Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild Life

Bumble, Fumble it is the be,
that stings the ewe in eye.

Bear fur inside most of lust,
a jury quail doth "I". 

Elk will stand, Lions pride
Zebra stripes air roar!!

Tall Giraffe with marks like that!!
A Stonehenge is not these!

A Bog in tale, can often Snail
the trail I do show Fear.

The Jaguar roped by design,
the claws of all, go Hear:

Elephants with wrinkle deep,
Crocodile shy.

Gnu will come inn
for a drink, the Hippo, He is high.

The Cat in fish, shovel down with fins
like shark like teeth!!

A Whale of, a sail,
Stinging Ray, appears.

A Hammerhead came and fled,
the Dolphin, Gorilla dead.

Orcas silent verse they sing?
White caps of Polar reign!!

Spiders bite, Black Widows scream,
Mosquitoes out at night.

Tigers saber tooth is long,
extinction may be clear.

Tasmania is closed to us
their Devils in top gear.

Turtles are our little bus,
the Hare is not on here.


Ph D

Hand four hand,
I'm handling
all this massive

Dungeons stung,
Warlocks won,
Witches held at school.

First and Second,
grade I like
I learned to count to three.

Third and Fourth,
I took a fork
turning four its true.

Fifth and Sixth,
picked up sticks
belt buckle beaten bound.

Sixth and Seventh,
I found some severence
in dutiful resign.

Eighth and Ninth,
I did pine
cruised threw this fist of mind.

Tenth Grade,
created very the shade
of course they still deny.

To Home, 
they did not educate
they found that I was five.

my college day
with bitterness I fly.

To Universal Ph.D
a scholar
doth come bye!!


Sweetly Vine

Iris blossoms, purple rich,
a creamy satin flair.

Blue bells sound, all around
doth this it is Belief.

Lily white with yellow tune,
long green stem doth hold.

Orchids pink and they stink
with natures fragrance line.

Daffodils either till,
the bulb is buried below.

Poppy's claim to be the dane,
that troubles you are full.

Chrysanthemums are often dumb,
a flower beauty bright.

Honeysuckle sweetly vine,
gracefulness tonite.



Particular mode should not go,
Red Sea is filled with me.

Minerals rich, they always bitch,
there is just not enough of me.

Robbing, raping, evaporating,
try ocean bed I bare.

Although I may originate
I rest but do not fair.

Essentially you see its me
the make-up in the store.

I often act, upon this tact,

My mud I spread upon my skin,
a deep lore I will be.

To often not! 

There's so much caught
so suspiciously,
I heal.



A sparkling of the green machine,
a dollar do I have.

My coinage is in my hand
and adage of a dream.

The diamond is a sharpening
to cut the natural gem.

No stone is left unturned
the cutting glass
is hear at last,
my ears ringing FEM.

Coughing, sputtering,
a shard of citrine.

A golden band
is playing,
in this very dark land.

The sunlight hit,
the diamond tip,
with laser like display.

Of nothing more,
than the sore,
sitting in adorn.

Shifting wit,
the card doth flip,
precision in the draw.

Digging deep,
inside the keep,
the dirt doth move away.

Caving sides,
of Gem time thighs
are mine so go a stray.


Seas of Gem

The paths of old,
will often fold,
like cards in a playing deck.

I cannot tell,
how deep the well,
when I do not see the depth.

My soul doth cry,
auld lang syne.

A New Year Eve didst miss.

Its just like this,
when you miss,
the times that cause the mist.

On cloud filled days,
the puff may stay,
the smokey calm display.

Its on the wake,
the ocean lake.

The waves doth roll me in,
a missing fish
with no fin
will swim the seas of gem!!


Troubled Bay


In the room of pitch dark sine.
I saw the one that did not dine,
deeper, darker, my mind did go 
down into all the stow!
Don't, No, Why, No, Let me OUT!
Dark Lords with eyes, so shout!!
Hooded men and robes did vail,
deepest, darkest, ugly prevail.
Sail on across, 
tie down the pail.
It's not the site, its just a snail
of decomposing body parts.
I think, I might, have seen
A La Carte dining.
It looked like my machine.
Think thrice, think nice, think not, 
at all.
Best defense is I'm not tall.
The walls are dark, thick, I squall.
I cannot stand with a drawl,
What! Whipper Snapper bled this place,
with nothing more than his sweet face.
So young, so smart and full of grace,
bow your head, so don't disgrace,
my mind sees horrors, darkest maul
I cannot make a single call.
I'm all alone,
 these troubled bays are never heard on many days.



