Saturday, March 21, 2015

Colis Postal

So the Maize was the Corn of the crate to the box of the See meant on the Passing Jumbo,
an Alcatraz to the coming Seat of the Trap on the Swing in the Jamboree of the Trapeze`d,
in and On that is the Maze of the High Wire Act coming from the death to Light a Mobile,
should the turns Lion on the Rack of the Fire Ring to Talk an Elephant at the Religions Ostrich,
for in the From to the Tack it is the Horse with a Feather on the brass that Quicks to the Write.

Riding Saddled Up to jump the Leap of the dead lives that fill this Earth with Ghosts,
to shadows and Respectively the Titans predisposed I say that it is in the Ballet of The Movement,
to dance on the Treat serve the Popcorn on the let as the Not See is most obviously Religious locks,
telling You the Mass on the Sun of the Days that shine to the Grim and cycle erupts!!

Trade Winds blowing North south East & West chart the Map to the outer Letter to Chapter Out,
count that Numbering of the Won to Three and sign that degree of the Graduate of the which is Sound,
on that it is the backwards Upside down to Tune in with the Vibrancy of the dark on the lords,
making the Words of the definition tell that define is in the vernacular convenience of the space,
in ships News to that Cliff of the Banks on a Walrus that Penguins at a sharp with Ice to shape.

The Orca on the beach The Seal of the chaps Rank spanking a brilliance to echo shouts Seaming,
make that C.D. record the value on the Measure of the back to who ever cares basic,
as the Bannister to the dungeon is in addition Understanding this Underverse,
done Jinn!!

Symptoms of this World to the detrograding that takes the House to found a threat as the cut,
bleeding an 815 History the Camps and the digs Ditches on the shovel a cover and a barrel,
wine to the Grape in the Vineyards of Humanity on the Garden of the Evil stories appropriations snake,
winding the Casper goat to lamb beds that Bless the death to Life a said in the dead Marrows.

Thick is the Vain on the Aisle of Companion that Jacks-Off to the dry soapas,
drowning in Information to pass the Secrets of the Confessional booth,
the Priest with an Ear to task his Mouth with the phone to the dialing of the latest Faction classed,
brains on the Memory to the digs of the Good Wills on the last worth of the Silents read.

Grounds that speak to the dancer is the Milky Way route to the Mars of a Solar blanket,
Millions of shakes to the scenes in the skies dimed,
travel with the dank and the Dark dust to tap the damp is not the Mud but in the Ride.

Boat with an Oar to the Canoe of the shallow Trees that uproot to blast,
animals on the Wild rapport screaming dead by dead Tolls,
standing ankle this is the Letter to the phrase of a Riddle inch Important,
for that is I the Seer of the sayer in the Sage on the birth of the 29th bridle.

Bliss Stirred!!

Manibus Pedibusque

The price of the correlative in the print sink media at a broadcasting sale is the slip,
to dōm the decree will power with A Gothic branch of sense & Sensibility of reality,
core honor to the Law of scene as what is Natural has become Numb with drain,
a plum to the Cherry Picker for the Pop Rocks candy Barred is ban Deodorant Selling Sure!!

Sew as Pom the grenade to the Pole pen in Vase as the paint on the Vase to the Robbers of grace,

hands that have Folded to the Cards of the plate did Conk on the brig for the Country got Kinged,
ask the Big circa of What it the bread to wafer on Blood the dinner of paper,
speaking Am bass a doors did quick to the Tax for in the lawth driven circles grout Shagged!!

Bounce the globe with the ships of a Chord to the confessional for the tag along as that is the ear,

plugged that run to the distance of the ticker Bearer a sheet talk from the Chaplet as a Bill let,
to girth of the factor on the Missed of the crease Hems in the stitch of the fly frontal lobe,
inch tick a Say and a spook Why that the curtain is a Weave to the doors of good fold Paved!!

Aspen the Atlas to the globe of the Rounds as the letter is the lathered on the fracture,
for the scribe to the touch Ear as the secrets of the booths in the babble,
from the language to the pass as that is the crash on the Telephone equipment for doors,
to sync the Years of the Bravado to realm the chorus with A Hit bytes parade!!

Tall belief with that Silence on the lies is that in the Captions of sshhh binds,
to know of the Catholic Christians by situation is to Answer the hold by pocket Brain,
as that is also the Rendition touching Classic crowd no Century.

The House of the Priest is A Court of its Own to present the Forgiven with Spree,
at that the Information spelling with Rickets as the hosed is sprouts of bean a Reads,
shoulders that Out Cast to the bench of Approved whom is to spank the Ruler of the lawn!!

Grass Wheat Rye Treats that drink of the Merry,
a tongue stuck to Receipt of the the dainty pastel,
corking is the sign to tablet Up the marble,
in that the Jasper is A Page with the tar.

Lovely lamb bends is easy to the Feed,
oath in with Hippo Cratic while the Ministry seams Fear,
to dish spoon bowls The Skull cross at bones,
than the T-Shirt plus Denims makes the B.D.S.M. rather Lettered to a supply.

Versus demand of the rebuff to the Theses Arms of robes with a Range,
in the Cyclone of Storms rains & Hail a lord for the Lady and a part it Call for Man!!

Treasures of the stile that Religious loft such Favor inviting to be Closed by the settlements ball,
chained to the Reap per a Basket full of gall to gift the at spread with debtors brine`d,
saults taking fractions no thats not the Case as Country is the Country does in Country housed to Hone. 

"The Useful with the agreeable take that which you prefer,
everyone is drawn by his own inclination,
as if in a mirror."