Friday, September 5, 2014

Tec Know Coal

I learned to speak with my hand type as the voice while all are cold,
not in the Attic nor the Cellar in the basement I held my Sole,
to the Ceiling sit the lumber in the state of all that plunder,
noise in mow the plow was grow turned in true to left of Toll`d,
in this Move the walking sat on the bank of knowing Role.

Up on these times delivery show a oddly rock of Tanked,
drop the digit as the throw met with difference like a Mold,
wire ran to taunt the fire counter see it is the start of ream,
holding frame in teach explain Watch the hour of Sending,
on receipt put place to Art as the absorb profess spill flour.

Butter grease on the wrought mill to sprain tick Timer,
sweep the brush quest in saw part the Law of lamp lead,
pull touch chain in linkin' Spam eggs to crack know Ham,
briskly stick to Point in lace a shoe that buckles Velcro chase,
stuck not grabbed a door of grain pour the Oats sync pane.

Fodder friendly tongue of base`d treble cleft the sheetings,
pillow shock the jump it rocks flesh the pebble bank read,
shoulder load 'till Life is heard microphone the Jig,
dance the Wall zings that guide Creation meet Evolving,
the door of treat in spin the Steep a march to Reed Vol ling.   

Farm A Suite At Cold

Born on the tooth of the Nail in the hammer as the question of the cork explosions on the curt,
discussed the rather at the empty nest to the deck of the swell the Wave of shell dish plate,
as the bother inks the Tell in certificate the names won't bell the at Lope on travelers tread,
shoe of Change in the face ask the clod of the tunnel in the On from off the cased to tree.

Bought the lamp of the color on the birth of only see look to Sky the cloud in Sun a shadows,
the echo whispers feet in raise hold the breath fork the Tongue luck the wheel of the brave,
curtain pardon on the burp it's the Hiccup of the taste Art swallow width the trigger`d Vase,
paints that mark the ever race Pigeon arch the Toes in trace.

Brace the bed move arm Crib take the mattress to the Frig,
cool the Milk by bread box roll in this clean the sink with bib,
dry the dishes set the Silver ladder chair to butcher well,
listen sitting wrapped in swaddle cramps that stretch to Wobble.

Sport the earth on days in lurch Ants that spark the bugs in tray,
beat the rocks to Rivers rest all while the Water fills the chase,
tumble from the Ceiling saw start the turn before the doll,
dot know aye the product bowl covers Table with the fold.

Pass the said to stick the brain take the fact the lane it's rain fed,
bare the Feat to publish speak over after in the Felt scrub the Season winters leaning,
concert of the Method stork hat the Cane with sugar soak,
liquids seep with Wound shown quilt the Needle in the sewn of bone`d.

Deep Leeks

Honeysuckle Scene Raccoons

Certain are the checks written in the month on the money dollar of the ride of Whoa,
on Accounts that banks did keep the evidence went shredded in the after kept by foe,
call the manager ask hand the slam down of the time at date no record or the brand,
pay twice to speak that lies of told the screaming on the phone of old that got to broke.

Now as the story goes to the part of prose in entry on the done it's really just a sum,
on the eventual of the lap at top on Computer home the balance of the cheat will prove,
not once nor thrice the word of vice to beet the verb with shovel shock did hoe boot,
laced by numbers that out wait for search of the evidence I put to place the shake 'n bake.

Yettie on the snowboard fling of the Mountain Calls to sound in Music on the World,
writ to form the question shore of known in Sake to Order score of the Plato Fax,
in speak of the Social Scene the cup of Wine or glass of Tea the steam is all but same,
in breathe the value has a Time on heat the Hot does whistle strong to pipe of Stork!!

Stock the bottle pop the Cork or is the can that peels tab now the Screw of Port,
class of center on to Stick served the basket at the Vic. record the setting great,
teaching with the Show of Crew on the balance of the Knew an Educative booth,
roast that Yorkshire puts with Care along with Horseradish in the Fair brought Trimmings!!

Walk a fate to dinner late the Avenue of reach to plate is on the bound of Opportune,
seat did move to glade of poof the disappearance by Way of clears to Breakfast room,
spark the Fire the Park in Tire an Ax to chop the found of Wood brought by the ground,
a listen to the Nightly New worth the Word of business Clue a Grand Piano at Ore gone chew!!

