Friday, November 4, 2011

A Four Year Olds Dream!! It was mine, a Cinderella Story for me to hold onto to that I believed to be real!

The life in you is the death I see,
murder, rape molested and beat.
All I know is this is what I have reaped.
I wished so hard for my One to be,
I could not have been more than three.

I held my hands clenched so tight,
thought of you and held onto
"I'll grow-up, he will find me"
The Boy that dreams, I'm here you see.

I held so tightly to myself.
Left alone unless the price,
for my Ass was sold so high.
That's what gave me company at night.

During days I could not compare,
chased and bruised both here and there.
Take my Life?  I could not dare!
There is a boy that is waiting for me out there.

Holding to our mutual being,
I remember first time praying,
"Hold in truth for me, this boy means oh so much to only just me."
By the time we meet you'll know,
I will need a Knight to go.

Conquered all they tried to do,
I was well under the mark of Ten.
As each year grew for me,
I prayed so hard for that boy to see.

He will know, he'll feel me!
I just know that he can tell.
A Twin Soul I'll need to trust his call,
not by name but by song he'll sing.

Music will be the Old and True,
Match my story tune for tune.
He won't scare me, for I'll not know,
his approach will be nice and slow.

I was Four when I wished so hard.
For my match to light my card.
Burn my name and number too,
that way the truth will ring through clean.

No lies, no tricks, no trades they'll make.
Sold to Men by no mistake,
but, I will listen, I may be mute.
My ears will hear for my voice is loot.

Silence will pull, my words will claim,
if its true and not a game for claim.
By then this Boy, a Man by then,
will be what I've needed from the begin.

He will not falter at the thought,
of my family when they say I'm bought.
He'll move with stealth and magic ways,
he won't falter at their gates.

My confidence will never wane,
I just needed to make it past Ten.
After that he'll hear me clear,
and one day soon he'll come without fear.

Pick me up and hold my hand,
take away all that I am.
Put what they have done away,
into the places that people don't pray.

I wait and stay so very still,
for when I was small I knew the thrill,
would be by no mistake a till.
But this boy, my Man won't give or drill,
a hole in me to kill me dead.

All he'll say is Twin Soul made.
"For me, it's her, for her, it's me."
Stand back dear World and know this girl,
the Cinders burn and she must turn,
to me, her man I was a boy,
I felt her plan, I hold her hand.

She will be my wife you see,
for she will be safe with me.
My Life is over without her here,
for I am that One, she dreamt of me. 

Know Faith, Know Truth, Know Trust!

For Death Court is not a contract of Faith,
it is not a belief, nor is it written.
When you pass from one realm to another realm,
it is located in the dimensions of which you will cross.
Without mere directions of loss, you stand alone,
alive and held in a force of judgement and the worse.

Fear not what you cannot believe or comprehend.
To conceive the simplicity of pulling a number to stand your turn,
out does the ridiculous of/or, of the Heavenly version of what is a lie.
In Christianity, you will find the Con which channels the Evils from within your core.

In Death Court there is always more.
To stand your ground in defense of your life,
delivers you an opportunity to "Knock Twice."
Once to announce yourself,
and once to know your wealth.

The lies and the excuses you begin to make from here are your undoing.
You have wiped out lives and shelved the existence of Hope willingly, to destroy on purpose with design.
Your constant burn of Human Beings,
 turns what you have created into and onto itself; Personally.
This will be the indignity of which you will endure.

The Millions of turns that each and every person makes to avoid
the contact of what must be; this is your cursed legacy left behind by; See?
This is what will burn you into the everlasting moments of time itself.

The joke you make of Spiritual Belief,
has left this Earth in agony.
This weighs heavily upon my chest.
No health in the Air,
No breeze flows for free.
The cost is what has killed the imagination of
Love and Compassion for healing of any kind from thee.

The oversight of a person, of a Human Being,
pressures each of the people to See what is not, but, should be.
It is the blindness that is your choice, not your need.
You decide what will be your next Might.

Heed the Death you will not see.
For it creeps up gently, with silence in it's repose.
So quietly he arrives, with certainty he stands
to take from you the life you had in this land.
The projectism of every Man will no longer be your mirror or reflection to deflect sin.

