Sunday, February 24, 2013

To Write of an Insight

The Dynamics of the spoken verse,
when not rehearsed,
brings to light,

'An Explosive Pass'

The Gains-In-Such,
a natural thought,
Delivers Plot,
if sought.

A search with-in,
the singular desire,
of Learned.

Given too a Riddle,
a Sense of Predisposed.

A walk of an Ink-Filled Pen,
to explain parchments duty to record,
a chiseled approach,
to a gifted begin.

Should 'Lies' rule 'The Tongues' of a Surround,
than "To Write"
is to dig,
a sounding board.

To produce Reason,
a rationale reply,
an explanation of;
"Why do People lie?"

To obtain Natural-Knowledge,
through the Means of nothing more,
than thinking,
discovers an insight,
'Lost Times'

How much is Missing,
Ignored or Torn,
from the
Pages of History,
to Show,
that We're Born?

'The Study' of Reflection,
a Named interest,
Philosophers Play!

as a threat,
Heresy if said.

The endurance of such hatred,
must stem from an endeavor,
to expose an untruth,
a sorted past,
a developed lie,
a Conscience try,
A Do or Die!

Such Passion is burnt into Some,
to bring forward,
a World: Knew?

Pulsing in Ones Veins,
for reason not vain.

For Surely to pursue such course,
wisdom of past actions,
seem invested in Deep Wells of my Mind,
causing distress,
to equal best.

The forward detail,
of not taught,
but a Tale of a Tell,
Speaking Naturally.

Oh Well

Could it be a Wish,
a Spoken Dish,
a Sage coming to Age,
to Compose the Life,
a natural re-frame,
of so many buried claims?

To Bite upon "The Steal" of Truth,
an Iron,
a Signature Cue,
as a natural alarm,
to alert, not harm.

A New Yarn