Saturday, September 6, 2014

Land Ding

Type on the Read is creative design flowing with worth the buckle of rein,
in direction of center the Words find their name as the simple it seams to take on a frame,
in the long of the ribbon the clip goes to crop on Post of the nature an Original spot,
dot in the time with Prose to the Spine an Organ thats playing true Harp in a Sign.

Burden of proof does put to the text an ever in lasting the breath of the Chest,
to be of a Body that speaks on the desk it is ink that does write to the key digit strike,
challenge the hem and the trim does the guest speaking with find done to the time,
the hands of the clock in Society prime asking the Numbers to dial on Stein.

Questions that Fall in a Season of ball bouncing the Production to Tusk of the hug,
a groove in the Stem ankle the mind thinking is being the Tribe of a Shrine,
trains that the Person rode on the line in rite of a Steel the elements sky,
lit by the taste of Cup at a climb thirst is the Scene too direction of Guide.

Maps that chart farther look to the date slowly the Count is drawing a gate,
in stones that the grave have Markers with claim Reading the left is showing the Same,
done in the Blind with a World at find docking will show the Fleet of a Fine,
these notes that have put to place for remind a Memory of passing the day of a Sign.

While television is showing a Temple of Fear addictive the cell phone becomes like a Mirror,
past present in Future I know that Planes fly enter dimension of Zipped by the spy,
evolving with flavor to close the Fact door takes trait that will prove to be the good rate,
all in the deal of Cards on the deck shuffle the Gamble the scare is a wreck.

Seems touch emotions that trade on the Swing one to the Other in Tweeting the spring,
no Charge to the Sense that works on the Brain I stop the abuse by ceasing the stain,
eye put to paper the Shades of the rain and glasses that make a better in Train,
for with each a nail the abbreviated lane looks like the Product of language on Vain.

The Pen & Feather

Towards rhythm Beet difference the Cucumber start,
that my Grandparents loved their garden,
tomatoes that grew just for me as a clue,
that the time was ready for Visit I moved.

The call on the phone came with charming on Voice,
the real in deal was the found on the Vice,
the treasure of knowing that record of A tug,
I did reply while excitement was choice.

Design the Start with a partition for Guard,
in this the Thought is to Gate off the Stop,
as rabbits and deer love nibbling treats,
so do People as the plunder the Keep.

The guide to good growth is aware of the Snail,
by path of the Stone the plow of the shown,
down with the Hoe to break up the dirt,
rake the clods to smooth on the turf.

Row with the fact that drains are a need,
so as you do Water or the rain pours for feed,
the Pool of the stem will soak up the breathe,
not drown in the puddle that covers the read.

Brake Pads

Timber on a lumber in this sleeping Feat touch trades,
upon the Tale of the story speak a simple trust Complete,
the mic of Understanding does comprehend the Flow,
to Ask the time of a Rail in Ages on the Know,
in thus Quest on life at Best a Temper in the lot,
parking aspen on a glide to Astro found of Wrought,
in the knot of spoken a Tongue will often shy thru buck,
 for as the Object token the gamble is the Cry.

In the pour of Tier state stacks that shape the freight atop the Scale on the Night,
in privacy the Toot will hold to be the bell,
an Alarm at Sundown the dark can See,
in shields that do last the Spoke on the Wheel Time,
a perfect place is at 'The Ore' in Bind,
ankle on the bend is heels down to Prime,
a Landscape of the Ticket from door address Cell Vine.

Brush the paints a Mural frames that Speech of silent Picture,
like a Movie on the hitch a Trailer to the Feature,
brought with message on the Title streaming in the body,
Kind a type to hand of Sign that clasp of linking Line,
yield bales Crops to field on the stop in such,
the Avenue did show a Number like the Loo of Flush.

Rouge in blush the color dust to teach the remind,
that what is Said behind closed Shores is guiding to the Guild,
a ladder on the side of spill is put to stand the bill,
now to the point of Entry the Sake will often 'til.

Ride in saddle or bare the back of a Creature on the Tack 'cause leather is the Hide,
whipping words that Sentence herd a strong in stepping Track,
gates of Wonder in the Mind will still be on the run of rhyme,
these things that start will Catch the Pine and sway the Wind to Shine.