Blood dripping from their hands
their arms were rather shrewd.
A blade, so sharp was like a dart
hit there hart straight threw.

A great big moan, its the phone
ringing on the line,
don't come, don't say, it's just "Hey"
inside this very dark room.

The floor was wet, I saw no sweat
just a heart pierced through.
This pumping organ.
Pumped until this pump began to see,
that all was lost,
above all cost,
the deal did not go through.

The ink was red, the paper skin,
my hands were held with leather shin.
The fountain poured,
the quill was wet,
the words were written
I was Inn.

My soul took flight
as the blood didst dry
upon the tin of the mountain inn
engraved with simple light
a multi-colored ass tonight



The basement of my mind in you,
would cause for you disdain.

Each and every word, 
there few are held in such a frame.

The tidy way that you clean-up would not scare off the new.

The Mark, the Box, the Metal Frame,
the rings that held someone I knew.

Your face would go from frame to frame,
as they puzzled through.

Distance so far from all the pain
made all of this so true.

I doth see death,
call him by name
a man I did not know.

The Cross was held, 
cup in hand, 
it looked like a brew.

The blazoned knife,
 would cut straight through,
 the darkened man I knew.

Stand straight,
 stand thin, 
you will not win,
 its time to give it in,
white skin of sin doth call you in to depths of grounds, 

You were not men,
just caught up in, 
a time of rural truth.

I'm sorry for the fix I'm in, 
I will remember you.


Oh, Dear

The smoke in each and every room.
Filled the lamp shade groove.
The pull chain hung from all the dung making pity few.
This piss ran down, the yellow hew, was more than most could do.
But all of this was left for bliss until they didst meet you. 

I saw the scour you doth brow, the dark, the envy, two.
A single man, dust run about the needles stabbing spear.
The drug of choice, drove most to joke, but you didst see me clear.
The reflection of the mirror, the liquid dripped with fear.
No gold trim, it was a rim, of ass holes and the rue.

I still see this, I still see that
the rudeness and the sneer.

Older men, without a den, would often do the Dance.
Put you into, a very deep, a dark and lurid trance.
Relax yourself, for sake they'll delve, deep into you past.
Searching for, every door, you used to bring you here.

Late or plate, I 'd rather choose the break I think it was sincere,
"Oh, Dear"


Good Girl

A bar of the darkest fare.
I felt the bondage in the air!

The dominating rule of thumb,
would make the best of them go dumb.

Sadistic arms held strength at bay,
a masochistic stay.

Paradise or was it play?
The ropes seemed to hang that way.

The shiny studs, the spurs and chains
dangled in my way.

The Bullwhip, it was blood red wet,
dripping on display,
often finding metal,
sometimes fades away.

The slanted tables, rings set free,
the Cross was on my back.

This was a total, absolute,
simple, point-of-fact.

Hands were cuffed, mouths were gagged,
silence the demand. 

Four each man, there was no band
just punishment and jeer.

I was so small, I used to crawl,
to try to get away from here.

So much to take, it's on my plate
and full I'm not at all.

A good girl knows win to sin
and when to "no" at "all".

The Elephant Walk

Truth in your mind,
like sands of Time
grating, grinding make them mine.

Stomping, Tromping,
don't be so loud.

You're stirring up such a cloud.

There are days, they say,
you're in the room.

Oh, coffee table make a dune.
Dry and Arid, Wind blows in blue.
Walking, talking, don't do.

You're large, you're white,
you're wise, you're light.

So much time I am uptight.
Did you know you're always right?

The carpet mass, in denseness bound,
the follicles are finely wound.

The trunk is set in lofty sail,
as wrinkles seem to prevail.

A mind in truth,
a foot in booth, the ringing is the contours
that follow all the lines.

The lamps, they shake at every wake,
the ivory discord.

The Elephant walk, is not just talk,
it is a simple chord.



Gratefulness is really strange,
sometimes it causes me to strain.
My mind will often start to drain
when all this stuff begins to stain.

Blotting, Spotting, Drip, Drip, Drop!!

I don't know its kind of hot.
The fact they go and grab the pot.
To turn and throw it is a lot.
I don't know, it's all kind of caught.

