Friday, April 20, 2012

Armor of the Darkest Fare

Where are the Immortal Ones?
The Divine, the Sage or the Oracle?
The Keepers of the Gates?
Have they abandoned their posts?

Does Satan's Shield guard these places once known?

A Dark Fare, produce your payment, produce your wares as well.
This is such a callous act to view these days and times it seems are here.
To turn your back at Centuries past, of calls, I hear the cry.

You asked, but I do say with honesty of sight,
you do deserve this curse, it plagues you every night.

Show not your shield,
your Family fell, your patronage dissolved.
The individual now you are, in such a stance you stare.
Covet not your present loss: Pay the cost instead.

Just friendly advice I give to you,
it comes from the very beings below.

Unkempt you are in structure of,
belief or moralistic stand.
Project you do, with vocal stance, you scream..
"For pleasure only, I reside on Earth, my choice, my wealth, my right."

To be caught without the Armor of ancestral strength.
A Satanic or and Evil lead,
blame not the judge who brought the laws upon yourself,
it is you who carry's through.

A Sage? An Oracle? Or a riddle to solve,
the mortal view of some.
Declare to yourself the failure of a moral and righteous stand.
No being should live in fear.

Of Course unless you transgress your being,
you will be addressed some day.

In all of your moralistic lies,
this would be the time to know.
Your finish will come soon to you,
the mortar of your truth.

To prey upon another being,
will be a hard core fact to thee.
For once you're born; A birth record.
Why be born again?

Removal of a Mother's right,
immoral for you to have done.
To try to force yourself this way,
is to say, you stood before you could.

Removing the Maternal Way.

Arrogance in such a spread
of blasphemy and more.
Is what is hated and related in this land today.

To disrupt such natural states,
creation set forth to be.
Removes a prominent point of status,
even Evolution bleeds.

Find the blame for yourself,
it lies within your being.
To presume that you could be
as wise as Monks and Kings.

Forget not what you have done,
to layman and the like.
Your actions of such disregard, records in Halls of Lies.

Not to one or two or more,
but, you influence the World this way.

'Til today you teach you seem much like the leach.
For your patronage of such,
opinions that do spread.
To most, the evident host is scoffed, ignored and since long dead.

Your laws so stiff, with those changing clauses
which blows in the prevailing wind.
Encounter doubt, it's what I shout,
you only scream to move about.

There will be a day,
when one may say,
"You fool, your Origin lacks!"
upon review, there is no sight,
you just rip off whats new.

Upon such wisdom of innocent views,
the questions will blind your push to bind, the weary and the scared.
Your take over of, to shove your sight
with know regard or precedence to who,
will evident the life of those that fight you with their might.

A peaceful resign,
I offer now, to derail this long tall tale.
The few who will not be in-line, support the railing.
They say with certain tact and fact,
we are not many and we suffer the rack.

It's true, I stated by no mistake,
my shock and horror did show.
In response, I spoke in tones, in low they were so heard.
A Fighter, A Warrior, I am not known,
but quit I will not do.

I'd rather speak with outward voice,
with vocal sound and written verse
to present this stance for you.

I may be singular in my view,
the majority I know is seen.
In the end, I will not have sinned,
but stood with dignity,
and told what I will do.

Even if I have lack of numbers,
to support my growing sense.
Life still sees and liberty grows within my very being.
Blessed be my every vote for such,
of what I dream to be.

At least I speak of other means,
to use this gift that birth gave me
to get through life with what I need
and not with what you're told you lack upon the entry of.

Your own imaginative thought will be,
 free and never bought.
This came when we were seeking out the place to call our own.
Mother Earth and Creation did all the work we seldom see these days.
But in all truth I know this too,
 Evolution does the job each day,
 that makes our history true,
and witness we all still do.

The Secret of the Hidden Booth

European Men do say, so I've heard,
"B.D.S.M. is a Choice!"
Only in the conservative mind
does a 'Being' find this a joke.

Silent practice of what this is all about,
an act of Life long interest.
One does not happen upon,
it's birthed inside of us.

I witness not to what I can't,
I know that most condemn this Art.
My interest in my childhood facts
is nothing more than good.

A life like mine,
I know it's rare,
I've seen so much more, it's true.
Most of you, the general view,
is get away, please shew.

Why must people point at what
they never could comprehend or even have understood.
Just turn your head, hold up your hand,
state your view of lust.

Instead, you sneak and look upon the Internet to see.
Your interest peaked by what is neat,
the fear in you will drive you too!

You'll ask.
What am I missing?
What could this be?
Behind this iron curtain for me?
All in secrecy.

It's Red in fact,
if memory serves this person who writes/declares on here.
It's meant to hold the cowards back, 
a heavy drape of truth.

Separating you from the view of the Lurid Fair of two.

Dungeons go deeper still,
down stairs, 'round bends and turns.
The excitement of such a steep decline
into the heart of must: Trust!

A pit of the vocal kind of sight,
I dare to go this path once more,
stop me not! from this I go,
it's you who does resist the pull.

This flavor of what can't be dreamt,
upon my mind does rest this tempt,
of journeying to this place.

Going there, is not a dare,
I stare at you and think,
"Why must you always blink?"
The Dungeons serve Eclairs.

Nerves of steel are not so real,
anticipation rings!!
My mind does reel, with the film,
I saw in places of.....

A Nightmare? "No"
This is so true, if not fact for fact.
An honest stay back in the day,
of the Sixties, this is so.

Lasting longer than one day,
dependent on your vice.
Sometimes it seemed a little rough,
you would say it was not nice.

What is this that you do protest?
They're memories to Me.
To see inside my Minds Eye,
would cause you envy and you may cry,
but, what I say is true, 'cause why bother to lie.

All for the sake of the hidden booth!!