Sun in burst of Fire first a Planet on the breast of Nurse the simple of Carriage,
with Nature as the Temper sprite the Oxygen is bubble right with Shape,
in the shadows of the Feet an echo at the Tune,
sheets that cover are Quilts to warn that Stitch is in the Corn.

Width the century to Solar System the Order of the Crane,
length of leg to Wings on day the rider in a Storm of gave,
far beneath the ever green is dirt that Core of Scene,
thrush will Fern to arch the turn as Cleats do cog the Shoe`d Horse Law.



As the Brook often streams to the Pour of the rain,
versing the sentence as a Stanza in prose,
speaking on the matter at hand in the Mind,
is the true to vein in action as the bridge to Pine.

In circumstantial variety the Order of the say,
is on the Toast of a thought via each a Phrase,
as stick is to Carrot and cabbage in the Hare,
the swing of the Lull is by the Way form trim.

Produce in a garden is healthy to the Row,
in aspect of the Water the fountain chose to grow,
stemming from the Origin of the seed on Source,
moving in with Sunshine the speech is Sum of Course.

The quantity in presence as a well tended patch,
to know is horses do love Vegetables much to all the fact,
to bucket and the handle feeding on the ridden track,
the best of stall that beds is often said to Show.

A Nickel

Order the system the laws of the stream,
on Mountain of sprawling the hi is a steam,
growth in the Explosive the volcanic lands molt,
a rock in the state or Butterfly in fate.

These lessen the caught in the middle of sound,
Aspen is guide to the freedom of found,
ocean that over to lakes making Town,
 start at the chart of the Lanes that prove heart.

On Islands in pleasure that built by design,
the Waldo of finding the green often grinds,
shells that make buttons on the Vest of the cup,
take Voice to the Concert of shirt in the Tug.

Certain to be know special on Keen,
the aptitude spells the staple at read,
for in the Hut of education on bring I in turn,
to take stock in the learning as extreme boarding Skied.

Dawn tells of rising the Sun lights a speak,
while Silence is thinking the Every in deed,
breathing or waking or Positive to being,
in the whisper the Universe reads as a beam!!

Loving the Calm inking Sprite bubbles,
that airwaves are Able in Site,
grateful at basic the Communication is tight,
a curtain in lifting the Cable of life.

Ton Tied

Ask the Reed for the blade of Blast than in the a Peel the garden is Fast,
unique are the Minds that walk on stuck Pads,
caged by the production of more in the lapped,
the drink of the worth is feed on the work,
to Create a measure that speaks on dust Treasured,
these are the Walls of Time that have Brushed,
combing the Tangle that explains on the Corn.

Rows that have Planted to search for the Born,
look to a System that Creation brought Form,
just in a Minute of laughter at door,
the squirrel in running like Wind on the score,
truth brought from Nature is Charging at lawn,
rest in the Piece for the Fossil is Prawn,
strike a New Chord sew in did the Pour.

Pitch is the Tune a whistle on Wind,
write for the Choice of the tender thats' Pen,
should the Scene be of trudge than Move to the nudge,
call click the dial sip & Wire to fudge,
ask Thought for the lumber as stick to the Fire,
bricks that shop Stone are limber to Climb,
broth the attentive to the Comfort of Pine.

Suggestion as question to method of bring,
makes Sense to the driven by Ways of a Theme,
stop bets at Vine to know the grape Wine,
treating the growth with building a sign,
letters to Place the bird on a sleep,
fluffs up the Feathers to snuggle the beak,
while eyes are Still blinking this Settles a Creek.


Time in Omega is Alpha Begin ink in the Planet of bursting at Hem,
trouble of the Age in Rain.

Pouring a Fountain is concrete in the State as Statute of penny,
the Coin on the Page,
palm of the Tree in an Oil on tick,
clocks that prove Task in the Feat of a Stick.

Trade with the Venue the crowd is a Flick,
plate in the Wrinkle a brow on the kick,
push as the Polar of bears that scene Moved,
the melting of Changers to the money of theme,
have Banked on the Steam that Tidal of deem.

