Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Candor of Blatancy

Instead of kowtowing to that which is said,
in regards to these impending days,
the Scenarios of 'The End,'
an Apocalypse as 'A Begin.'

I chose to believe,
in the opportunity I see,
The Continue,
it is better for me.

I'll set my head and in this place,
the thought of such a 'Doomsday Dead,'
makes me think to stand.

My Stead

Face the 'morrow without the fear,
embrace the terror without the tears,
enable my 'Given-Mind,'
the freedom to be, to know me,
to be who I am,
accepting the law of the lands.

It seems as if,
Societies create such a rift,
"Submit your Will or We will kill,"
the message to kneel,
the words force Worship,
you will be left in Hell.

I prefer to register,
a faith that comes from within,
no guilt from them,
I would rather be accountable for myself,
my sin, my choice,
I have been.

Be a Human Being of forward thinking,
not a beaten down drone,
afraid of a throne,
and therefore withdrawing from,
as oppose to embracing Sum!!

Fear dictates that Mat

Untangle your Life,
walk your path,
Independent Healing without Remand.

Should you feel we go around,
should you feel that you have been before,
be of invitation to what will come,
feeling the liberation not the condemnation,
of this continuance not bliss.

In each passing moment,
the seconds count,
the minutes add-up,
the hours mark our preparation.


I chose to ascribe,
 to being more than a Resident,
 of a place or a space,
I'd like to go so far,
to see a Star, to be a Moon,
to know that the Galactic Sphere has grown,
whilst I was here.

 I would like to be of use,
in this Universe or the next,
I would like to grow,
to be a better me.

There must be a Creative reason,
 for our Purpose,
for our Being,
in learning who we may be,
becoming who we see ourselves to be.


So many roads to roam,
yet the bully's have bullied you onto their path,
their road of wrath in fact,
where you are told; 

What to be; How to be; and The only way it can be!!

I would like to enjoy all the facets of Creation,
I'd like to embrace all that Man believes,
I would like to be and continue to be impressed by it's prowess.

I become so impressed by what surrounds us,
the uniqueness, the beauty, the full-moon, the sky lit by the stars,
the wind, the grace of which these few things of mention,
reach down inside of me saying,

To be part of this Adventure,
to marvel at the Journey,
to chose to decide,
not decide to chose.

I would like to be a shining life,
not a dieing one.

I would like to example Nature,
be of strong character,
so I too may weather a storm.

I would like to hold to the fact that we are not all from here,
so we may behold the idea of such a majestic view,
to be part of a bigger Whole,
not be blind to Worlds or Dimensions unknown, unseen,
denied for being mean.

I would like to know that Faith is Value,
to respect the Road Traveled,
admire the fortitude of the individual embarking on the Quest,
the commitment of the stand is grand.

I would like to know,
that as you are upright with your religion,
I may be upright without one.

I would like the Wealth of your Message,
to be felt without the Death of a Civilization,
or the Conquest of a Mind.

I would like to know,
the Value of the Written Word,
not just told,
"That's absurd, Burn!!"
I would have liked to have heard,
or to have read the things from whom are now dead,
due to this Dread.

Apocalyptic Terror

The intimidation,
used through the interpretation of the 'End of Days,'
seems to profit those providing such dismay.

A Maze

I enjoy the Prophet,
the effort of the thought,
to write and to wrought,
so that we may see the wisdom in brought.


The World is so vast,
full to the brim with Ancient Text,
guiding and directing on what is said will come,


It is suggested,
a good walk is a true walk,
an honest person has a calculated worth,
with the measure of a Feather,
the balance is life.

Your Mind is a conscious find,
not to deliberately lead astray,
but to embrace and engage,
the measure of choice with decision,
not a divisive Yoke of choke.

I hope that All of Your Prophecies,
come to fruition,
in Time, in Place, in Actionable Days,
no matter your religion,
this is my decision.

I would love to be of witness,
to these turbulent days of resistance,
you are all so persistent,
I can't believe that you won't make it happen.

Dismay seems Your Way,
Your Play, Your Venue,
served with such hatred,
as if you cannot wait for another to be Censured,
you push so hard,
it seems ventured.

Why must One be so terrorized,
so frightened,
by Times you state are enlightening?

It is said that what is to come,
what will demand a Rule, A Reign is due,
yet 'It' came before you and will survive you,
not an opinion but your stated fact.

Without bad we could not know good,
without destruction we could not enjoy creation,
without Satan who would you blame for your Shortcomings?

To be without 'Purchase,'
a self-worth that details your Being,
where would 'Reason' envelope such a Season?

We All fit-in somewhere,
and now you have made,
Evil a 'Dare' and not a 'Snare.'