Saturday, October 4, 2014

Done Select

So as my usual behavior is outside for consider and just like lucky charms here come the Sitters,
I hear in the type of strange on the Wind a whirling of wawa WAWA I look to be thrill,
than in the moment of next in that second another WAWA whiz straight over my liz,
a Crow now in talk shall we just in try spake that the beacon was moreover the Squawk.

Now once in the settle of the height of the tree,
on the right and the left the Crows are a see,
to my disbelief they now go slowly with lead,
crossing their path in a trading places of loud.

To my notice of today I will look,
in the Minute I come to return I will book,
I will read on the Meaning of this strange in the light,
to the Shoulders of whom is listening type.

In fact I will just add it to apply on this very same Post,
that way or this say the burp is a Cup,
so weigh in the Options or sync with the tie,
either direction the North is a compass of Joe all in the List of what May is a chose.

I took the first Site on Google what did you do?

What is the symbolism of two crows?
What is the symbolism of two crows?
Answerask123 Answered Last
Too many folks are quick to associate crows with death or other misfortune. Don't let these misinformed individuals cause you undue despair. Here's a helpful answer (from Yahoo Answers)... 

The traditional rhyme: "One crow means sorrow, two crows mean joy, three crows a wedding, four crows a boy, five crows mean silver, six crows mean gold, seven crows a secret that's never been told. 

Another rendition: 
ONE is a message 
TWO is for mirth! 
THREE is a marriage, 
FOUR is a birth. 
FIVE is for riches 
SIX is a thief 
SEVEN is a journey 
EIGHT is a grief. 
NINE is a secret 
TEN is a sorrow 
ELEVEN is for love, 
TWELVE is for joy tomorrow. 
THIRTEEN is bad luck 
FOURTEEN is danger, 
FIFTEEN is a change of luck 
SIXTEEN is a stranger. 
SEVENTEEN is for adventure 
EIGHTEEN is a love that's new, 
NINETEEN is fame and honor, 
TWENTY is a wish that comes true! 

Finally, here's a really simple one... 
One's bad, 
Two's luck, 
Three's health, 
Four's wealth, 
Five's sickness, 
Six is death.

Here's another we can read together to ensure the quality of the first chose.

