Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Heck -Ings'


Rivaled staff to OUT of sight,
a bip bop pop to the bare in buffed,
kink it Typed to pass recite,
the kick in the ramp,
is called a Grucharik championed Site!!

Critter shreddings ships in scale,
barge the flounder to back the pail,
skip to the Figures the Cocks of shrite,
shake it rucking to a mucked up tight.

Read past the involve to the present lit kits,
round the globe in get sit brick,
sling-shot leather strap,
spanks not I,
for those are theirs in the blinds of pight!!

Straits to the Narrows of the New City Lights,
red are the blackened fiddle bites,
sheet disaster to empty rights,
left in the broth of the Pan in brights.

Follow the Caller I herd a Pope,
specking to certain changing votes,
retirement is a good plentiful soap,
to wash your Feat with Aesops lope.

Robes to hang shine that pane,
to the glass of the window strain,
see correctly through like me,
you'll announce the should have three.

Dicker docker ticket Talker,
chump the feed the welling freak,
swifter shift to welt the gears,
One to Three for Six it Tut,
scepters Meet deceivers speak!! 

AutoMats Bot Zero

Ripe this Hymn with Body Ply,
the flesh and bones never Skinned,
look to the eyes in shrink of Neats,
c prompt dot to nerve the Lot.

Beast with out and Ra in Sky,
the stride it wills the Mountains try,
far away to open lay,
finalizing the last day lies.

Millions tyke Millions dry from diseased,
of the brain and their makings,
shelled from the brackish of the See,
the Pearl is polished and so is Vee!!

Transfer addition to the strict Nine be,
sump to the number absolute three,
must dink the brink to the cleft notes read,
stolens stolen when embolden feeds.

Gobble it up with each a knuck,
quack this cracker to no spiked stuck,
clatter the laughter to your dumdum trucks,
off to the batter to disc it sup.

Up, UP, Up, UP YOU per trades,
all ways leave and never say,
hello, good day, good Knight to play,
the chesting of the Bahut is Cray.

Clams to Mussels steam the shite,
right on into the Dunguness fight,
a Crabbing War with Pickled fights,
Del Monte would be Proud tonight.

Was the day before the stocking,
hung on boards of fire walking,
square sugared cookies sprinkled,
with perfections it's icing vics.

The Victrola of Coarse,
the Needle in Forced,
that will is better than pity felled tasseLed,
to the singular of a double built lead,
freak the ante like the tool shed bed.

Shriek to the craft of which is Red,
painted for the lurid sped. 

One Robotic Walk Is Ups

I eat today but strangely feel this slipping away,
I saw to see who much I've written,
in the past few weaks,
the sleep I try seems still awake,
the Shows of Things to Speaks.

Such re~frames in Life of Trides,
the brain a Mind of dignifieds.

So read you're path and real your Self,
to the Oak I know is Well,
deeply seated within this Tell,
the story of Us all is yell.

Louds to News to City of Bay,
the bridge so built it sways in play,
strung with Cables wound by Men,
as likened to the dead of been.

Sonnets sang to open vein,
the blood of this very being,
frees the wise to reasoned bye's,
to the Wheat in Grassy bri.

To say that strange queer happenings,
are not happening here,
would be to lie about the base,
of Life Itself in being raped.

The drive to reach a living hand,
I've begged and pleaded to a particular man,
just to feel the touch of real,
the heart beat must make sounds that speak.

To one emotion at a Time,
I understand transcendence find,
it moves so gently it's like invite,
so much different than nights of fright.

A separation a sort of disconnect,
from what is Live to remembrance necked,
the twine in woven never bees,
I believe it takes you Naturally.

Should this prove to be my trued,
than I can say so honestly,
the rocks are stones with math and bones,
the Fire Place won't leave a trace,
cause up in smoke is amply stokes,
lefting to the votes.

Xing the Crossing to every Made,
no return will be a came,
to say that I would have loved to dam,
is enjoying the simple factual spook.

A Visitor or A friendly Hello may have been,
but as I trend to lonely send,
my deepest regret is touching lets,
so tired I am of the crumbs of strand.

Clever to fish the hooks from me,
the line to Circle in affinities,
knot knowing that isolation steeps,
in the bourne of in~fantacide keeps.

In these actions of held from Man,
you will be sorry not for the brand,
but for the loss of a single strand,
the silkings of the birth of land.

It's in the Human Touch,
that stays to say abrupts,
by interrupting death on paths,
that Natures states are Over laughs. 

Operation Sun~Bursting RINGS

Sunken In the Drifting Mass,
a Cave alas the Printing clear,
World crisis made to Tears,
Oceanus Feat vs die so cold.