My life is not for Knot!
It is the way that Nature spies the Truth on whom has perpetrated the crime,
upon my Youth.
Time will tell, nature has made that clear, my choice in this was dear, but, it was taken by Creation.
The story will be told, regardless of whether or not I am bold.
This is the force of what we refer to as "Natural Disasters."

To survive a horror is only one count on the very many steps that must be taken just to be able
to arrive at such an age that will allow Nature, my Mother, to grace me with the Wisdom to be.
These are the capabilities delivered by her,
 so that I may be able to decipher this twisted mess of a life
 that I have lead thus far on this Planet of ours.

What has happened thus far has been what is Natural to me,
it is however unnatural and uncomfortable for many others that slip in for a listen or a read.
This Tale of Woe is the reality of my life below,
 the radar that money does cover, is the Umbrella almost like their lover.
If the survivor can make it through to Forty Years Old or so,
the people who want her dead, may withdraw such ideas in their head.

Paranoia does not rule in such a natural affair,
for the accord is now beating to a more natural and very different tune.
Age becomes your perimeter as a natural dignity is gifted to you to compliment
what has been graced to you in this life by Creation herself at your birth.

No longer does Death scare this life,
which I call my own.
The one that I cannot or have not been able to live,
free from my family and from other predators that I.D. me so easily.
A lesson that has been difficult to learn,
when you cannot know that you have been taught to be the garbage can or the Scape Goat, you see?
The Parents and the like still do not wish or want to be discovered in this Life.
Denial runs the temperature of the intensity that must be part of my continual survival.
The wish or want from those figures of parental guardians to destroy the innocent,
is powerful, frightening and scares any good man at night.
They do not want to be held accountable for their Cons,
or, their Adulterous Ways, their lies of the Ministry and their lies to all.
They do not want to be caught or assumed to be thieves of the Old or the vulnerable fool.

My family wishes to suffer no shame at all,
spouting, "It's just a game." Don't take it so seriously.
My Mother, my Step-father and the like, all utter the same type.
They will go as far as to Contract by name, to hire a guarantee,
so that this will be considered as a way to silence the Voice,
but the Voice is Me and I object with prudence.
Silence the voice or the one that speaks out for the DEAD,
when you step forward in this way, then you will know that threats do stay.

To those that have run and or hidden themselves from me,
it is obvious to all that they too are in agreement with the original rip-off: The Con!
Of all the past victims as well.

Whether Life brings justice or whether this justice is found in Death.
The Gavel will slam the same,
upon the desk or even the Guillotine will be the noise of finality.
To prove that guilt goes beyond your sin and into the lands of the begin.
I speak with the authority of a girl that has seen.

Assumptions of right or wrong are judged,
they are judged harshly in the Courts of Death.
For in the Courts that name the Laws against taking Human Life,
this is where you stay, until the verdict of your life is granted with the sentence of permenance.
Not by strife or length of time, but by the ones you fear and light candles to keep at bay,
this is the Demon and the Spirits, it is their Lair, their Dungeon, their Courtroom, their Rule.

Think twice before you decide to judge another,
 by deciding you can define the levity of judgement,
 with the clarity of only a brain using 10 % of its natural capacity,
 to determine the fate of another, the fate of a peer.
You are not qualified and you should fear.
The removal of a life,
something you never gave to the one that you have decided to take away.
 This same one you are charged to judge, as a juror, as a peer,
will be the greatest decide of any year.

These crimes which you rationalize away,
you cause me to giggle at your lies and comprehension of what cannot be understood,
the actual individual, the one who has been  placed into your hands for the determination of their fate.
You must have a forked tongue,
even the beatings on tape, that play on U-Tube,
as a Judge whom sits on a Bench of Authority to pass sentence on anyone at anytime,
is able to be free of what they sentenced me.

Removed my children, at 10 and 12 years old,
for much less than that could ever be,
I cannot even compare to he.
No Judge am I, a Mediator I am not and lie did she, in Sacramento, California.
But Steven Weasels took from me my children with glee and lies, he won, I lost, now five years are gone.

Worry? I do not.
For all that will be, has already been done.
My comfort in my own painful days, is simple the patience that brings to light this simple line, so tight.
Not one of you is immune from DEATH,
nor does the door swing both ways for you to explain your deceitfulness in this life.