The Crow

In Native American legends, the crow could talk. Because of this, it was considered one of the wisest of birds. The sacred bird of the famous Ghost Dance was the crow.
In England, the species are called rooks. Crows are primarily black; however, on rare occasions a crow will be white. They are mischievous and fond of pranks. They are somewhat shy and suspicious. Fascinated by shiny, bright objects, they will steal things. However, they also attack other birds' eggs and the young. Crows are like noisy watch-dogs when potential danger invades their territory.
The jackdaw, Corvus monedula, is a small crow from Europe and northern Asis. It is black, but the sides of the head are silver-gray. Its eyes are white or luminous gray. It is a sociable bird, loving great numbers of this own species for company. The jackdaw can also be tamed as a pet and taught to talk.
A picture of two crows in ancient Egypt symbolized married happiness; for the Aryan cultures the meaning was the same, along with the idea of food and fertility. To the Hindus, the crow was an emblem of the god Varuna.
It is possible that the word crow cam from Rhea Kronia, a Greek goddess and mother of time, who was a form of the Dark Mother, Mother Death.
Even though this bird was sacred to Apollo in ancient Greece, it was consider to be unlucky. It was said that the goddess Athene never allowed crows to light on the Acropolis, although they were sacred to her also. The Greeks believed, as do some people today, that if a crow perches on a roof it is an omen of death. In auguries, seeing a crow on the left was a warning of coming evil.
The Japanese also consider the crow to be a bird of ill luck, although they believe it brings messages from the gods.
A symbol of conflict, death, and ill-omens, the crow was associated with the Celtic goddesses Macha, Badb, and the Morrigan. The Irish word for crow is badb. This goddess, in the form of a crow, appeared to the Irish hero Cu Chulainn as a warning of his comig death. Branwen, sister of the god Bran the Blessed of Wales, was often portrayed in legend by a white crow. Later, the Celts came to suspect and dread crows as a form taken by faeries to cause problems. They said that the cawing of crows signified the approach of rain.
Krake, the shape-shifting daughter of the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, was said to have married the Danish king Ragnar Lodbrok and become the mother of the Norse-Germanic hero Sigurd (who was the same as Siegfried). Krake and Ragnar also had three prophetic daughters who created a magick banner called Raven(Hraefn).
In North America, the crow was considered to be the keeper of all sacred law, the one who knew the deep mysteries of all creation. Seeing a crow in certain situations was an omen of coming change. Spiritual crow power could lead a seeker to the gates of the supernatural.
The connection between the crow's foot sign and witchcraft began during the Middle Ages. People then said that magicians, and especially witches used this emblem to cast death spells. The description of crow's feet at the corner of the eyes may be a remnant of this superstition, symbolizing the aging process.
To the alchemist, the crow stood for the condition produced when the Elements hade been separated out.
Superstitions: The English have a rhyme about crows: one means anger; two is mirth; three a wedding; four a birth; five is heaven; six is hell; seven is the devil himself.
To the natives of Northamptonshire, however, a single flying crow is an omen of bad luck instead of anger.
If crows make a hoarse, hollow sound, it means bad weather is coming. If a crow calls three times as it fliess over a house, someone will die.
Crows or ravens gathering in trees in the dark, but never really settling, are souls in purgatory, according to the Irish.
In Russia it was believed that a witch's spirit took crow-form.
Another European saying about crows is: one for sorrow; two for mirth; three for a wedding; four for a birth.
Magickal Attributes: Thief, trickery, blodness, skill, cunning, single-mindedness; a bringer of knowledge. Prophecy. Learn from the past but don't hold onto it. Swiftness, eloquence. Shape-shifting. Letting go of past hurts. Learning to mentally shaoe-shift. Divination.
Prince of thieves, cunning and swift,
Your black wings glide among the trees.
Your harsh laughter breaks the silence
As you perform your stealthy magick.
I would learn your cunning and swift magickal ways.

I Guess Jumps Don't Matter

Strange walk in life of On the song of long in lane to straights of Main,
nobody stops while the World loud laps upon the stand hands just go slap,
yet should the recognition come with a jog the Hour of commission reads like a Log,
now that see is go Run to the saw sign on the dot phone for the Frog.

Task in the barrel of the difficulties to day worth the Teatime of coffee on the ride,
done gone and true been in the aid of the chain,
linking the days with talks that said gave,
adaptation in loss brought Weeks in the lot spent the Wrist to be trampled back.

Quickly the clatter Rang up like Math know matter retained to the regards of the pack,
had a home with it full to the brim dinner laughs,
a Pool with a beautiful design on the path,
in the perch of the Swing where my children would sing,
a Cat which is here laying watch as I ring.

Years have pressed lung to write on the stun,
waiting from Stationed to be observant not gum,
went from Fulltime to scattered with nothing in hand,
folded in spent and I screamed silence sent,
know difference did Arrive with each passing away,
the dishes were less & the conversation gained Grave.

Phones that had numbers with dialing displayed,
the email addressed with the Block at a died,
counter effort with steady on the fine but than I realized that Nobody sighed,
like the Face around the cemetery just held the tomb place,
to mark for the Date of the sentence I'd stake,
so I wrote and I wrote and I stood what I stayed to revisit the Fact we all die of Shade.

Strange correlation to have had on this Jade,
forged for the living yet the living are dead,
to trip with a Cause that says would you like Coffee go to a movie or know the curt Certain,
I have held to the trust that a friend will be from the Place that is moving as fast as I run.

To believe that this has all been just Time leads down the path that Suicides rhyme,
the Hymn of the deep to the Six-foot hole on the reach begins to speak louder than being a Keep,
lights that break shoulders with no opportunity form dazed,
the tunnel gets wider and darker with leaves,
reports are the nay Sayers squawking at jeeves but the Same time their glaring with eyes of a mole.

Scrabble the street version with learned at a Boot,
signs to the Scale is nothing matters at bear,
unless this or Unless that even with the give Rack you are still in the Fence of bowser a clap.