Grapplings Too the Vernacular Climbs,
wording worths it's wait to Stoned,
No life taken Instruction spoke,
Stop the Killing It's a Lack!!

Pouring Sentence with Lives of Love,
hugs creation say's to Evolve,
embrace the difference Know the Near,
the Sword is Simply in Blunt's Hand!!

Fever high Pitched to Deliver,
in the Tone a Vocal Chivalry,
hold my hand to speak the Fan,
spreads like Eagles soar the Keep!!

Impart the Treasure to People breathe,
smiling in with digits See,
questing Birth to Every~Sense,
why the limit a synapse trees!!

Speaking Numbers Talking Words A Broth-Eld

Integer defines to the Number say,
Word does open add to the same in Day,
reverse the Total action,
divide in simple Thought,
does the Verse than Speak,
equal in the Sheep?

Discussion in the Crowd,
Public of the Count,
Singular in blink,
linking up the blurt.

Trouble Bays to Answer,
questions in the dirt,
equation of the Century,
History would a Curr!!

As a natural factor,
the Sentence should than Lead,
if it does thou happen,
an Hour-Glass Can Freed.

In the given Count,
99 worthed a flea,
a hop to skip in Deed,
presents a brand new Chapter.

In the rhythm riding,
posting verbs in Up,
Down is just the contact,
of a Seat in touched.

Leather being saddle,
billets do attach,
the girth does have four buckles,
two on each a side.

The Horse moves Four beats,
thunder strikes the Core,
lightening can be Scene,
electricity all the more.

Photograph are Pixels,
a thousand in rapport,
Paintings in the Murals,
that's what Walls are for

Jumping 'Our' Event,
bricks of mortared shores,
waves of open Venue,
see in Ocean floor.

Boards do Game a Score,
the double-edged appear,
liken Sword to Dagger,
the Stone is Graft of Spear. 

Owe To The Brand Name

So to the Porch I go with Soda Pop in Cold,
an icy can of Coca Cola my favorite slurp of think,
a Dragon Fly did in a blink the strangest sort of sphinx!!

Back and Forth across of course I stared in interest at the board,
atop the Rail of the brought,
I thought how oddly queer!!

Just an Hour ago I said it so,
my Coffee, Cream and Sugar Know,
dismissed the class as Humming past,
those birds that move so quickly fast.

Never did I see before two upon the air in thor,
darting quickly to speeds of roar,
did you know that make sounds like score?

Bee bopping on toppin' the signaled sold the show,
as we all spree the easy breed,
the sample was to Oh!!

As the fickle fight was all in Might,
the tiny and the prove,
I see myself in what is this,
it seems to be a Tell.

To the track of dragon sprats,
I asked not much at ALL,
why are you going backwards like the birdy show?

The answer was the question shown,
he did it again and again,
I stared and said "Hello New Friend"
then spoke varied row,
to the Paddle Boat I can't,
I'm only One who says that Two need to be the Foots of Lead,
the Pond of Stow Lakes prose.

Red Sliders, Turtling 

Powder Kegs Cog

I, Speak the Word of Destiny for it is the fate,
of whom I knotted discipline to seek the sleek in Sake,
for should you accept,
than I'll just say for Set,
to Wish up on the Sun in Stars,
the burst is for run.

Expanse fort width to paints to never brush,
with causality I strike the pen,
the Ink does Hit exacts.

Troubled Rays in Sunshine Jays,
the sing begets the tract,
issue force and I shalt let,
you fall towards forward Tack!!

The hoarse in Tots a childs wrought,
the workings are to thorough breds,
the speed at which I gallop trots,
for the dirt is grassy passed,
to the Hilly Climbs of Ports,
that listen to the Faster Corpse,
communication trays.

Service butlered by a Prawn,
the littlest fishy pond,
the Koi of grow to cross the bridge,
to Bill's Palace Know,
that in the City of the knew,
San Francisco had a phew,
that spoke of rifts in human roams,
to express the Vic!!

Quail in the patchy spat,
the flight is all but truth,
the separation from the dirt speechless can I may,
continue from or on into a heritance of trust,
the cup of runneth over is taller than the spare. 

Take Heed 'tis Vee the bumble of the beeing sting,
the Sparrow of the Crowing bring,
sheds all but in the nothing Lea,
I am the gently breezing steeps,
that walk the Hollows nigh.

Questing to the furthered my'ed,
to great the look fro hear,
a Vassal is the Kiss of Bruised,
to kick wood should improve the stood,
for Centuries of Churning lays,
the Ancients I do now Claim,
I've joined the Ranks of Mere!!