Rail the Stone with body Henge loan,
volley the racket to Cell in as the Phone!!

Be 'Cause' of the World at dusk on the Turn,
shells that did bring will burl like a Ring,
fires on the Beach of any at Point,
lift the Wood to Speak to Warn of the Fleet.

Like crackling Flames that jump in the Breathes,
different than Flowers closing to Key,
a sort of file in Elements Proof of the Pile.

Branch the leg touch Thigh to a need,
for in the Stump a crutch is a bead,
watch ask the Clock is the Temperature clean,
no said the Sun for the timber is Ream.

Tank in the pass at the Tunnel of clap,
wheels that tread on the desolate path,
rodes in the Spring go Year around sing,
the Purpose of Wisdom is blocking the Fling.


In Read Owl It Deed

Score the Watch of long, long, long A' go,
upon the Wall of Scene the Crew of Vikings in the shoe,
the sail a Mast that blew to the Fight,
a War on the Vice I still from touch light.

Anchor to Vision as I know the type,
that walks on this Earth in May of upright,
the sing of song on a perfect in wrong,
that Fire in the flame a steel on the Plane.

In Just of the Crib for in Ever of day,
thus Creation did Rise on the A.M. of stride,
strobe in the Ray as the Sun on a Stay,
pulled address Sphere landed on Here to the fault of Mr. Trunk.

Not the elephant with purpose for that was Flight,
across the dimension that sparks are all Rite,
in the Elemental of speech on the Fix candle,
that with Wax oh gosh the adverb back.

To short of the curt on the Talk of the book,
a reason from Check is the Coat on a said,
mention the Goose or a swan to Ballet play,
an Opera the sonnet is Cane.

The walrus of beach on the Belly in breathe now,
Tours the empty on blank it's a Steed,
elevation Higher that lower could bring fork,
in the Static the Fast is a string.

Kites that bungalow tie Hammock with palm,
flip the Coin grab a join the Color of lab,
soak in the Bathe of boxing day starch,
take a Term with the Haul a day Brunch!!

Eve in the Dawn ear to the grate sand born to bug,
the grit Note to spake,
know said the burst on the Calendar year from the Top,
of bottom a Rambling in Tier!!

Touch stone the Table as remember the Smoke filling Chains,
at the forge of the grope,
factor with Theme than Creed has the Vote jump a phew,
Liners the boat is a Soap`d. 

Relative Age`d

Pull Land Sat

My Grandmother taught me on the watch a Stitch in time Saves nine in the Sock of darn,
as the stream on the Means is in the age of Arch in feet touch the walk on Primordial leak,
form in the cause to Twenty-Two address my Mother chose for groove too Breathe,
in said of duck to jump the Fence at a specific lean in Mint to Peek the back of Door`s in Hinge,
thus the Carolands come to Mind in the binder of the Prime as booked to Proper Ream.

Sense to Mail as the letter on the born to ever steady next on street across from deed,
the House of 666 in Keep,
as the pass of stare and path I troubled much to speaking Fudge,
these Talls that spoke of balls the Bounce to up in born an Edge to ledgings,
put worth to flip for in the Coin it's 999 the Head of set at the ridge of a Thousand Seat.

Trust no shock as Eclectics rock to the trim of Millennial spot,
dress the clause with brand of Law taught by basic Bottle stop,
pop the Canister idea of wrap is the Foil on the Tap,
rims to Protection for fresh is kept on & at the found of Text,
sent to File on the while asked a favor got a Taker now the munch is Crop.

Bat a Zip with the whip a Saddle on the girth of grip,
calves that squeeze to Impulsion freeze moves the Horse with such great ease,
kick a spur the Spoon is herd dusk train Eyes to search disc. Guise,
simple lessons from the start that Games became the Teeth in part,
ask`d my Grandfather on the lark with my look the broth of Cart.

Oak that picture with the Photo of the stand in On the plan,
rocks with lizards running Tan makes the branch a deal hand,
sweep the Drive as brooms are ride know the Park it swings to shark,
down the Hill for fun the drink yet on return remember the Think,
all in the Days of Trout on reel bait the Pond and hook is lawn.

