Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gold In Peace Iron In War!!!

Shy the galactical Sphere traveling the Hems of Black Wholes,
Matter at apron lifts Touching Strings,
Wide the cheek Gravel once pebbles Rain ice flavored with brine sweet Cast.

Sweat from Universe Floor ride How gallant The shoe of Sands Sole,
a rivalry of breadth,
cadence of grit,
reach be shade to tell in form speech of giants scale.

Language showered stars with lust a tile of dusts chest,
latched to the hub the wheel gasp a rub of mineral railed,
nails shot to light the pelt of fabric thermos chill.

Song about the tune off Time Travels while energy engaged dust,
particles frame leveled staff to shift ground with language,
each stones throw whizzed know air,
The Whisp of Stray Wind,
owe for the daze of nights!!!

The string of rash shinned to Scabs,
an Itch of the Seen,
My Grandmother on A Fashion to Flee Songs,
public congress removed shall^Lo face,
that Fence Lane!!

Cheese Explains Toe Jam,
piggies counting digits by path ways,
each step^Stone,
cobbles Pebble!!

Trireme Off Ancient Base Sick,
lie bells plight on the slash sheen limbs,
vapor pitch deep wells have gone to stall,
boxed & Wrapped within the Shoal!!!

Core Knee Uh's are Fill^Lean side Docks,
each casual consistency Inks lay bowl,
mixed In^Side stitch Boned,
growth has stint to lung!!!!

Way bulls Gone studs And blanks Shingle.

By Karen Anastasia Placek
Written March 18th, 2016 

the Miss^I.N.G. Lynx??

Simple Complexity

by Karen A. Placek

In complexity there is simplicity,
once you see simplicity you once again
understand how complex simplicity really is.

When you no longer see the complexity in simplicity,
you begin your own extinction.
Due to your lack of vision
into the complexity that simplicity provides.

Understanding that simplicity provides
complexity with an infinite number
of simple equations to be understood.


You then realize,
that in simplicity you find complexity,
which is the biggest and most complex puzzle,
found, but not understood.

Written on 2/17/2008

I love the Thelwell Book Series

MY}a/5414,] Equals Interest Fact Sciences Lathe Of A Shingles Tack!!

SEPT4 septin 4 [ Homo sapiens (human) ]

Gene ID: 5414, updated on 3-Apr-2016

Summary & Genomic context

Official Symbol
SEPT4provided by HGNC
Official Full Name
septin 4provided by HGNC
Primary source
See related
Ensembl:ENSG00000108387; HPRD:04738; MIM:603696; Vega:OTTHUMG00000179243
Gene type
protein coding
RefSeq status
Homo sapiens
Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo
Also known as
This gene is a member of the septin family of nucleotide binding proteins, originally described in yeast as cell division cycle regulatory proteins. Septins are highly conserved in yeast, Drosophila, and mouse, and appear to regulate cytoskeletal organization. Disruption of septin function disturbs cytokinesis and results in large multinucleate or polyploid cells. This gene is highly expressed in brain and heart. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been described for this gene. One of the isoforms (known as ARTS) is distinct; it is localized to the mitochondria, and has a role in apoptosis and cancer. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2010]

Whats The Bridge For Should The News Know The Bay?? Did It Cause A Fright Or Did It Cause The Public To Real Eyes The Where Is Tom Sullivan?? Apparently, It Is the Evident Hop Of The Jump-off To No Pictures, No History, No Shingle, No Google, No Wikipedia On Understanding The Depth?? Now Who Is Ann Coulter In Comparison To Pam Coulter ON The News??

Thomas M. Sullivan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tom Sullivan (Thomas M. Sullivan, b. 1949) is a business news anchor for the Fox Business Network, who also hosts a syndicated radio talk show on the Fox News Radionetwork.