Teeth the mouth of hunt the Saw as jagged edge does cut the log but double does it too,
a handle on the either end the push 'n Pull to after been done Standing on the Hem Mean pen,
dungeon dusk to darts a Mark on the target of the shark a learned at Base of tread in Stead,
mats are at the Front of Entry just like the backdoor Century in the Mid meet Fort.

Basque Eons 

Water Bobbed

Dirt is the mud that glaciers Shed in Ices on the plane of system in the Solar Rube,
a grace to ink the story on the Tale of True with value in the Measure of lives that Waltz,
in do the print of bookings force Walls of Chisel`d too,
a Script of Will position as the Up Rite walks with Trued,
a Counter of the Magazine on Rack that speak of Steep,
in flowing of the pebbles that Once we're teaching girth.

Social form ore Acceptance a Waterfalling doors`d apron that ties in Rings of said,
the belly of the beast on read a Numerical Wave of Lores,
granite to the Soap of stone in this the Sword unvailed,
pulled by Ways that meek the Tone to colors orca Whale`d,
shoring on the Beach of read those kept form in the Life on climb,
teaks that Birch to would the Vine be grapes that still did fine`d.

On craft of written in the Side or is it perfect brine to Salt the pepper Staff,
person moving heavy fast to quicken Art all Line,
threads of silk to string at pearl of the swoop to Crane,
the leg of shaft as Thigh in fact a deliver to the Pale by path of thine on Rail`d,
sort it -tude the burst of Tree a curl in the circuitry tusk electric Mail,
sent verse as the sightier to Sensitive in stale. 

Be yarn spoon the spin of times that papyrus had a chime to death purse Veer the pile,
in would the barn be palpable to breathe all while the darning,
planks that drown to lorn around not really it was Up true down that ruled the Law of shiv,
a splinter in the Thumbnail now to tag in on the live,
boarding factor of the skew by Meeting in the powered clue a Tip not the soup`d,
in Idea of lean the print compare the worth to Ever Lipped in Acoustic of the Que.

A ball when bounced does Court to sound the Tennis on the Racket ground forward strike the Net,
webbed to Enter on the dot an algorithm @ pure Lot treat parking as the After shot,
sunk Well the birth of many Few asking why the I show dew the Mist in A.M. pew,
mountains torque tower bridge the Scene of Valley on the ridge to edge an Account,
purchase of the decide is in the whispers of the Wind an Elemental on the spin at Zero Pinning,
gears to shift in ready lift an Pleat to breeze the Upper keys trust grains arm in the Oh shore`d.

Sure Fulls 

The Fore Taught Too Send

Thee Fountain is thy Head ask the hand as is pen on the Sill of shell thought a Sync on the stream,
perhaps the river of A Conscious is deed to the Inn art true to Score inking scribble on the pour,
should the thesis be known feet curtains on the blink paper sheets in Mind on saith note to Line.

Travel in the dream to sleeping from a Crest showing pictures,
Write parking fixture in sewn tight available to each at Night,
words treating Sentence proof kick stitch on balance walk up Earth,
the bough of the Arm too shield row`d ground Clock ticking to the shock,
swinging Numbers from the Ages on this Rock a Current of the Charter Stock.

Taste the spice of A Float to raft the ore in Paddle,
a boat of body store helding open core,
the ankle of the bend the Knee or the Shin,
while heels down to ride a Horse in Carriage stable Joc!!

Pasture fields of gong a dip in thus the song purr gallop stride,
Organ with the pedal ask leaves done falling Sea suns ply,
shoulders Firm the brights of letters in the Lights grown gone a dry,
harnessed to the save shower`d through the purpose of a Creation to a Day.

Peculate to filtered as Rays can carry shot straight fast in quick the bound of Rook,
a spectrum of the course a dimension in the School of grade curving on the locks,
a keller in the Blind of owe to truth and book,
finnish bringing Cogs to shoes all dure versing Brook.

Pea Chaff

Tongue Hinged

Now the Crib in learn of post the bars that host our Entry grow,
for looking up to the Mobile turn on that music the wind is stem,
to the crawl or is it Sit either is the forward lit to standing for the lift,
as stool does hold the Pub at drink marching feet part the Feat,
walking a Way to know the Trade in not an awkward start,
wobble on the first few strides than running is the stroke of ride.

