Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mask Of Marred


You have blinded,
Versed the Past,
found the Chapters missing,
the Books of what's existing.

Religions took removed,
the Bible lessened text,
trashed to sink the Hook.

The skewed,
a version translates,
beneficiary the financial remnant,
the dollar of the order,
creates a World Boarder.

The missing Stories furthered,
an understanding or a mortar,
to concrete what is trouble,
you've discounted,
created rubble.

The simple act destroyed,
a Road, a Path to Troy,
leaving hollowed horses,
to fill with more than choices.

As You've charged 'The Masses'
the Coins collected tract this,
made information distractions,
fattened as you've blasted.

The twisted words contracted,
the signature of Soul,
the Being you threatened with asked this,
the answer will exact it.

Forced or is it Accounted?,
as the money mounts,
paid for your forgiveness?,
the makings of the damned.

To have issued a Contracted dues,
the Tax of 10%,
no offering is required,
the words are merely rafted.

The read of biblical themed,
rewritten so man could deem,
you owe and won't receive,
the Centuries delivered Lead.

Finances grown to increase know throne,
for if the knowledge costs the buy,
the purchase is a loan.

To discount the Rent,
you've sewn yourselves to sent,
made attempts to pay-off sin,
you cannot buy repent!!

Accounts are full as Minds are dull,
'cause the answer requires means,
to access your personal scenes.

Some Do Equal Few

The battle of the War,
is an Open Door,
a Venue of Production,
to engage just wrath.

 disappointment ranks,
what is wrong is Rite,
increased correction identifies,
a Life exists to Fight!!

Religions do square-off,
the Company of 'All ready'
the Common-Ground is Rare,
the loss becomes the blaring.

Instead of an Acceptance,
the grace of no allowance,
convert becomes insistence,
the trumpet blows the gun.


Human Beings rejecting,
killed for less in More,
defiance is resistance,
the Holy are Abhorred.

You bow to Golden objects,
you kiss the feet of trend,
you worship crosses bearing,
a Man who's Hung in Done.

The standing of a Current,
the sight of what will come,
Speaks of what's Electric,
it still does equal Some.

Aggressing Troubles

Satan will Rise,
turning a way,
he will move to the side,
Death will Enter and Leave You.

The Entity which you chose to lead,
will speak with words,
to cause a view.

An Understanding,
surrounds this do.

Society's will fall to their knees,
just at the breadth of such a speech.

The mistaken worship will create destruction.

This 'Being' will engage nothing but a fight,
the riches that befall this chosen one,
not called,
will surpass the accumulated wealth of Time Complete.

The care expected will be dismissed as remiss,
as this chosen Human will scoff at your perceptions;
A Longing.

Your worship will be looked upon as Morally Corrupt,
but this person will allow it just to prove one thing,
your indecencies!!

Such an Act reveals Your stupidity.