Sunday, January 13, 2013

For Whom The Bell Tolls Became My Resolve

Before I lied to enter Sleep,
I was Taught,
this prayer did reap.

Upon my knees,
my hands Enlaced.

My Eyes held Hope,
as Creeps exist;

I did lisp:

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take"

In the Shadows,
of Darkest light,
I would sneak,
it was the time.

I did know,
hid in closet,
under bed,
forgot my pillow,
it was dread.

The chill I felt,
was more than cold,
fell asleep,
as Nights must be.

The Most Dangerous,
time for me,
no-one saved this Terror,
from deed.

....the Words of Prayer,
did remind,
that Lords Exist.

And, I Found,
hiding better,
to resist.

Protected I,
Know Call to Make,
it was lonely,
by "No Mistake."

Rest in Peace,
breathe will ease,
as attempts,
were made while sleep.

Tried so hard,
to silent,

Hide it's true,
to stay safe,
just get through.

Each Night of Fright,
I never cried,
for Fear doth keep,
these efforts nigh.

To shed away,
these memories find,
that in these Depths,
I "No" it's Foul.

To Reach-Out,
on empty,

In this Silence,
I did not pout,
as I hear,
"Creeps About"

In the Quiet,
in the Morn,
I'd forget,
I was so worn.

I'd go to try once more,
to do the things,
to not Hit the Floor.

All these Doors,
to Past,

The Pain of Disdain,
my memories drain,
it is such a stain.

Upon this Page,
I Right My Brain,
to understand,
my Plight, my Stand.

I'm Sworn Too Duty

Too Secrecy, Too this I Heal,
Heed these Notes,
of What was Done.

Searching, Finding,
Songs Undone,
does this Life,
of Hide or Run,
deliver me or ask for:


Where is the sense,
of this "Dead Door"
to past history,
of violent Four.

Minus One,
for She was Shunned,
I held her hand,
she "Squeezed, God Damn."

So tightly held,
upon the Streets,
I often wonder,
I often Think.

..the fear in me,
I do declare,
could not compare,
to Hers;

A Life of Terror

Do not Sleep,
do not blink,
for in the darkest fare of night,
the House did Silence,
the boards did squeak,
as I 'know' these Acts,

Upon the Sun,
which Rose,

Brought the Light,
Creeps Perverse,
all an act of reverse.

The Color drained,
upon Her Face,
as She got Up,
so very late.

Exhaustion became the Belt of Beat,
leaving desperate,
times for me.

I made it Through,
and so did She,
Creeps remained,
and lives are Stained.

With these Times,
that Stick so Deeply,
inside of Whom,
resounds so steeply.

Kept from Talk,
Resistance Walked.

She spoke with Lies,
I just Balked.

As We go,
and this Show Plays Out,
as it seems,
Games are Still About.

Not One Person,
wants for this,
to Resolve,
it's Hit or Miss.

The Bell doth Toll,
I heard this Call,
it is not the Time,
but "WIN" we go,
it shall be,
A Natural Move,
for She, for Me,
of this 'I Know.'

Not the Force of Hands in Nights,
that Professed,
"We have the right!"

A Change,
of "Why,"
Our Lives Must Play,
out upon a given-weigh.

This Weight,
I know is the Road,
with 'No Signs'
to Blind this Show.

Is it "Time,"
to Park, to Brake?

It has 'All Been'
I Tout:

"For Sake!"


Uploaded on Nov 23, 2009
Artist: Anton Szandor LaVey
Song: Hello central, Give me no man's land
CD: Satan takes a holiday
Recorded: San Francisco, 1995

Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land

When the gray shadows creep
And the world is asleep,
In the still of the night
Baby creeps down a flight.
First she looks all around
Without making a sound;
The baby toddles up to the telephone
And whispers in a baby tone:
"Hello, Central! Give me No Man's Land,
My daddy's there, my mamma told me;
She tip-toed off to bed
After my prayers were said;
Don't ring when you get the number,
Or you'll disturb mamma's slumber.
I'm afraid to stand here at the 'phone
'Cause I'm alone.
So won't you hurry;
I want to know why mamma starts to weep
When I say, 'Now I lay me down to sleep';
Hello, Central! Give me No Man's Land."