Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trig Mort Tin

Teak a Calendar, 
drunken Moon on earth the cusp of Cutlery,
setting done on dot too rock,
a tent with a Tog at slot,
the slip of silly on a laced-up got,
the jest Parks a butcher the discussion on Mechanics Cot.

Fuel to gas the Oil lamp a green Ur read in but & So,
Cooks prepare Chef,
pastry Counter the business Guest,
linkin' logs soaking Bog the weight of lung for gains be Crumb,
a roller dough in a Prime Roast for joe.

The smell of the Beanery a scent of which floats the Nose,
to Steak the day at breakfast bacon,
a sizzling fry to know dinner Type,
an egg in the Caesar of raw salads teaser,
to bind flavor with an apple added as cleaver.

The menu has a Restaurants Price,
the main course with the Condiments twice,
the Order of  'to-go' can have a drive-through to stick at slow,
the beauty of an evening life is the connection that growth enticed,
not the buy that bumps to die.