So I held and I held and I stamped a rough go,
the passport of life has been an interesting stow,
building the construct with one at a row,
simple to system the prose and the pea.

Original Sized

To speak on the Been in the Ages of lend a collection of lane in the Body of form,
cells that provide to a day touching task with Eyes in the for of the Head in the state,
talking with said lates to tunneling Job tree Vines that ripe to the tugs on the lug,
with tires in format to well-Ridden lines born Minds that shell process with time in the spine.

Jars shrugging jugs that Organs are pipes hung with the music on sheets of the likes,
thumbs to the print in the Finger of palm Menu the ring to a foot on the Song,
climbing the lather Sweat to the pong Paddling sip dreams to being Smashed at the find,
erect in talk posture with Candles bovine a goat opus Sheep with cliffs that sing stein.

Bars than become a stool on the come,
down to the lava that Volcano at chum,
bait on a horror wic to the Flame,
burns in the well Jeep a top with no pun.

For wheel drive a Gear orbits ply,
traits to the Future of rakes that dowel live,
in procession of Watch as the Airport walks jive,
move along little dandy the Pow of the lock.

Artwork in mural of cart on a Horse,
bells form the whistles that strings are Read morse,
code in the Kodak as filming a life,
hour the plumage to a Third in the stype.

Curtsy the pedal to increase on the park,
a driveway in off Spring is the Flood of the pail,
shaped by the pen tame in gave a good load,
still plaster molded the ball for the fold.

Didst the 'Morrow consider a stay,
with World at Temper of pot boiling Way,
a Nail is at the tip of the toe,
cutting the Quick is an all Version of strobe.

At why is the Quest upon curtain a change if the Chords are the minutes of Personal paved,
shell grindings Cobble with cement in the grave,
Oak is mahogany Ache hardly a bode,
writing at Pen Sills a view frost to Plate did give the Countenance of displaying the Say`d. 

Empty Halls Symptom Signed Communication Contracts Time

Dispatch the vehicle of the used in A system from the back to the brook of the Creek in the Bank,
on the Put of the drive in the swell of the Float a raft to mechanics in the brand on the boat,
with ajax as Bleach in the four-door parade while the Flag is the bearing the Hid is a Hide.

On the class of the curve to the Honda of Ford an Acura will classic the Ion with sword,
sharpen the view with the eyes Window clue a handle from person to the blink of a chew,
in the sneeze on a lip shine or the forehead with Groom brush not the sweat a towel or a June!!

Month off at sender the wednesday clause because it is Tuesday with thursday for pause,
of the actions turn Saturn add day it will flip with Sun in the month on a Monday of dip,
now count the reasons for advertised Cow often the cartons are questions of crowd.

The postage is empty yes the Potatoes are flash Cranes that will carrot say ouch to the Tin,
green is forward Go sat the yield of read in that under Stood a Cross work of ked,
lace for the thing at the end of the Tape than shall the provision change ancient Remake.

Till the trade of the Caption is told of the great the Purpose keeps stilts on the tree of suns Sake,
seams are the flesh in the Fare of the bones as the skin arc is Carriage of the travel in glows,
marrow the thick mass treating a joe to the rich of a bloodlines reach in a rose.

Freckled while shades describe the Shell prose stiff yet enhancing a Steak on the nose,
in Cheeks of the both speaks of Exit to chose space in the Mouth a touch Taste is boast,
booking the preambled with Walls chisels hose stretch Time is reading a Train that is closed.

Yes parts are flying in directional bose Audio auctions that table a Knows,
in brows for the Wrist earn ankle on need setting the Circle from line the seed,
plowing a Guardin' tried profits that Road but sank in with harvest is the Grove of the goad.

Bleating shall rain spin the Pore inks the node Temple on side Pins filtered to lo,
contrast that thought with Emergency Caste a spoon for the Reel in the thread of the glassed,
sharp are the Note cards a waxing up Truth jailed arc shackles with light on the aren't.

Chumps change while butter is petrol for Gas in odor of languish Apathy grabbed,
tooth gummed drinking Hardware to hammer screwed bed,
a bit door to thrush Hold at Awkward cores Fast.

