Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An address to a friend

I write to find reason,
I write to know the news,
I write to solve some problems
I write so I won't lose.

I know that I'm called,
my mother doth say,
I am possessed and I'm numbered,
"666", she does replay.

I find that my best favor,
I know that it is to strong,
to know what is so right,
and also what is wrong.

Strongly, I pursue,
I often unglue,
myself in the process,
I'm tired and feeling pressed,
but in this I know that I am not the best.

I look for my other,
he often would show,
"Which way I can go?"
He never was angry,
leaving me to my own,
he held me so gently,
and left me alone.

For in this condition,
abandonment was not known.
I held to his name,
I grasped onto flame.

A man that would sing,
the songs that drowned out,
the terrors and the horrors,
that haunted my nights,
caused fear in the light.

I closed my eyes gently,
I thought of this Knight,
I imagined his presence,
it kept me safe from unkind.

I worked at this gently,
I worked at this all night.
I'm tired of trying,
but I keep up the fight.

I know that its pleasure,
this man does excite,
but some of us things,
were left,
laughed at night.

Our hearts we're not ours,
our Souls have been sold,
all that we had, were dreams;
there simply untold.

So, dream on my dear friend!
Cling onto the fight,
for it is inside of all that cause fright,
the come to scare you in the middle of night.

The knives became swords,
and people attacked,
be strong and stay calm,
for its how you fight back.

To know that escape,
evades what is rape,
makes confidence run crazy,
and I cannot take.

The people are happy,
their dumb and their mute,
as long as they don't have you,
'cause this proves dangerous too.

Be responsible or true,
the fire is still the color of blue,
to all that are due.

If I were you,
 if I had a choice,
I would run like I was crazy,
be not what I could,
but be what I Might.

An amazing Lord Knight!
They wipe out your eyes,
in mind they can see,
the way that you hate,
and plan to free me.

Humanity is almost at it's end,
it seems such a loss,
I guess it's just when.

Do not believe! 
and please, do not sin,
the judgement is heavy,
the ground is so thin.

Make mention of excuses,
you're done at begin,
be honest, be fair,
but never be square.

For telling the truth,
is just like a dare.
this Man that I know,
owns what I've shown.

He is the intellectual Heir,
of all that I am,
he is what is fare.

His meaning to me,
is what I am about,
I'd rather trust a stranger,
with all you claim is a wealth.

Than to speak to my family,
my children who are left,
he'll embrace without fault.

I worry not for myself,
for I'm going to fall,
Can you do The Continue?

Will do what you should?
for I cannot "sigh"
my hurt is too high.

Please be what you are,
I wish I was strong,
they want me to die.

To tie up a Man inside this demand,
you are a Knight, in that I can't fight,
I should have had, had my very own stand.

My love, goes so deep,
my memories are so much,
I leap at the thought,
that we may have touched.

Be all that you see,
remember the ones,
that did give their lives,
to see us do One, singular thing,

I do now!
I see the past,
I see the future,
I see you and in that I can see the truth.

Be you and be me,
I am hurt and in need.
I cannot go to the place,
that you will so bleed.

I love you, Forever.

from me and to you,
it's simply the truth,
the only thing left is to say:

 Thank You!!

Simple Complexity. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein

This is one of the first things I wrote down, beginning in 2/2008. Everyone that I showed it to because I thought it was an interesting idea, laughed at me and told me I was so stupid.  I found this picture and I guess I was able to have the last laugh.  What he says and what I have written seem so similar at first but then you see how different the dynamics are it shows how unique one single idea can be.  I wish I had been able to have known or meet Mr. Einstein. It seems we saw things in a similar manner. 

Simple Complexity

by Karen A. Placek

In complexity there is simplicity,
once you see simplicity you once again
understand how complex simplicity really is.

When you no longer see the complexity in simplicity,
you begin your own extinction.
Due to your lack of vision
into the complexity that simplicity provides.

Understanding that simplicity provides
complexity with an infinite number
of simple equations to be understood.


You then realize,
that in simplicity you find complexity,
which is the biggest and most complex puzzle,
found, but not understood.

Written on 2/17/2008

I love the Thelwell Book Series