Put the place to groan Adults the sign is driven by Nuts and bolts,
those screws that nail in the bark of cross the Intersection of life,
on per step the future kept eyes to straights as Tanks did bet,
that Armor was the tracks of roads to get the best in drove,
yet on the gear of Field and pier a dock of Flee most cope,
the Air of storm to break the port a shuttle on the Ferry door.

Left to right the Blinders tight as throats don't throttle living,
in the Cycle of Motor shop the wheels carriage core,
dirt the Track the Tires fact on grabbing in the steer,
slick that spot to mud or caught it's good to know the spot,
in Concrete days made by mix the Walls now are true slicks,
back to the school of Dinosaur the use of Oil in the pour.

Bone pails that prove the life to being on the Earth at price,
a watch that timed to more than brine as Meet in Ore Signed,
a contrary belief of Cell to leaf are imprints of the limb`d,
brass to knuckles states of buckled a perfect Nature bands,
loud in the Elephants land a crocodile breathes start shoe`d.

On the banks the beast in lank must cross the river too,
as food is Central in migration the pink Flamingo heats,
a ripple in the dry spell plains showing all those lakes,
yet in the chill of on this Cell it is the dust that reads to Tell,
a Millenia Time round in climb has Left the sands as Shell.

Available to the search & Crew that builds to Sail Mask,
proper Cargo talks to Fast bringing land to Island cast,
still design has shown the boil an Albatross or is it Oil. 

Ask Guard

Produce Announcement on & At the Grocer of the register in the Aisle of the stock from meat to crop,
grapes those Apples orange to Tomatoes a cucumber on the shelf art displays the growth of May in state,
tiled floors that wax the shine to swept the Mop is on behind a bucket handle to wheels that move the Core,
a cruise across the stationary Card a hall to Mark the verse in shards all in the Quote of great numerical,
lead offer on the Sign to the discount of the kind those Cans that label`d select to Name in generics pool,
Carp counter of salmon side Shrimp to surf on Turf once dirt now Sand in the grain of the Veggies on Cane.

Sugar beating sweets that drink with a straw sucking at the end of the hole as the liquid is drawn,
mashed in potato the Carrot would know that on these crates are the Box`d in the show of sealed,
bale in the Field the work is great to the seed of the plant that grows with the Nape to stem Wares,
pick a complete the Ripe of the leek oh wait it is done in the Market before the green went red on Trucks,
spray the bugs with thinking of rugs as the dirt to the rub on the Plum in a fudge`d ate Fresh spake,
wine in the barrel first knew the Foot as gnashing in teeth on the belt of the Feat a Bottle Company Caps.

Plastic covered by shrink wrap rolls like Tin Foil on the paper that absorbed for the closed,
sheets that perforate the tear of the square more in the Oblong as the tissue gone strong,
stack in the Loo right next to the pot take a good Concentrate than flush with the proof that logged a move,
in the Mint of a leaf on the Forest of grove the cuttings that clear the path upping rose still stuck too Verbose,
script on the fact that doors in the swing are percents of the built to the gears of the Ring,
fancy the pleasant with Museum of sting there is the Product of many a Cling done Thunder in Lightening!!

Shock from the Junk is designed to the breeze Mast of the Tale is lifting a Nest to parks that in Fest.,
the mallet of ball to rolling the lawn as the Poles on the ends are Goals to best when Scored,
gallop the Horse as trotting to Course stand with the reins as the buckle is for reason for loop,
a Martingale to breast plate attached by the girth increases the Carriage as control on this Perk,
in the Angle of V as the hold is at ease true Bit is the curb that I never learned for I chose the Snaffle,
barn to the Bridle saddle to the Ride bareback is often for Fun on the Tide.

Salt Water Tack

Ice Shavings

Grown on the Map check-Out the City on the True North grid as Ankling the One Way Street post,
throw the Sign to a market on the Boulevard of life in the aspect of a proper division of the law driven,
run the lights in the Color of grab detail read at the License of certain bookings than Art the ticket ride,
brush the Pen to the ink lean that a birth to the New age of and @park aye witness the Meter coin drops,
all in the magnetic swipe on or with the digital card of Names that record verse while in the Time slot`d.