No Gene Binds

It's Really A Chalk-er Of Comparison

`video clip below for choice dice`

Last evening I closed my eyes in a moment of thought the doubt of reason was classified as blink,
the scene of a rail on the car of Time in the actual on Now with understanding at wow yet still,
in the petrified timber there on the freight was the lumber of Humans standing in lane on chill,
for the instant of wonder in the Mind of Watch I stared in fright as the movement held alive.

I shook with the scare as the tether seemed snare in the Trap on the Train as leather in leaned,
the talk of the hands on the railway Cars were laughing in State as the passing went take,
in the eyes of the bodies standing at pace the second tie was a strap at the Nape,
to the occasion of shock in the past of the chalk the skin was not all on each of the stalks.

As I was in slow on a moving type walk the straight of the Arrow was as if Blinders had got,
the cat of my Tongue gasped at the sum to be of that caliber in the rings of the stun,
the lights of the dentures were not wise to the wrought yet the speed of the system gained wild,
on the glancing Parade no escape was there made signed an a Seal meant the additional raise.

Brisk to the bot I stayed calm in the think that reason is breathing within this deep sync,
streets provide roads as Careful to grow with a Signal in yield the bend is a New,
trailer this with a Movie in saw for today in the think I thought how to Talk.

Seven deadly Sins in the seen of a lens the room with the man tied up/down on den,
the character of was exact to the jug as the closer inspection was the Man was still with,
chock full of shock in the throw back of Bones the air that is needed is Oxygen Cones,
to brisk in the say grief of what I saw clear was the at most a sign that review is a cheer.

To gain able strongs with worthy long to that Tusk of the Elephant in the coffee of song,
books to the table at Crease for the note a Picture Show rise in the chew of a float,
to Raft with an Oar as the shipping lane pour Charts are the given as these brings have a core,
to be of the breeze in the even of be I receive the ad Version as the simple of kind.

The pressure of label with a skirt to the Hem is the Singer in Machine that stitches by Ten,
needle that Owl for the Hoot pen in stip. fore the letters are true to the after of line,
to say that the formula is reaching behind is the back of the Forward the past Future of Vine,
cues in the Answer each task of the Chime as bells are the brains that hear to the sprawl.

No Space Is Needed

I can hardly imagine the Party line chick in the bent over backwards to Writer of line,
in the math of addition to the Ride on That horse,
a perfection to Noting the evaluation of Course.

As I whence to know the Value of talk in the Tea-bagging bounce of the Open in fought,
as to say that words have there lot this Conversation just blows to the jock,
in with The silk of the Stockings on Chimney of that fluke in the Production I think not a crop,
yet theirs in the strange of a duke on derange from sealed to Kiss of the video on burst.

Showing the WHAT the Blunt spoke a Rut in a stag of the listed to the straight up in Tuk,
trait on the zest to the Spring of the made a know that is not Stream but a U-Tube in the lay,
my goodness of Gracious the temper must bull for should the Table be stern of the grove,
a peeling for certain on skin that chose Sun as the Coppertone effect could not protect in the gum.

Sticky in the Match as the fire is Jung even Einstein would stop to Appreciate done,
the tally to Total in the multiples tongue,
a certain in fact is the Words I say lung!!

The script Sir of singing behind those Closed Doors can mirror the state of Red in the blows,
as the quote of the Mirror would liken the steer,
a Wheel on the bedroom for the duvet must just spear.

To Charge with the slice of the pie in the dice,
throw to the Hills a climb in the Vice,
to be that Paparazzi on the camera of full,
a lend in the microphone of the spilling colds,
'You're in LOVE with that GIRL!!' oh but for the Sail of touch Mast,
reasons for Football Stadiums & Satellites are truer Shields today.

A Head

Oh how the music played in the mind of the speaking flavor of spice on the rail humanity,
in the sheet of the lines to the voice of divine I herd in the spoken letter to phone,
as the came was the force with no Carry of course the Ford was not on this Ship of the Norse,
yet there in that vast rapport of such Short the sit was a hill on the back of a door.