The Porch 

Bottle Brush Nose Twitch

Post Ore travel scene the sky towards moon in dye 'At Large' of brine a Set perk in the Filter,
beams that bread the Ash to plume tusk real to the Pole of swing in the lull a bright,
sight the flares in open Rake the sweep to Spelling tribe of Stake a double Tongue in slate,
the Room of cracked in eggshell rack`d the bring upon the Cry!!

The World is tusking on the soak to trade the Elephant of the Moat in more`d,
hist' in truck loads too the barb a Wire on the reaming,
held in Hand the Organ plan the House of Pipes in Tattoo`d land the Ink stew,
raise the Ball be a sheet that tongue of Prelude hear the Freight.

Carts of numbers in the laid no refuge came in Stain,
the shower of the hose on mouth a Product of the line,
marching Orders to the Frame toll`d the plunder Sign,
cribbed the wood by Horse in should to wrap the Temper vein.

Satellites up in the scribe the Role of thank gave me a spine,
the back of Bone to shout a Tone that base of skill in Write,
allowance of the digit phone is in Identical on the comb,
turtle Hell that can still stirred on the Raft of Herd.

Push to Squirrel score the Nut out in the tree of hopping loud,
never in the seen at spend as Year of Mount is New to Blast!!

Stopper halt the X of flight thus Word of Ill in read puke,
bucket dirt to red mud dirt that Face of which is Clad,
in style of the Past a psaltery in the Hymnal clasp on Door Way`d,
shall the Torn address in Sound be the Echo of the Down,
than in this describe of list check the Vice evolved with Price of bends.

The bite of sure to back Revert the Cause of Affect in shirt rings Striped,
orange in Nature cliff in stump Creeks that flow are Rainbows sent to brass,
basis of the Social Fence must comes logic on the Rinsed purse sync desk,
scortch the plimp with Wicker flint the Match will math a Scent.

Whale A Bout Elephant Yards

Arm done Nation as Collect the ration of the plain in Sight,
a bumper in the Sky,
down the Fell on door of Sound to bang the brig just sank,
in Place a Pit in group,
stares id silent on,
the grasp,
the Live in Stream on the Tooth dumps that clay,
billows of the chimney choke to no in Pail as the Cope the Chance in Burrow locked at Channel.

Fleet ask`d Carve the kindle Floats like ships that grain to bomb,
a Scope in Sub. land,
base the message on the Rub inks of Tubbed,
are suds in scrub,
time Tales storm the gas in Form that Nigh is on the ladder,
Corn a Cal last,
shock the Whore for on the floor I've been in tribes that Fan that Sport.

Not thine Degree of Governed knee the pleat by difference in the Keep,
but Warm are Hots that will speak Trots to Loo the pull Chain hangs a spot,
why`d the question on the blink to Eyes that Center over skeet damage Creek`ds,
lead bye Example heat boil Pot fly the Zipper Operator Shot to trigger Knot.

Blasting barrow in the Cannon too the Balls that found the Hop a hare,
rabbit foot to bubble Rust an Airstream on the R.V. dust,
in Scene of Trip to very R.I.P 'The Learn' in Orb of Able launch,
the sight of sugar Canes on bright a Cause that spilled the cream of dyke.

Tum Nails

Hist' Stirs Torque Leans

Dry Tank drove once on Land to the see of Equal span the Product of get Tar,
chisel on the Wall of sand that drives the Ever in the Bar,
dune at rise from Wind deed wise truck Mountains at the Storm,
water type thee Ancient Rite a Owl on Eve of Thorn!!

Brine to patch the kick of Thatch a roof inks Ceiling much to Catch,
brisk is the Chill on Sea as the Wave goes Rogue in breeze`d,
maps the Chart an At last start the bridge of Crest in speak,
awe Tick the time in Moore of Hump to camel on the Trunk!!

Lead lines that chaff staff Rose in park at gear to set,
in Door Sill lend the ample Flinch ask the Port of Wine.