Early career[edit]

Tom Sullivan graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Business and Accounting. He was a member of the national accounting honorary fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi. He then attended the University of Washington where he took graduate classes in mathematics and computer sciences. In the late 1970s, he attended Stanford University where he completed the Graduate School of Business executive program.
After graduation, Sullivan was a tax accountant for Price Waterhouse in San Francisco. He was then was assigned as a California Tax Expert to the Sacramento office where he handled California tax matters for Price Waterhouse clients worldwide.[citation needed]
Seattle native, he moved to the San Francisco, California, area in the early 1970s and later was transferred to Sacramento, California, and now lives in the New York Cityarea.[1]

Media work[edit]

Sullivan worked as financial editor for both KFBK and for KCRA-TV from 1980 to 2007. In 2007, Sullivan left Sacramento to host a show on the Fox Business Network. His radio show became nationally syndicated by Fox News Radio.[2]
He has occasionally served as a stand-in host on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Investment history[edit]

Sullivan was a managing director of The Sullivan Group, a brokerage he founded in 1980 and sold to Prudential Securities in 1986.[citation needed]
Sullivan retired from The Sullivan Group in 2007 to pursue his media career at FOX.[citation needed]

How Much Does It Cost, What Is The Go^Win Price, And, What Is The Total Including Tax?? Life Itself!!!

So now do I just presume to know that my own children have suffered at the hands of the trade??,
do I say that the shower in Sacramento with no charge Lawyer Wess Sole and the blank have bunk??,
is about that knowing the first time I was a circuit go to the bathroom and saw that drop of trousers to the ankles,
back turned to urinal and had to suffer that listen to his laugh,
minus the zipper of whip it out to that comprehension of the role??,
do I say to my very children that the journey has swallowed like Sarah brags her marrow??,
do I further the City on the lack of understanding or say that life has tired the sorrow??,
what exactly do the games chew on toe back oh??
a lush or the lust of Onward Forward goes my Walk??,
what say you Mr. Glenn Beck or how about Howard Stern pole^lean Rush Limbaugh.

Do I stay the remain of dock or's the reality of the listing of Sarah in the Hundred of I never wanted to know,
is it pass the bug like a shore of should you have to shoot the trigger and pull the gun you will know the tongue??,
what is the modern disease of sort file to the I have not seen my kids since the Rumble in Sacramento Mediation,
the very organization that thunders their decision was so great to putting them to the safe of Vault??,
what about the Judge on the bench in the Sacramento Family Court that I pointedly said . . . .I am worried,
whom said that was not on the docket and that I would have to return on another stay,
to no that choice as that Judge and his Rolling in his Bench chore was Gail King on CBS sitting Charlie Rose??.

To that is the Unknown,
education to the chills of shore as before the park tore to the do,
that garage and those walking home from school on that sex education class of left hanging??,
well in the typical form of not Me I hour`d the practical talk to The Castro Men knowing the lens,
comprehension to updated as the boy owe boy to I have four kids And I am a Tom-girl that did Pair rent??,
I did what I was Taught by the Whom is Evident on The Noun for the New Treasure to rung,
that is the ring, ring not wring, wring,
for sweats and tau^oles are the measures of my birth not my childrens harbor,
so as the Practical Horsemen of my Known I Torqued for the Crew,
as what charges Bec to that sport of competition to the barn,
a good spot seen from the distance of what nature graced my family with,
a good eye!!

as The Castro will truly know the love of the Purple Hatted Men as the loving both ways to tack,
back in the day it was called coffee and then a cup of Tea??,
no it was those lunch shales that took me under their flute from the face to Faced,
for on the thermal of my notice was the obvious on the seen,
therefore the One to To on the Green Fountain I know to say that it went simple,
One Two Three an that Made Me.

I Am Positive The Urban Legend Of A Chick And A Swim Went As Far As To Include The Ferry Pick-Up Too; hi, as I swam and got pulled out by the tide the party on The Left encouraged me with every stroke to say to myself, kick my feet and swim for the Men to know the Feat. I just took a dip and then it became an Urban Legend of what was never found, you know how it goes, its just a roomer 'til its . . . .needed to be said for the Men that I had had faith in and then the reality hits like a bone hit the brick today

On the beauty of the choose is the lamp Post bing??,
its the under standing as the Chopper on the Block,
a real live Tenderloin on Coffee run^kneeing live at The Port of in Tree as the Hob.

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being of the Rio Grande on an American Alcatraz comprehension of the shoe is hour lace??,
pour the Vase^eh^Lean for pen^knee on the type of sell phone in Pay tone of the color shade is,
indicative of San Quentin on this Announcement to the bars,
this discussion is not a shower nor did I need to drop the soap for a Faucet hose,
as this is to the discipline of the lack of harness to enter grade shin I call^ledge.

