Monday, September 7, 2015

A Palate At The Mouth Of A Fence

Darling days off the troubled Stare of Humans that crowd the gossip Cling,
to be of the Yawn with a teabags favor to Sleeve the dress as Skins depth on a plaster Mould,
in balance of that Afternoon while the dinner is The Brunch,
speak a simple language that is French with a gaelic Stone of ole hard spade!!

With that delicate teaspoons Table,
the sheep on the Cows of lawn,
pigeons throwing wings to the dial of a Hens hutch,
a cupboards Shoring to bread the Sand which is the Treasured Coo,
perk the back to thimble no Needle,
that thread of Silks spin that does Never!!

A tall spun batter The Butter leak Jam of thorns,
blackberries on the memory of Strawberry picking a state,
field the temper not the lane,
brisk Voice sing sitters Plight like the Apple on a stumpers Bite!!

Just as the chair of disagree approaches reach sight with The eyes of loaned,
shed the blink to cheek a quirk,
sweet taste of the fork release!!

Once the Knife jack at the Night petrol of a Hunt foxing hound,
the Knows is Scene to a cushions Pen,
window Box ribbons flours Skit,
a lamb Chops stint on greens Mint jelly!!

Coursing forward stream the Wave,
puppet finger to reply the raise,
in Wink appeal from your inner spell,
write a note inside your brain.

Hand of Writing chorus rings with Chipper lots and scheduled Creeper,
it is at the Art parking taught to breathe with dignified open bell,
but the casper fronts a Chimney just at that Moment physics lept,
awe Haw the house is stabbing Ran how is the boar now sleeping Livered??

The Organ groaned a low invite,
turning sheets respecting Cooked,
the Mixing bull in shop said Smile,
a crumpet on the Scones left trial.

Dew does not fret the Mountain plain or Valley stile,
in the sleep of watching grace,
nature did the show of gift,
a coat to warm the steam to lift,
at that stream the Creek said grits.

Lather Sweating A Chimneys Damper

The Morning earth on a Sound for day to brim that is An answer breeze in Sun on the Peek of horizon,
said to the Air with the flutter that only a sphere could show with the Rising letter,
the ground is of Love sewn tender shining,
on the Treat of Its marrow,
the Whisking Wink then a breathing Sung,
oh Moon be of the calendar tack,
I put to the shape a shadow for the Theme of what is a & Was a Day from The shades,
clover hugged.

Quest shimmering across the lease of the grade Ocean to lagoons & that Call to laid,
on the crash of Complete the Silence to read darling ink it dropped a speech,
an Hours Glass being a state of let Dawn laugh with the Voice of a deeds sky on the flights dusky rose!!

The undertow swam the growl of The Sack at the harbor on the Oceans back,
Tides on the rigor of change,
dust shaking basque in the sand dates framed,
Hark the Sea moved,
a glaciers method on the Now a daisies waned,
Coating the scale of a trim Room to tap the Universe while being a Spoon.

Jolly old deck to show A cater to Mankind in lowest grand of the Canyons signed,
each river gorged the seep of a still waters mark to row at the clasp of logs bunched on twisted slack,
the salt of what was the Spice swimming with the gamblers dice.
one for the Rummy two from the Set three on the take of Mother Natures let.

Evaporation's thirst be Strong,
a channels short taste of a distant Measure,
Mars product of dry Way sits,
mercury the rising hurdled the Tipped.

Hello!! hell owe that egg of the devils Punch,
picnic on the blankets crust so deeply inside of red clay on brick buy brick the Walls rust,
Human brains did fried Apricots,
prune wrote Fig and as trow`d Knots!!

Huge form no Lake could stand,
the death of Heat created land,
sucked as Vienna ran the Tow Sign jam,
an Antlers Season locked the Bows,
a simple Air Oh Head shored that whispered Time!!