Score`d at banks that held the Rank of muster in the Blind,
port a Bello at the Crisp the Ink of Flint on skip the disc.,
prevent to the big bowl Blue tartan goes the Chute,
in broads of bent on Hinge of sent in the Size of Aches to When.

Treasure Hunt as carriage Front the Curb on sort Yeast,
add the Flower of the bud than stem the groat to Wheat,
fertilize those Wander Fie`d to Tunnel of the jug,
tip the Nib as billow Flumes dew`s in Ash glue Rod.

Plug the fudge with Charcoal lite grab the graham Cracker,
stick the Marshmallow over Fire Watch the catch or Air,
to the Finish of the bite a Camp the lake in dance`d,
think Wall to sand which binder Hand squeeze the Mid sure paste.

A Coining

Anchor Ons

Harrow the Gore think on the Floor of Masking the Tape in the Credit of Core,
concert the Heard as done in be form trait of the Leg on the Plains of the Bore,
tusk the flesh as the Horn broke to bone no question for the Hunt came on the Form,
rifles that scope through Ages in Rope the seal of Wax at the broth crams of FACT.

Truss to the sky true rafters Clouds eye down to the lower in climbing a tribe,
fog is the Mystery that holds Smart to the Nest,
sailed a Name touch on the Vest,
the Moon in the Best of the Red Courters Crest!!

Ax Skull`d dictionary put Mind in birth Chest,
pan Door a Sign in the Has placed a shrine,
the Genesis of Observation moves with the Kind,
that Set of Signals deed to shore Chime.

The Hollering Ear`d

A Soap Leaves

My Mother loves Fig Newtons the sandwich of the Language trade in Commons,
as biscuit is to Race the counter link in Stride a sync of Reason in the Drum,
cookies place on Time the Space in dime mention of a crave`d Taste,
steam the Pot a kettle Crop the Whistle Vault of Pro frames in Based.

Sticky fill the the Fold of Paste shall the skull be wriggles,
name the product with a Play take a Seat of Row,
in the been a boat display How the why`d did grow the stol,
in May of object to sit the deck a ribbon on the deal Beck.

Circa Hi to stand in Snack bite the tip and Swallow,
ask the Throat of the latch did you Mark the bellow,
tongue of lace in split bye Case the Tree of new Bough,
route is Own the feet at On the trust is bones of Loud.

Scale @ton the be Neat fun a stream of rafter floats,
limb the built by Design bring Can New wrap be Hind,
the strength support has Cotton`d port the Wine`A`cork,
bubble of the Oxy Short read Mains to in deed Fort.

Baluster arm that Ivory charm to note the Must ink Ripe,
in for Muster like a duster feathers are for Cleaning,
to wipe a Way at Tray the pulse no Heart sole in Brushed,
painting Oil shook the Palm in the power of the Nut.

A Corners Restore`d 

Braid A Band

One lock Cage in Un~done Ki`Is the balance of the Ream`ing,
brought bye Task to be the Fast as Torch is in the Flame not Patch.

Quilts that stitch thee Broad of Fill`t have a stick from the Sill,
window Eye in Sphinx of Pi bring the Ripple`ing spore date!!

Turkey drip the Comb of Stake as the driven bark the Cape,
room fart lucks the Arm Pits place true to brow of E*trait`d.

Skim that milk the Wine of rake a ball in Grape of thrush,
barrel @Crate perfect Shake or rather Stead of Mush!!

Glide min Ore hand as the clock of Copper talks,
frog to Hoove the horse of groove in Uni Form`d a Clash of Tight Ins'!!

Wriggle with the work On Crust clams too Echo on the bust,
clasp Art tis'd the close on Leg heels down store Stirrup Sound!!

Girth of buckle on the Rain shadow of the pores Loc. vein,
tube in under Ground of Came Sot is noun of Proper Name`d.

Out turn Realms that throw from Sheet Page is shirt of Stallings,
barns Produce a Stable root streak the Map to Route of Stoops.

Bear in block the Peer a Mid shock 'Cause the burl Frocked,
skirts that Hem Means trade in Crock molded by the Fire Spock.

V Fingers on the Head is wait Just in be Form of Issue lead,
aim is Britannica in Cycle Pea deep Upped the reel fine`d Spinner.