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there needs to be a Yield that chorus of the Haight at more the Canterbury tip,
this is an Unfair at the Cast thrown down to sheets on San rafter of Hell,
may wren choir is on the barrel and the Pickle has been jogging,
to that a Jay^elf is processing that stable to Barns and no^bells.

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its the I'm so embarrassed that I MUST be of the Tide Frame as accustomed??,
its a power thing being swapped like a flee market at the pulse of Tick.

To clear the range of Home sound as a born and raised of San Francisco I Native,
this drum Means is the rattle and words nor the say.

Span^shin to wire on the More's Trade to the tour^ring??,
what is a Man on the sigh^coal of reality in a world of the coarse,
sand paper Pay pal and dig the shove Vol. as a harp??,
string thy leg to the mount Tin or dye the formula oil??

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mayonnaise and ketchup on Name Brand through generic is the file of only I as a child on those hooves,
to the basement atop the bag in suffocation to have to Now no their is no love in this world of now,
time 12:56 on April 5th 2016 show me that it is not the Template missing,
its the concept of what is rare,
eh Human Being,
but at the store^ridge it is my declaration of the one-sided dive,
for that I apologize on behalf of the entire Prison System and their failure to communicate Dressage.

Tent this on that Horse of why is the rider a mucking this fix??,
because I believe in Magic,
I believe in Men,
I believe that pain is a Hobble to the skin,
I believe that change chokes the lung as I spit,
but I believe mostly that I love you for the bit.

How Many Meet^tours Is the flag to that spot or is it a bad idea to count-off from anything other than how many strides out that you are able to see to the base of the fence Or is it called An Obstacle??

So should the red balloon have an Update today Mr. Glenn Beck than plausible identifiable shells??,
to the clam??
or an Oyster??

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a Boxes shiver is the Wok at clue.

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as the standards are raised is the pull to the Height or the information on the Jump-off??

Jimmy Wofford to Will Simpson,
what is that Clinic with Derek Digrazia with Brian Say Bo??,
should lead change character to the log or the paint of Helmets or duty the chinstrap or shade,
as the gate is a troubled with stock key to calms why is the bell or the time watch a Stopwatches tread??,
should the stride be sixteen foot to a vernacular flew is the bounce just a fly it or the angle of prove??,
walking a course with The Coach on the said,

how many more must the rider go to be just on course with only an idea for the informative clip??

Now at the start box is the Warm-up complete,
what is the sign should the horse be a seat??,
is the back-up an excitement or the spurs friendly boot,
is the three-sided stall at the gunsmoke or a view to a chute??,
at the first stride of look the first fence is WHAT,
Whom bachs the question & whom is the should,
down to that base line its a three Count to bump,
or is the saying to . . . . . .

. . . ask the above and that is my flute to say that I ride horses in an life stile that roots.

Honoring George Noory For Kathleen As The Best of Show To His Radio Broadcast Commercial: IM ARE EASE. . . .*

 Photographed by Liz Hafalia, San Francisco, California

Sargeant Phil Downs with horse Officer JR.  The San Francisco Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit is the second oldest and continuous police horse division in the nation, patrolling the streets of San Francisco since 1874. Photographed by Liz Hafalia on 9/19/05 in San Francisco, California. 

Officer Chris Olocco with horse Officer AAA. The San Francisco Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit is the second oldest and continuous police horse division in the nation, patrolling the streets of San Francisco since 1874. Photographed by Liz Hafalia on 9/19/05 in San Francisco, California.

Officer Chris Olocco with his horse Officer AAA!!!

