about found dip shins,
kick the dirt and ABZ to XYZ Ka.

Vein in the bust on the Chess Boring row,
plants and process to the parades of the bike,
sigh coal the turnip and quarry to skeet,
skip the tolls and go to the range of stars on the level and gate for the door`d.

Measure to the kind sign of piece at the Hooves,
as all know the eh mount as the dismiss to sars,
than the E! sung a bit trip journal,
masque at that is the Tune of just get a came.

Visa off to Pass.port.Toll as the said is big be framers hammer to nail on the shun,
making problems with the rule of skulls to avid reined,
id'd in license to from that is proof of plates,
a bowl in the China Shops but David Bowie Pops!!

Right off that is the Sign,
a microphone of Tick Tick Tick is Sixty Minutes Sill,
active on that spelling as only Won on Man a Kin,
plass.Teak to what is truer than this Planets dirt of side!!!

Like Wheels While Nap.Ping 'Cause Every.Body Has To Do The Big Ba Ga Loo!!!!

I had the coolest dream the other sleep,
deep in the conversation brought such fantastic learn on the Plateau of the Playa Peep Pole,
as grain to Oath that dreams Mint,
I coined the tale ot the write on a slow.

In the burst or the Bust of I just before the big sky View,
I had been in another World on discussion of explaination of the word Cell to phone,
as that was the compass of learning to speak the quest chin,
the best of show as six dark throws to down below.

In the swim through the streaming pebbles rocks and quicks sand,
I spoke to the surrounding large and moving sound,
you are the most unfriendly dirt and smothering sleep pea sneakers of waving round,
just than I said I can't breathe and as quick to that snail I said what is breathing to the vocal bound,
at that moment I in this dreaming state_meant of what is a done,
I said is breathing important??,
at that next speak I said of wow look its a what hold on I .. . . .. ..

look its the Playa Plateau!!,
excitement filled my flight,
down in switch the language suit,
up towards what was in the behind,
I yelped a stunner to that twinkle in the Wind,
hello playa people how are you oh wait there look its ground!!

What one other ranch on the Range,
still speaking to that beacon in the gauge,
how do you land I forget is that important,
so I did the next portion saying hey land how do .. . . . . .. ... . .??

!!..just than that big ole lo from where I winced,
came to swoop my body tent,
waking from my magical dream,
I stood to sip and coffee theme!!

Out on the laughter I thought to Self wondering laundry like body fed,
in that brink of locked_up??
not I, I took to acer & my known chromebook update now on my laptop computer and. . .
 wrote the Lot to sleeve the truth as possibly in possible??

Low and behold an Ancient Tribe with the Answer on the fined,
drilling nothing noting stock,
the trough of what a dream in put!!!

The great fantastic of last evenings dream woke my write to writ in scene,
for to wake and width spelling,
I wrote out what is amaze to Zing.

Anamoon & Anatune,
thought to Disc. Kits and strided speak tried this spell to be a book,
Antun & Amoon,
at the drumming of the bit I did bet.tour??,
I found out that its a Niche!!
Atum & Amun!!

Is that cool that in a dream,
I flight the Wind to ground Land been,
loving life itself is Band,
looking on to for the lights of Stars on shifts that bring hugs to Scene,
is not Life Wonderful to Open Sing???

More Lead Safe Ford Makes A Plate With A License To Serving Matters And As My Raise Was Back In The Day The Decade Be Of Ready Deed To The Year 1965 And All That Bammed!!!

Such a wonderful summer deriving that breadth to the seat of Outdoor scene,
a lovely picnic on the beach,
shore to enjoy the sunshine and an ocean's roar,
looking forward to these days of cause bringing envelope to digging my toes in the sand.

Nero will do the fun on the clear,
sailing across to conversation with birds,
loving the fact that his patience is hymn,
ad a bit of lyrics as the found is on a band.

Instrumental to the opera of the horse,
harnessed up that late news on the Preakness with a dip,
horses at the age of hearth detail,
named a get to say the life is be as the Wind on the days that the Great Salty Brine speaks,
luxury of simplicity the surfers on their wave,
I look towards those plays that dolphins land,
for just on the pass shoe years of streaming time to hand,
the brakes brought added editionals to article my prose.

Now on this World that skills for only Channel.lean,
I choose to be of the Nature that does not to enter Fram,
in length of experience on the foots deal with what has boomed,
this season in the sun will prove to be a cosmos too!!!

The car show touching Mechanics understanding as comprehension engine,
good stock to undergear shifting with a spin,
set_at_zero my tag name lingo off the sleeve,
no longer labeled from the People for dial or design of play doe's spend.

Philosophy a Canyon off the Mountain upside down,
feathers of that river to the clouds in sky of brought,
each storm that sings to show.when this planet justs a sleep,
it will prove to ole main sip that Odin is a stun!!

The Viking did the Shipping New to every Continent,
land and sea the echo be of location on a lived??,
cause Vikings are now Folklore Mythology at less,
and Egyptians are the broken rocks that Saudi's us to bend their Word beat to you're be cleat the footwork of a spanned,
yet as the Sphinx would state to Knows a facial is the oop's,
nigh the hour of spinal sip computation bread and fished!!!

Marijuana on the pot for society and ever lapped,
schedule call lure's for the sheep Ba Ba breast of Turk in Puppets on that seeping butters miled,
inch by thread to zigzag Goods rolling joints just like a pud,
jello wriggles and that just blunt,
pigeon hold and cricket paved.
for on the British Public School not many know the private spool,
it is all what will not do for people look and mirror the Tool of staff in Anchor and land on Panned.