Monday, June 10, 2013

Crisis of Trend Replied Win

In the End I guess,
it is what is disturbing,
it has been the sight of a wreck,
the burning cinder of direct.

The cause of such a test,
subject to know rest,
the best of show,
is the least of the measure,
to just be the balance,
delivers the truth without a venue,
safety or the threat,
a debt.

The News did break,
the evidence 'For Sake'
the Mind could not handle,
the brake was a ramble.

No denial to the opened intrusion,
just words of,
modest allusion.

Freedom is a State,
now it is of late,
lost and accepted,
the wait is subjected.

The evidence of what is prevalent,
delivers the relevant,
worries that of pronounced,
have been simply announced.

What to do?

The 'Well' is dug and it does not lack 'A Shove'
 reaction is not appropriate,
persons are not abhorred,
questions for answers,
you've been Sorted.

The Lies are Rampant,
not to find the Foreign Lamp lit,
but spy's have found that America ramps it.

Too See the Sight before the plight,
makes what is wrong never right,
should people just sleep at night,
than erase delete the button,
for you will not wake to Upton.

The World needs a Dream to be,
reality relieving all this terror in thee,
should you turn your back again,
than to the ashes,
you'll have been.

What does happen has ready been,
to See in Mind is knot a find,
it is the only natural kind,
not attended by the plug of line.

Denial of the action taken,
is the blame of rape in fake,
now the evidence nearly Blind,
the Keep is no more than the Time.

Too Bad that People seek no justice,
to settle for a hearing now,
pushes off what is built to damn,
turn your back and know the land,
cinders scene it's burned for stand.

The Apple death does know a hand,
the sought due what is lost for 'Lot'
the heritage in repeat,
makes death hold on to every deed.

The feat of done should cause a fund,
to defend a natural mend,
for when the power is cut for 'Sake'
all is known and not for take.

The best direction for insurrection,
is the balance of a measured inflection,
all it takes is to turn or break,
all of the connections that humans make.

The control to stop the leak,
is to take how you speak,
remove the global reason for,
communication is a basic store.

Go and purchase,
 the latest merchant,
in the end you'll see it's when.

The Photo Stop,
talks a 'Lot'
then the texting becomes the shot,
once it's gone you have no taught,
the sent are lost and now it's wrought,
do you know that it's sought?

A Simple Plot