Officer Chris Olocco with Officer (Noun; Kathleen Dale you have An Air Inn)

Photographer Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

Officer Jeff Roth stands with his partner Rusty at the stables in Golden Gate Park on Friday, June 15, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

SF police horse patrol trades in hats for helmets

S.F. POLICE Equine patrol officers join other cities, trade in hats for protective helmets


Updated 11:29 am, Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jeff Roth reckons he has the best job in San Francisco, even though it just changed for the first time in generations - and if the gaggle of adoring children who hang around him is any indication, he may be right.
He punches in to work every day at Golden Gate Park at historic horse stables surrounded by pines. The noisiest sound as he sips his morning coffee is an occasional whinny or the cheeping of baby birds nesting above the stables' doorways.
The toughest part of his job is riding his 13-year-old quarter horse, Rusty. And that's only if you can call enjoying every second in the saddle tough.
Roth is part of the second-oldest mounted police unit in North America. Only New York, which started its horse force two years before San Francisco did in 1874, has an older one.
Once, before the age of automobiles, the mounted unit numbered in the dozens. Now it's down to nine officers, and they still do their jobs the same way they've been done for 138 years - with one new exception.
Officer Jeff Roth talks with a visitor to the stables in Golden Gate Park. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle
New helmets
Six months ago, for the first time, the mounted officers were required to wear helmets instead of traditional cloth policeman hats, joining their counterparts in New York, Chicago and other cities.
The last head injury on the force came in 2008 when an officer fell off his horse. He recovered and is still riding, but the incident got administrators thinking about the ramifications of plunging without a brain bucket on from a 6-foot height off a 1,200-pound creature.
Skiers and bicyclists got on the helmet bandwagon in recent decades; the police brass figured it was time to climb on, too.
"Just like riding a motorcycle, it can be a dangerous endeavor," said the unit's Lt. Mike Favetti. "Personally, the helmet's not as comfortable as wearing a soft cap, but if I fell off the horse, I'd be very glad to have it."
The office walls at the 1937 vintage stables - tucked into a grove near the Polo Field - are lined with unit photos dating back to the 1870s. Place one of those alongside today's mounted cops, take off the helmet, and there is no discernible difference.
"Everyone who comes into these stables says we have the best job anywhere, and that's how we feel, too," Roth, 52, said one recent morning as he got Rusty ready to ride. A few feet above his head, a mother barn swallow swooped in and stuffed worms into four hungry chick mouths.
"Where else does that happen at your job?" he said. "This is just a happy place to be."
Sonny's bridle has a metal decorative star identifying him as part of the San Francisco Mounted Unit in Golden Gate Park. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

Still draw stares

That happiness travels with them, judging by the gleeful exclamations from adults and children alike as they clop through town on patrol.
The next reaction from almost everyone is the same, whether it's homeless junkies in the Tenderloin, office workers downtown or kiddies by the beach.
"Can I pet him?" asked 6-year-old Cooper Dong as Officer Wade Bailey rode his 9-year-old paint horse, Sonny, by the Polo Field.
"He'd love that," said Bailey, 56, who grew up working ranches in Wyoming and last month was named best horseman in the state in the annual mounted patrol competition in Folsom.
Cooper's mom, Annadel Dong, looked on in mild wonder. Cooper got a lick on the neck from Sonny in return.
"It's not just a nice way for the children to see policemen," Dong said. "It's nice to know policemen are still going through the park and the city like this, on horses. Makes you feel safer somehow."

Not just PR

Kids, and even grown-ups, get a free silver "Mounted Unit" sticker while they pet the horses, and the officers say that sort of goodwill is a big part of the job.
"A horse is a great icebreaker," Roth said. "Even in the worst neighborhoods of the city, people want to pet them and remember how they rode them as kids, that kind of thing. It makes our jobs a lot easier."
But these aren't just PR critters walking around. Horses are still uniquely useful for police work, the officers said. That's why a half-dozen big cities and every county in California still maintain mounted patrols.
"You can go places a motorcycle can't, over logs and up rocky trails," Roth said. "Plus, you're much higher up on a horse, which can be an advantage in many ways, including with crowds."
At the first Outside Lands concert in Golden Gate Park in 2008, Roth and two of his colleagues came upon two dozen youths tearing down a fence to crash the show. This might have resulted in a clash with officers on foot, but being mounted made it easy.
"We just rode up and herded them like cattle," Roth said. "The trouble stopped fast.
"There is nothing like a good horse."