To have even imagined that breeze of the tune I listened I heard that the subject was groom,
on the brush of the Candor to the saddled up loom a spool in the nature of knights on a Goon,
ghost like in character the lance in a Lot perfect to Tell of the Cent turn read caught,
bill that trained as the Seal group wrought Clap Win it's brim Stun riding the broom.

I stopped and I stopped and I stopped just to be sure of the negative riding a horse like a Tree,
there in the booming of I can't be leave the Notice of living just Rite on the green,
I thought to look as the Once Upon A storage had really been writing of all show Forage,
their In the Grove on the grassy knoll Hill I spied the Placed moreover The Full.

Shall while the Pose held state of the Gross I provided the orb with the lights of a bead,
string with the Armor I do sing a feed in the Rye on the capture I chirp to this Creed,
if it does play Possum and that is be Keen that whom is the Skunk on the Apron of steam,
for it is the Whiff on the Air streaming See that grumps with no challenge as the Ink is to Sound.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

As I enjoy the old Oak Tree in the memory of wonder to the dawn of Ages it's Wares,
in the midst of treasure on the Tale of a treasure the lock of Understandings great invitation,
a chest of Bones to he flesh & blood Character in that is the beautiful Scent of loud,
an acoustic Record in written birth with a Hand-held certificate recognizing Quotes,
there in the Artistic Tribe of paintings Sculptures with marble of granite Cast,
museums that Carriage the Fountains of showering A flower with the daisy attach in a Stem,
vases with Potters glazed by the sun in Kilns that have layered the Extra from done,
vermouth to be shopped in the Glasses at bright a Nose piece as decor for the Head on the Score,
music in Sheets true notes to be floor riding the Cycles of at limits yet door,
simple with Compliance to each an adore the Horse with a saddle to explain the place Chore,
furthermore standing with Great Reminders to spot on the backs of the Packers to a niche per came.

Trail the Stardust with Planets in shade a Circle with curves that Credit a kind,
type to the depth in a Full-Photo lore,
style to stair with an Oblong in spare,
dark is the Knight with no exclaim as Pride,
to search for the Plan before the roller has grand,
Swans that birth grey to the Feather in more,
grow as the light shines Shoulder to store,
walking with Know as Fantastic does Boar,
minus the sword the earn a lance,
a gunslinger Hugs with the Works from a Colt,
bulletins speak of the Three fold a Jump.

Event of the World is the classic in burl of the Show to the shank on the Halt of the Tank,
sing a little song with the Arms of the land tred softly while wait is the patience in jake,
muscle the dance with Square in the bowl a reach of read Car pets the Tires of said,
cart to the Harness the audience Scene trouble is on the jaw of punts lid,
life is a game with a Ball in the Club forge the appeal as a Subject of Jug,
to quick on the heel of a treaty gone Real a chill for the breath as the air is a Bloom,
production on Keeper is the rise of a crane to flight of the Albatross rifling reins,
gallop on Rails as the soak resonates to touch on the Handle of gears that chant Fate,
in ringing Infinity do the big Shake powder is really the rouge of mid-rake,
rewind in the Stamp with a Memory date for the register signed yanks it a bind.

Three Ring Binder

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"


Literal meaning.


This proverbial expression dates from the early 19th century, although versions of it that paraphrased the same thought existed well before then.

The first of these alternate versions is found in a biography of Marcus Aurelius by Jeremy Collier and André Dacier, titled Emperor Marcus Antoninus his conversation with himself, 1708:

You should consider that Imitation is the most acceptable part of Worship, and that the Gods had much rather Mankind should Resemble, than Flatter them.

A nearer stab at the current version comes in a piece by the English writer Eustace Budgell in the newspaper The Spectator No. 605, October 1714:

Imitation is a kind of artless Flattery.

The full monty as far as this proverb is concerned was given by Charles Caleb Colton, in Lacon: or, Many things in few words, 1820:

Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.

Colton was expressing the same idea as Budgell, in that, to imitate is to flatter without necessarily being aware one is flattering. As such, that 'artless' appreciation has to be 'sincere'.