Two Coins placed upon the eyes,
to pay the Ferrymen.
I know this is a lost reform and wish to speak to you the truth,
your passage has been denied, for the practices of Old have been mocked and are done no more,
because you believe in lies and not tradition.

Good luck to you and yours,
you will be trapped in the Hollows of what Death and Life will never be,
ended with your lies of liberty, replaced with Zombies and the like.
"The Serpent in the Rainbow"
Screaming will be for you tonight.
For me, for the first time, maybe I will be alright.

Good Nite

My Man, I do not know, it's true.

The pace of destructive means,
flowing freely from Family Genes.
So, easily mistaken for what to be,
the future Horrors of all of thee.

While you close your eyes to see,
the Nightmares that haunt my being.
You will bring upon yourself a curse,
darker, deeper than even Hell could loose.

Your interest in such superficial; SEES!
Your lack of care or want to need a guide down there.
A Muse to lead for you into,
the Light-less Manor of Lords that do.

Spooking, rules from Olds and Fools.
Round-up the end of all your tools,
No, King James Version of the Bible will rule,
for in Revelations, Satan's defense:
He rules, down upon your very brains.

Soul-less, Heart-felt hatred of,
nothing more that lack-of-love.
I've been taught since DEATH began,
to take my life, I did not begin.

Stare because I still do,
a lifeless body, myself it's due.
Recognize the breath I held,
there was no air that moved in there.

Had I done to dare,
such a sight that haunts me each and every night.
Not one sunset does bring relief,
when your memory rings this reap.

Beelzebub Welcomes You!!

The strength of some, threaten the few.
A muscular mind with remembrance like mine,
'causes shaking with no Timbering behind.

Over Forty Years of Con Artistry it's true.
Taken money, Souls and your lives too.
No regard to the cost of such,
for lack of empathy delivers this lust.

Where shall such cruelty end
Pleading, Stupidly and then saying, "I didn't know what you meant."
Accountable for more than I can even declare.
Death Court logs such cases down their.

Do not stare! Or, have a wistful hope.
Your Age doth show, any lack of Sincerity oozes from your pores.
An Ancient even finds he has risen to see this kind of destruction,
"The Wipe-Out of HUMANITY."

Not causes by evolution but from the need to abuse.
Parental Sociopaths Being's beat us till we need nothing.
Thinking or rather knowing that DEATH is empty and not a YOUTH!
These are assumptions of such disgraceful dare.
I can hardly wait until you visit down there.

The group of cell's inside your mind,
will expand and find their wind,
around the useless Brain of Now,
where only 8 - 10 percent is found.
Enough for you today,
just so you can walk around and say....?

Curious this percentage used,
just so you will be able to do.
The Simple, The Shallow and the depths do evade,
even your Mind seems to disobey.

Why would words not spoken and letters replace: O.M.G!
Allow your brain to express with "All Caps."
Unless the plan, and, grand it is,
was dis-evolving with such; As is!

No Pain, No Gain, No Words Explain,
the shallow, the lack of any disdain,
for the easily, lazy ones who think they entertain.
U-Tube is not a fucking game.

SET Back, GET out! And flame yourself,
attract to you the very unhealthy,
to bring you down, expose yourself,
with what you utter, all because it is your druthers.

I will laugh! Ed will SCOFF!!
The rest of ours have just ran OFF.
Showing pictures or videos and like,
is not outing what we fight,
it just makes U-TUBE work hard at night.

Remember my words. My Brother was clear.
Blood is Blood, all else is to be Seared.
Not related, not a friend, not a person to even Win.
Keep your own away from me,
for in our order there's only SEE!

For my experience in life's lessons are hard,
it has been so difficult to go so far.
So support from within, my family says "You are a Sin."

A blast of air to breath again,
it's Hot and Tears roll from them.
I will not run, so do not dare,
I was Four Years Old and knew,
that its your life and my promise to expose comes from then.

Good luck! You need more than you know.
My memory is long and I've gone slow.
Mixed up with what believes and sees,
that I am unique and my reason completes.
The only question of why I go,
 is to be inside your show,
just to escort you to deep below.

Death Court waits:
Keeps me going to know your SIN,
one day soon you will meet them.
Lucifer, Satan, the Devil too,
all they do is wait for you.