Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Court Of Iron Maid Paved

Sea clamp muscled waves,
the shores of sanded shells,
the frothing curtain crest,
tops the mist a floating stick lumbers.

Pebbled rolls of vacant calls,
the brine of salt not taste,
communication tumbles pixeled reels,
movie forms of speed four beats.

Mountain swept valley depth,
the creek does know the stream,
a guarded running theme,
a film of every thing.

The rush of what before its done,
the balance tries to need,
not past measure present dues,
the valance is the horror.

Checkered mates in complicate,
the game of moused in prequel,
a listened view of this days proof,
a photo with a negative set,
within the brain of kept.

Mechanics clocked a purposed walk,
robotic types response,
grand in vast of lakes in rips,
snapshots of pictured clicks.

Compliant life a mirror of tilt,
the cracking clam of stinging wipes,
quick-sand missing so fast in plans,
smothering plastic bags of crumb.

The garbage canned in puts,
the duvet holds my knees,
bended fold in half of self,
I hold to grip of keyed.