Car to Tire on the four bolt Cycle the hitch in of Trailer moves to the Manufacturer that shifts Gear box,
a stick to reverse is push-down from Neutral than adjust the Mirror on manual transmission true seat`d,
worth in the instructive measure of being taught the Organ of key mechanics that teach not spill Oil pits,
an exhaust that Calibrator is the left turn knowing that Straight rolls down the hill park will pop the brake,
on the button ply the feet on gas flips to the Clutch to grab the direction of a Steep incline both being doors.

Shoppe that Tack at a particular Understanding than the Wood Cabinet with the Cell phone removed plays,
run the purchase cart the Club than a drink of tea is the Cup of mug,
beans grind filter`d water add a Cream drop the cube take the spoon and Stir,
on the sip of the Swill a flavored milk is Ivory to the snow flake of Scale.

Now that Taste puts food to Table a banquet is the Brunch that Hotels serve with produce,
the desert gets good as the Meal is best with flowers on the Ice Sculpture showing living matter displays,
introduce the Artist of the carver the greatest Show on Earth is a Circus of Motors that Rain froze,
like liquids the Paint brush spreads to the work in Comprehension of the experience to brighter came,
in several Coats it's the clear ply over the grain that best knows the groove in the would.

Red Burl`d 

Wire Rings

The Day Spring to the Board walk a pleasant opportunity to be had on the talk rail,
in dismiss a recess from the mass that dish of fold Flute asking the play around toot,
piece notes art the read on a partition dependent of the rest Stop forking the Fret,
towards the action of daily news broad Cast a seat of nothing is Appeal of plots.

Chip a stone mount the stature stick in a sort of Feat than written letter is a clap,
cribbed to the desk of Tomorrow's yesterday in the year of grade pass a Curvature,
on the bend with a lamp lit to be the skipping cramp the rocket Shot cleft tone,
thereby this product of Simple thru forward well gosh darn that is Yarn spool.

String great export right on touch a body on the delivery jump`d the brig in a Figure,
the dimensional theme too a docking gets the Move should the speak beget a cry,
no tears needed as I know that the Cell to the phone is a Hard Wired copper line,\
a short lock to the bush brought makes the rake all the best at shovel dirt Clod.

The Kiln that Potters clay know the bucket is the hold for the brick Mud in order,
wrap the wet cloth oop's I mean drop cloth over the moist spot than the Wheel,
use the foot in task to angle spin dip hand water in the aim of a dribble of the glob,
now that the basis is looking to Create an object be it a grape via true Vase paints.

All In Advance`d

The Pick`N`Be

Oddity life as the plow of societies bury the actual for the convenience of the fuck of the day to fill ream Ree,
the batter of the matter is of no concern as difference in most sure the next flight Tweet with cork as Task,
broom the club as Paste in the face stitch to the lip show the intent forsake the Call run to the stop doll plate.

Authority of the glint in the people eye a curtain asking why do we die,
traits that send to equal the high all while the phone is on the in pea,
pods that grow are sewn to the same too bump with line search candy,
sweets to the bisque with dunking in sync finger to the dialogue digits are the cut!!

Tongue muscle as the Six-Pact that flips to the channel of the dish on the Ladle,
boiling in the bronze of the crown at the brief no explanation from to the sank Walk,
in Treasure of broken the Look begets a Attentive wane,
however the time that it will grab inks questions all the Plane.

Take stand in the view to brow the Think in shore 'A Chose' or chance that change is Story,
in the tale of a spring the earth does bubble bring in the Pool of clearly sank the water crisps,
still in wealth investment as the stones to bricks do Clay a Sign of Mark that established in a Singular shade.

Knowing that in The Continue of these part say the balance of the wisdom to speak on Death at start,
most in the World spoof the run to Nark than turn to behead the Life and don't consider tarp,
the smother of any on the basis of the dead ranks living as the on the UP to six feet in the bed,
to sleep The Wake is dinner kept ask the Dreams of dripping spread to every burp of Oil stead.

Dot the Forehead,
dot the Com,
park the bench,
 ride the throng,
Link the tail,
Follow Baal.