Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sand Castles

No longer am I the evidence of a life in some distant memory of myself, instead I stopped and drank a glass of reality and realized 'Care' is a four letter word too.  In that moment, the moment I had been dying of thirst I noticed that humanity had no cup at all. 

The Rippled Affect

The Moon in a shaded view, does it disappear to fear the Galaxy's mirror?  The grant upon the Sun in some day being gone, does Earth feel fright and shiver in plight?  

The grave conditions, the silenced Oceans, the shipping lanes, the drills insane, the burial entombed, the lives of rare, the planets stare, death is not unique, it follows humanity.

Grounded in life I am so grateful to have explored the Avenues of reasonable doubt.  With any question that is presented the point of interest in the end is not the answer, but why it was asked.  A human condition.