Friday, August 19, 2016

Did The Boys Ever Fleece Original Clean?? See.See *Giorgio A. Tsoukalos For The Think Too A Chute For The Breadth Of Ages In Times!!!!! now playing on the History Channel DISH 120 'Ancient Aliens and Mega-Disasters' 10:53 AM 8/19/2016 

Stoop paw the sound of that Volcanic scene as the Mountain calls my green,
in clover the sway of such grand Cause a see is mind on what is shade,
the sky will bring envelope lead to cast the bare.roles ancient clones??,
there in the value of a measure the rule of built on base is say^oral!!

Verbose in chime the construction Sings,
to tack the harness lyrics length,
to chants and charms the necklace bead,
does grain bigger Bose??

Speak that language carnal nature,
with cloak to sit the cross legged to suit.chore,
verses of sew men.knee thread to style home for gift and lo's,
shout not that scream off sleeve to ground,
a sphere of kept is method car,
to automobile of body hand this is the sting of old Time far!!

The Bell Cyst.Tum.

Now on the pulse of stride with bit will Mankind fit or Turk,
puppet.tree to branch is shard,
now sync the earth with what's an ear,
the corn or oat a filed of crop,
list the Ancient Wrights of carriage!!

Whir.rolls shift to skin and bones Hear.rows talk to clock at Prose,
chisel melt of rock to snow,
the each of flake Hay to sealed.

Owe for the Horse to 'X' Plain such Tux,
that more to shall the world lift,
dark night to lit the suns been tift,
as apron strings the Cosmic kit to bit the curb while Humans shirt!!

Imagine farther down the Feather,
put to platters tiers of lime,
ocean waves as bay in crease,
hem lagoon width dolphin sound,
land at beach the ship of core,
Orca sonar bowel lens glass to up Drive of the Engines gasp!!!

To reach with SAT while eggs Fried pan,
whistle bell.lean to cork Pt. Terp,
ease.sea pen twine rose in thorn,
minuet in corpus climb!!!!

*"Ancient Aliens" Cast members
  • Robert Clotworthy. ...
  • Erich von Daniken. ...
  • Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. ...
  • Philip Coppens. ...
  • David Hatcher Childress. ...
  • George Noory. ...
  • Jason Martell. ...
  • Dr. Jonathan Young.

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