History tuck to rough the Cup drinking loud on lap Top Crowd,
push Over gent. at pay gone Sent all Abe oles Cinch Aeon.

Frost Ern Pike

Meat Art Ore

A new letter in literal form is the Thigh of walking corn at the foot of Pet,
in see strike a Formal kite that strings the struck to write the Might,
on Snore.

As the breaking Wave does crush the sands of Time in Lush`d,
slurp is Froth out a scout atop the Crest a bare foot Skate,
a Core`d!!

Ages mounted on Atlas tribe guiding whelp to dig a Find,
ink the Map upon the Mind that shoulder of the back,
a Door.

Present too show as Pen of glow the Fire of a torque,
shoe in screw of Cog at brain the put is Junk goop glue,
chew Cud.

Swallow term the bird on Addressed a stipulation of a Vest,
hard would Counter at the Scene of the Crimson Tied,
knot It culled.

Scarp got crutch Storm in gut the Twist is belly role`d,
flour bake with butter Sake than poof the dragon Pace,
sure Vent.

Name the short as Pants read cork a lumber in Tattoo,
designs are starch that brick to Cart true harness of the stew,
purr Fates.

Desk of tween in bough of grain Watch the curl Sphere,
lakes to stock as real Thought the able of the staff a lot,
curt Aim.

Strike the lightening bot the Ping bottom of the gong,
know Shield proper Train of Rome robe`d cloaks,
pert Puck.

Lips I.C. brought by tree Nails that sank Hammer En,
grade the rink as Ice is Breadth stark are Frames keep,
Crane A On!!

Ump Qua Shin

Uber Awes'

Brake the shine to speak the Thigh at the rip of read inside,
the flesh talk bone as the brim of a screw in happened true,
certain to the stand of Man ask the Question spank the plan,
burrow grope the Flounder class Net the phish a Cob based.

Ride the Fuck times of stuck in the Structure thunder buck,
creation shot the Arch of thought right to left called it Walk!!

Put that Crib by the taught sponge the start stitch it dark,
born to breeze with ample leads chord those`d phlegm,
at the cough of Real chalk on the Outline of the crock,
molded crumb to stool Munch thumb I'd be A Nu.

Look to watch the Ankle lock,
spoke in spot the Fire of clot,
get the Farm of Berkeley Yarn,
the bucket of a Nurses darn.

Owe the back bread the powder`d Cloth,
rise in See as read is broth,
make a seen at the cost,
branch the shoe like a Due.



Short the task to tight the verse a Tusk of gator sting Ray work,
in dawn of ream the held in cell of hand an Application leans,
faster quicker the Mind says Halt too consider the run about,
circle ration Artist fly ankle bending saddle Shell 'The Key' of chowder Clank.

Walk to Whippers the crack is food drawn at lip to Swallow hole,
dark in sat behind the door bye remote Voice is shoal,
no longer leather binding book steam is at the finger tipped,
swipe the punch drank in Mix blended stick is brains pic. boil.

Term revolves the speed of light blushes with a red Ton bright,
sea speaks green the drill of Snore sleepers shocking @bite,
cost cramp Screen liquid cream Partners brook at serious Dam,
brick but Cube separation at drudge View minimal dug Shallows loo.

What said Normal rest spoke dew grave held Post trait character proof,
last Work lone not mint in Stone etch be Shade that Think route laid,
Oaks or Teak or would thy bare throw arms to sides instead of Marrow,
answer shed the lawn of bed laying elbow sight is Trade.

Energy found a turf on ground A seethe coming pursed by Mention,
use this Sign / thus divide each Cast of crest the As @tech designs,
in the dish of the Pause pockets wrong to Palms,
24 hrs in the crate no can't leap the clock keeps Heap.

Be race on the line of are talk Billboards of especially lock,
flip the which to Scape that twitch no paste needed it's the hitch,
sounding off at first to Rock rolling with the evening pull,
roof atop the Vein pumped muscle whilst protrusion Flocked.

Four  Mal da~Hide at Camp Fer 'Niques'

Know Hand Punt