Monday, December 21, 2015

Understanding Proud Flesh With A Key To Know The Horse As A Show!!

The stink News on the National Media dismisses the everyday anchors on the deep during fancy bowls,
history had tiger times with the scene to that dark hour on the minute sour to bitter sweets,
as the populous crowds the pharmaceuticals for the decade of the 1960's scientifically manufacturer,
the caption to the passing trace is in the Head lines of wise the refrigerator got a Freezer to trade. 

To the year of 1888 patent on the One Night cough syrup it is the Venue of what has gone the Dawn,
as this Country now has gone going Poled Circle on the Cricket Games is it the disappear hence the Fatter,
that in the 1950's the Prescriptions held to a sort of Cheat Sheet to message the appetite on bite,
all to burrow the bound by the now brains trading on week buy day to the fee Cist shin to Cure??

Razors on the stub Bull to chin a Roof the grasp,
this country took the deck aid of the found on the peace signed route to trough the par tee since,
putting ingredients to the Tab as the let US be on the Mel Owe of a drive through to casual deaf??

Nestle to the at burst to the waist line,
that fit of the clothes is it Skin or is It In^Vest,
making the convenient store the Con Venue core to sell the Cell of piece of Silent eyes,
shoving the switch to that aye don't know on base to the baseball's pitch of the riddle once a bench??

Throughout the change to the charge of a strain this bounce seams to Bookings and cried,
forth on the grown to My Grandparents Home many a garden lessons to the beets and tomatoes stay,
good fertile ground to Hoe,
the correct amount of water for the weather of the stride of rays sunshine to Moons speech,
discovering the shorter days to longer winters Canning with jars Lids and that Hot Water tapped.

Sew said with the idea of seeds in the Mind's thought on the brain Case,
a skull with the skeleton bones filled with rich marrow on the shore,
placing that well tended computer with diverse portions of manures cure,
that steam before the brake down on society for the price of the ride to the out of the Door`d.

Karen A. Placek
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Situation Saddled By The Last In Vest That Told Of The Girth As It Was Webbed From Canvas

Best of paved is the road on the knocks to listen to a big warm on the getting spot,
to shore of the beauty that is relation to breeze this wonderful day has brought marvelous lots!!

Rain on the study to library calm
books that read story to state of the cent,
than on that is the over loaded from storm,
but that is facts that the said said its deed.

This formula Holiday of great days of Joy,
amber with Jade teak on the still,
fragrance that brings the Cinnamon poe lease,
verses to explore these chorus for doors!!

Marking this Christmas with Wrap at the grain,
making prepared from the depth of the signed,
I rose to this AM with love all the dime,
yet just on the note the branch did peddle.

For should the treasure belong to lens blink that docks only the photograph as the bildge of the paste,
than the song of silent night sings a spake,
its the handles Murmur of the sigh on the hugged.

Darling to realm is the brave that strength Ed,
my big brother knows of such ribbons on stair,
frost tea air spelling an ankle to be,
portion the lathe to a bisque on that cheer.

My Grandfather Papa My Grandmothers date,
so powerfully loved by one another in tugged,
oh how the love showed for my Uncle whom graved,
peaceful content meant that grace comes in sorts,
some are filed and others are spend Thorpe.

The trust to be known by the worried or dumped,
should derive from the to be a soft light to a stubbs,
pictures have frames bar stools tell stories,
as the speak of the tell has history from Mining the gold and the scars on the broomed.

Fresh laughter with simplicity to know of the Panes,
windows all dressed and flocked with the sleigh`d,
rivers that froze snow fell each flake,
covered the mountain as the glacier spied tilt.

How Many Years Does It Take To Dance On Pointe??

Touch the ant Tee by Ought tick on AM radio this AM for the conversation on the Times,
multiply that through the work virtue to discuss the trappings of loveliness on the lines,
conversation traveling for the from to put tack to plates as the Ask a port truth on the Compass show!!

Deep sync to a Perk on that is the scouting of an out and about current to the fed leans,
long on the fountain to that written to Zap what is the purse of the kiss on French class??

Dude Whats yous character charter to Day the Upper language as a English dictionary to Said,
barn on the hill with that marvelous spread the base of construction is the belly of the Head,
to taste the spice on the detail of Tide is in deed the parade of Whats Up Dock??

Pier press Sure??,
stable on the Lessor??,
raised to be Feather??,
perfect for the shrug.

Drain the beatnik to know of the Trains,
Station bye Freight to a Country traveling bee's,
answer to the Paper as that is the barrel of the Keen,
that process or the label dare to question each a being..