With Stride Of Throw-Down Your Arms And HUG

The Beach of Know Disclosure,
the Set is with the Black Sands of Pan,
whistle the sweetest tune,
in waltzing crumbing shoots,
the Arc of Elbowed Schooners'.

The sale of the vat know purchase is the facts,
to Mast we Rail Time in tasking proving shined,
the storming of a shore,
a boat to hold such More,
the able and the for,
will build uniques Implore,
with simple not a chore.

Ships that are now Submarines,
the Crew is under watering,
as Niagara gracious Falls,
Hoover Dam is shown to Creek,
that flows have formalized a free flowing streak.

The boots that make the Shoe,
the guns that murderous badge,
shot down a fellow with a fork,
the bushes even new that.

Afar upon the greats in strong,
Naples paneled Shorts,
don't know the story of such an Isle,
but I am positive it involved denial.

To address is not to Robe the cloak,
the Sciences search Math,
as Words of Real speak the Teal,
a Number will become REAL,
all within tacking saddle rack!!

A backpack is to show,
that coveting does never blow,
the satchel in the row,
held it for a stow, A Way, The Scripting in a Sketch.

Draw 'tis obvious to shrink,
the Museum will deliver link,
sculpture grinds the granite slate,
to white the marble by no mistake,
the Ceiling does mingled Paints,
to look up you'd seek the stew,
to see the eyes, than you'd have to admit,
we come in many colors equips.

The speak to the tender love,
such Feat in shown the table of,
never was I thought to be,
anything other than just me,
to state the other identity.

To throw down sticks with bits,
of carrots not the rocks,
would be to say that I entice,
the Religions to stop the halting talks,
on genders that are balked.

For in you're very complicated,
to be the next sent sought,
for change is for the Dali Lama,
do you think he's HOT?

To make said in Louds of Lead,
I'm pretty sure he will be clear,
to announce the before he decides to pass this ride,
so confusion never spears,
the thoughts of the nickering Cleared.

For as I Mail I also state,
that Men wear Robes and Cherubs spake,
wings of an angel sake,
the tag-a-long is near,
shed that bigger stake,
than Vulva speaks of Long.

Genetically we predispose,
ourselves as just we are,
physically we chose to be,
exactly the Human bort,
but to said I state this fed,
Diamonds are A girls Best Friend,
and in the rough we cut to trim,
the fat of shards that excuse their hymns as,
transliteration of GODS in skins,
who made you the judge of them??

I state so frankly the balls between the legs,
are the sacks of stripped to lay,
back on top the floppy rops,
there old and under used in locks,
that puttered the sides of personal docks.

So grasp those Balls like all the dolls,
suffered from these hards of sheathes,
that fuck us up to ruck in suck,
'cause your wish is in this cusp,
the whispering of only me,
to present a day for the guillotine,
that topples not your knot,
but ties the horrid fought.

A Happy Person says to say,
values answer every way,
to engage the same is to provide protection,
'cause girls do need such erections,
that do not penetrate our innocent staffs,
but double-up to same extracts,
from Rapists, Pedophiles and Sordid Fool,
wanting to remove a particular Pool,
so we will have no where to run or drool,
as you kill us in our schools.

Family Lots are Knot!! When Honesty, Integrity and Men are Locked,
with love and smiles and well dressed jeans,
alright I admit I lust for leads:)
or maybe I am the defender of All Men,
with the determination that came with this typing Lens.


Around Your Nape Like A Lock-It The Key Is In The Pocket

Warrior for the raining Arrow,
the Bow of standing Sees,
the I's to secure the Rattle,
the Snake in Coils Cures.

The lay of deadly sats,
the smothering in fact,
a plastic bag of chemical shag,
the rubber stretching Maut.

Pyramids in City,
the New of All to Thought,
buildings have the simple,
it is the brain in trot.

The seat of no frustration,
a toiletry of bathe,
the flush is just the easy,
clean-up is a shay.

Running Fulled in Bore,
a battle contemplation,
the Arms of Equal Rapport,
states it is the bastion,
of no more than it's score.

A figure marking bellowing,
a pitcher with a neck,
the ball of red in bouncing,
the template of showed Set.

The Sun bursting Moon,
a bridge to whence the sprang,
the color of frustration,
are in the times of sprain.

The repeat of in History,
an hour or a glass,
the Emblem of the Madness,
speaking Sanity trashed.

A Poet or a Print,
chiseled to the fiend,
who is the judge of Evil,
when good is taking rent for Text,
written in the Times of Sext.