Blotting, Spotting, Drip, Drip, Drop!!

Did you know its just the top,
of all that stuff it just might Pop.
I don't like the knot, So, just plain STOP!
It's not the stuff that's at the top.

Blotting, Spotting, Drip, Drip, Drop.

It is the burn of all the rot.
The dump that has become Hop, Hop!
Get up, don't stop, it's not a lot,
to ask, assist, we'll get the mop.

Blotting, Spotting, Drip, Drip, Drop!!




Heroes come and go
sometimes they just say "Oh".
I really just don't know,
A Hero that does do snow.

Although this seems rather cold,
it may be part of their mold.
To wrap around and just not scold,
Heroes are rather old!!

Don't do too much when you're bold,
you might find this story told.
Don't really know, I just might fold,
my Hero has a cold.

As you go long, sing this song,
you will find it, not so long.
Don't worry 'bout, that pair of tongs,
they really are part of this song.

When your front door says "ding, dong",
stand back or reach way, way long.
'Cause really it's not so bad,
to go along and say sing, song.



Homage to my Glow.
Matches fire below.

Dry tinder gathers at my feet,
I do not feel any defeat.

Sparks fly around my Head,
my mind is still in bed.

I do not feel any dread,
cinders burn the air straight through,
setting up a whole new groove.

Wind blows the smoke, please, please,
don't choke.

The breath you smell is that of life.

The storm may rage!
The rain may pore!

The bolt of lightning may decline,
but thunder rumbles in this time.

So, be Steadfast,
don't hold back,
the site of impending Doom!

The gloomy days are here to say,
the clouds,
they need some room.

They must disperse because it hurts
to be so full of gloom.

The Thunder Heads are just ahead
and threaten them so soon.

The trees report,
the bushes broom,
the grass prepares the way.

A stair may be good for me along this feral way.

The downward spiral sees.

Don't freak out, I'm almost out 
of all my memories.




This fear will become the truth of me.
Consuming all that is left of me.
This life and part I hate of me.
Will make the way for the rest of me.

Hang on too fear its part of me.
It is the gear that charges me.
Get back this could be the start of me.
It was the part that charted me.

North, South, East, West, whats that to me?
I thought that it was free of me.
I look back now to know its not me.
But all the hate it still comes through me. 

Through fright of night I could loose me.
Though day won't stay it soothes me.
The light is bright and moves me.
I must be right to cruise me.

This fear inside begins to hide and will end up moving me.
Put truth aside and then you'll hide, it does not behoove me.
To live a life of total lies that ruin me.
Disguise the way I move my eyes and then you realize you have sited me.



Panicking for to long,
brings it on much to strong.
I try to say it's O.K.
I feel like such a slave.
I try to breathe in and out,
I find that I cannot shout.
My mind is screaming, "let me OUT!".
What is this all about?


Panicking I'm on the line,
bring it on, it's not a song.
I won't quit, I'm like a whip,
I feel the lip, I will not slip.
It's not the tip, it's just a nip,
the words will rip. LOOK! It's a tick.
It's gonna bit, that ain't right!


Panicking, would like to reign.
It's kind of like I'm staying sane.
I don't know its all a round,
curtailing me at each big mound.
Can you Sea, it's bugging me,
hold your breath, don't come up,
tonight's the nite, you won't give up.


Fishing what?



Tons and tons,
it's so much weight.

Pounds and pounds,
I cannot wait.

Foot by foot,
I almost took.

Inch by inch,
I feel the pinch.

Quart by quart,
I'm not a tort.

Cup by cup,
I threw up!

Step by step,
I've got some pep!!

Mile for mile,
I'm gonna smile.

Yard for yard,
I am a tard.

Stick by stick,
I'm not a trick.

Cent for cent,
I make sense.

Dollar for dollar,
I just got taller.

Lot for lot,
I did get topped.

Charge by charge,
they got large.

Card by card,
there's the lard.

Sum by sum,
I'm not dumb.


It was so much work,
to be a twirp,
it was your quirk,
that countered me.

You took your dirt,
you're such a jerk,
I could not flirt,
that balanced me.

It was on Turk,
I could not jerk,
It wasn't Durk
that made me.

You used to spurt,
you always lurk,
I cannot burp,
Get away from me.

I will not blurt,
I cannot shirk,
I was so kurt,
It's within me.