Double pier E! odd that makes the National Media sports,
put to the Pharma and the score is tripled Twiced,
dice E! off to Card the Chimney its really just a Vice,
rinse Well the cobble Break makes great for Walls and dyed.

The fun^knee does understand the explanation standing,
a letter to the riding more as that was best of do,
each moment on the tacking Up made preparation date,
that for the Show of Life and Core the bottle Message came with Torqued.

What Does Vorarephilia Mean Should The Pre^Quill Wring Herb Or Car Nah Vore??

Super Natural is Onward Forward goes the Family on the Nines,
writing the Pheasant as the Rooster is no Hen to the egg Laying pigeons on the Bull narrows of Lives,
release to each the posting trot tacking the understanding of grooming by press simply hosed,
the base meant to state that each had a stay the station of comprehension a dictionary mention.

Look Up look Shore the Lands and the more's ,
a horse is a friend,
Mister Ed is a lend,
talking Till the Avenues are better on the Roof,
for patience is a door as life has a length to The Doors.

Floor Ride with trusting that glass coffee table at My Mother's house,
the age of truth told the compass had a root,
make wave to the trouble sew in to the thimble,
thread with a fiber as the silkworm is a pleasures jockey on the course of coarse!!

Yank key to the Board Games,
battleship with bowling,
kabuki is a local near to Fillmore on the Geary that Van Ness knows the Hofbrau to eye`n`stein in the gift,
raised on the side walk to hear the rise of system Operation Paper Clip is staple to determine eh shin,
know my big brother Ed gave defining Word a grade importance as the book of Knew that subject put.

Discussion is so come burr sum,
the streets are learned a broach,
make way to my brother's teach as that is best of porch.

Deck Aid deer the curb berth,
a harbor to the Piers,
cross traveling Country with Dave on journey beens.

Yet rather to that butter Act,
the Milking is of Berkeley,
swather on the baler to wire of the cork,
popping sham pane as the Mar a wanna junked that score to drinking with a stored.

To be frank is to Rice-a-Roni the San Francisco sit Tee,
parades to buses Tours and knew ore leans to tux the belt a grab,
that long list ding to Tom must Thumb is more than a Map others rum,
dance with the Fiddler lung and the bow will play to Rosins crumbed.

Back in the day of Jack Russell Terriers the kennels and Hud,
great big finds Popo and tubby the Nouns by Animal lanes,
the further hath the barn to stable bets to be more than gambling lights for smite,
but smudge that scent of per fume stint to aim Mi's on the kit^chin sync`s,
much the letter on the said to serve dinner Crabs and bells,
trading conversation on the in soil for the Footings sport,
as Arena to Pacifica hot chalk lets discus Freeze be state,
ankle for the twist puzzles for the riddled and the hominy for the bit turned sit ole`d.

Whats A Crock But A Dine A Soar Living??

Ask aye heard on the AM Radio that 'Ray^Gun' stood in the whale home of the House in side,
once the stand that brought subject to hand enveloped the Law as under core to Fizz,
sync to that speak as the cure to the cause is ink lean for brought on verse authority`d,
branch of the change Charged no challenge,
for vat was excused as the purchase went grew.

Now on the verse^shin the clock on the Times,
marked well as the matter is grasp of the barter,
corner store in that twas the twinkle of washing ton,
beatnik to New York as the House was the shore!!

Next on the lens a bet to no gamble,
the hover score chute heated the chlorine,
water gave drank,
food meal`d Plate,
saucer & Cups gave grave the big debtor.

Off with the said to tact on the bureau,
socks tucking Ties t-shirts and gloves,
masque Cock raids,
per Festival station,
trainers I.D. the Happened at shivered.

Yet in the big 'morrow ran sid to Ice glacier,
slippery Route new Paper pup rust,
glasses Chute iron,
the shatter sewn sliver,
thorns from the Ivy to Poker for Card!!

Should the lather talk sweats,
did the Dish work the pong,
Ping at the tablet to engage Paints on the Hoarse,
ribs snapping Fish,
ace to the Joke curr,
singing The Blues,
or is it a slender??

With eyes on the thunder Pew pills to All tour,
shorts on the longs & Missions to Templates,
cycle the Risen,
a staff knock in Gibbons,
wisdom stay`d choice in but Society did dibs berg.

The ocean rose with waves shedding Beaches,
sand rolled to Techs,
the bench warmed with live^in,
bars skunked the hold,
speak dropped to mirror ole's,
brushes grant Paint and Link^Inn's fed Poles!!