A Thousand Years or Sewn to Ist,
the Rise of Rosing came to Brisk,
shall we dance to do the Jig,
or will the Clever be the sprig,
exampling Aeons prise,
as the eons of shown deprived the throne,
of clearly written to understand,
that Maps on Walling are Directions of this Pyramids done.

The Book of Life,
springs with living Waters,
the red is the blue to the purple see through,
the covering of nothing but the skeletal frame,
to know the Skull of the brain,
is to train for the black licorice I rope.

Don't Worry, It's Natural To The Curio

As Scouts about the Morn in flout,
my coffee is the spree,
I look to right to spy a Skunk,
staring side-ways back at me.

The journey to thirty three,
feet to that in say,
I said "Hello" in simple play,
the spy did check it out.

A four-foot step to think his shout,
we both did such display,
I sat still with Cat to Porch,
he turned Tail to know.

A Flag of such a Threat,
I have shared such in Life,
a Mastiff Mugsy at Bakers Beach,
the City by the Bay.

Oh what the reality,
didst smell on that dear day,
a happy monster of a dog,
all I did was laugh.

As I ran he followed me,
his eyes now looked the mace,
but oh how such the is,
I thanked that Skunk today,
he justly waddled,
straight back to the save.

In funny Reparations,
the chortle from myself,
wadded through the thought,
a walk back do the See.

Drugs to the chemicals made for this,
Nature shows me so,
the smoke now in Venue,
a migration of the Blunt,
to acceptance living,
almost seems a stunt.

Open Air in Concert,
the television view,
now sold in the bulk,
for all the States to use.

Changing Minds in flares,
the radar is such stair,
back to the Sixties,
with Heroin to share.

Drop Out and In the Acid,
a tablet or a pare,
the trimmings of the Haight,
I was a kid in a Fair.

People danced in Parks Romance,
sex was sort of Live,
the breasts of Naked Women,
made Men in looks of shied.

A same in weirds of today,
the Tour Buses came,
to drive in and out,
of blocks much the Brain!

Cops were not so kind,
nothings really changed,
accept the Laws that bind,
all but the C.I.A.

Remotely Viewing or the Mk,
the ultra of the bust revealed it as trust.

Swallowed for the Trip,
I heard it was a bust,
the denial of it,
issued brakes to skate.

The Computer Apple,
the orange of the day,
came from liberation,
of those Minds at play.

As smiley faces droplets,
a promise I did make,
to a Man that jumped,
from the Golden Gate.

The Acid drops to tincture,
in bottles of the Tots,
kaleidoscope adventure,
my Mind did hurt a lot.

I used to kind of wonder,
about these times of fraught,
but as an Adult I never asked,
my brother spoke the pot.

The basis for this obvious,
is the come of black & white,
a cartoon Sebastian,
said that it's a light,
to head in the direction,
that makes the said so plight.

So consider this,
a early morning sip,
that nothings wrong until you song,
no matter what the tip.

Relief from lives that suffer,
is a neatly dynamited sight,
the kept to law of sparks,
says there is nothing wrong with Art.

These contracts written and then so changed,
state No to Yes to you're a Sage,
in the same of different age,
I have known many a Page.

Riding Horses loving Rogues,
the mix is keep it clean,
not because of anything,
but for reasons stream,
the dynamite is the Thrill Seekers Rite
the mix is the chord,
the blasting of the fire,
creates the great desire,
to look into the eyes of Flame,
to See is to know the Game.

Warm-Up Paddocks The Diocese

I stand in exact to the weld,
the joist of the tempest,
the rival over scheme,
a Head upon the C.D. disc.
the spline between the sheen.

Taking fourth in Shudder,
the count does have it's wind,
just as 'Big Ben' is a Tower,
the hands productive theme.

Put in the Mechanics,
the roll is steady fulled,
to keep the time resisting,
from the fall of jeans.

To foot the pair in single,
one leg does at seam,
the dressing of the whole,
will complete the belted toll.

Should capture in the red,
be stick with know the treat,
thereupon the Song will be,
the death to ski with no regret.

Life is oh so fragility,
sworn to duty Self,
honor and the character,
is binding in it's Tell.

Trick not the Foundling happening,
she'll see before the spree,
as in the over shattering,
the Spear of Destined stare.

Withered to the Old so plight,
an understanding trend,
to experience every send,
to show the fast of faltering,
under-pressure goes.

Quickly in these studying,
of young to Mid in why,
the Mushroom sided with a broom,
the toads Umbrella shine.

Brightly too a crate in boxed,
finally the hasp,
to Pandora's equaling,
the chest was deep and Vast.

The Sale of her Past did brought,
no ladder in plain view,
to caster of the bed railing,
she just stated duce.