Friday, October 19, 2012

Nothing Is Accepted, Until We Speak Of What Was, So That It Will Not Happen Again!! A Public Review!!

I have been blamed,  
shamed, shunned and finally ostracized when I was so young,
that there is no possibility for me to be guilty of anything other than,
Innocence Itself.

With purpose and with malevolence,
even my oldest told me so long ago,
...they don't have anything on you though.

I said,
"I know."

I have experienced the reprehensible,
from a family stating,
they have Principles.

But where did their Morals go?
Practicing behind closed doors so,

they can perform exorcisms to cast demons out of you!
Claiming authority to know "IF" you have truly received the lord and "IF" you have repented for your sins!
Developing Covens of Thirteen!
Speaking in tongues, a language that only they can translate into understanding!

Is it Wicca?...  Is it Witchcraft?.... Is it Christianity?...
...or, is it all just made up as they go along?

This Family from which I know I can't be from,
I accept what they have done.


It made me run,
kept me alive and made me realize,

it is "I" that am Free from all of You,
it is You that is not free of me.

In this I "See"!

I still speak of these atrocities,
this is not based on generosity.

I bear witness for those that are not with us,
because their DEAD,
this is not in my head.

In their stead,
 I state what I have already said,
as a blogger who has yet to feel the heat of your lead.

I Report your Smoking Gun!!

I raise my sword,
as voice of MAD.
Stand and dual,
for this child is due!!

The toll of indifference,
a price you cannot pay.
Afford your neglect?
For severity will come,
I bet.

Watch the exorcism,
listen to my mind as it screamed at three and four and five more.
Terror resides inside of me.
Death or life?
Slight of hand.

Apologies will not stop me,

Treachery is afoot.
It's mine,
and I do stand.

Oh Dear Mother.
Do you see my nightmare,
can you finally hear me?
A little girl,
you left for Dead.

Fuck your EXORCISM!!

You were just a bad decision.
Let us share the nightmare,
now we are working with sad.

My mind still sees,
your exposure and all you need,
narcissistic energy is not me,
I am only a malignancy,
you told me to be.

I am running so quick,
don't be scared I'm about.
I am coming for all of you,
remind me of why you hide,
from all of these lies?

Oh yea!
Because in very real life,
you performed an exorcism at three,
I still remember the scream....
are you listening?

“There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised.”
~ Anton LaVey ~