Guardians Of The City (Circa 1850) The San Francisco Police Department

Historical Review: http://www.guardiansofthecity.org/sfpd/index.html
Town Alcalde Organizes a Police Department
The Alcalde issued a proclamation calling on all good citizens to repair to his office at 3 P. M. of that day; and at that hour the largest public meeting ever held in San Francisco convened. Here follow its proceedings and results.
San Francisco, July 16th, 1849.
Extraordinary excitement having prevailed during the morning among the good citizens of San Francisco generally, on account of an attack made on the tents of Chileans in this place, by a body styling themselves " Regulators" or " Hounds," who had been for some time past disturbing the peace of this place, by acts of violence on peaceable citizens — by robbery and murder — the people assembled on Portsmouth Square.
After some preliminary remarks made by Messrs. Brannan, Smith, Stevenson and others, the meeting was organized by the election of W. D. M. Howard, President; James Ward, W. H. Davis, Vice-Presidents ; Dr. Victor J. Fourgeaud, Secretary.
The chairman having called the meeting to order, Mr. S. Brannan addressed the people, exposing the acts of violence committed by the " Hounds," and calling for prompt action on the part of the people, or their lives and properly would be in danger. Mr. Brannan moved that a subscription list be opened at the Parker House for the relief of the sufferers by the riots, assaults and robbery of last night — which was carried.
A suggestion was made to organize a body of men, to assist the constables in arresting the " Hounds."
A police body was formed, of which Mr. Spofford was appointed chief. In accepting the office, he made an energetic address, and concluded by saying — " when I forget my duty, may God forget me."
The citizens generally enrolled their names for police service, and the meeting adjourned.
  Victor J. Fourgeaud, Secretary.
At 3 P. M., citizens to the number of 230 who had enrolled themselves, assembled around the flagstaff of Portsmouth Square. They were then formed into companies by Mr. Spofford, chief of police. Messrs. Stevenson, Wadieigh, Simmons, Smith, Turk, Gillespie, Hughes, Priest, Webb and Stevens, were appointed captains.
Source: Weekly Alta California, Volume I, 2 August 1849 — Page 1
Source: California Star, Volume 1, Number 39, 2 October 1847 — Town Council [ARTICLE]
Monday Evening, Sept. 27, 1847.
All members being present the meeting was called to order, and Judge Hyde stated that Gov. Mason desired the Council to make some provision to secure the lots of those in the volunteer service who, being absent on duty, could not comply with the regulations of the law governing the grants. It was moved that a committee of three be appointed to take the matter into consideration and report at the next regular meeting. Passed. The following persons were appointed committee: W. D. M. Howard, W. A. Leidesdorff and Wm. S. Clark. Mr. Glover moved that E. P. Jones be added to that committee. Passed. The minutes of the last meeting were then read. The Chairman of the committee then read the laws for the government of Constables &c. Moved that the report be laid over till next meeting. Passed. R. A. Parker moved that all the reports be laid over till next meeting. Passed. W. A. Liedesdorff moved that the Council proceed to examine the accounts. Passed. Moved that the business under consideration, be postponed until next meeting. Passed. Mr. Pettet then tendered his resignation as Recording Secretary. Received. Dr. Jones was appointed to supply the vacancy. Moved that the Secretary receive $2 per night for his services. Passed. Moved that a committee of three be appointed to wait on the Governor to request him to appoint a 2d Alcalde, from among our people. Passed. Messrs. Jones, Howard and Clark, were appointed said committee. The committee of the whole proceeded to an examination of the financial concerns of the Town. The report to be acted on next Monday evening. Adjourned till to-morrow, (Tuesday.)

Tuesday Evening, Sept. 29, 1847.
Council met pursuant to adjournment. All the members were present but W. D. M. Howard, who was reported too unwell to attend. The minutes of the last meeting were then read and adopted. The report of the committee on Police was then taken up and all but three sections stricken out. The vote was then taken on the three sections, being 1st, 2nd and 10th of original bill, and adopted by a vote of four to one. Committee on School-house reported progress, and obtained leave to sit again. The Committee on License laws then reported a bill fixing the license tax of the town. E. P. Jones moved that the bill be so altered as to tax persons in proportion to the amount of business done by them. This motion was lost. After considerable discussion the oriinal bill with some few amendments was adopted. Mr. Clark moved that a committee be appointed to take into consideration the building of a wharf. Passed. Messrs. Clark, Jones, and Parker, were appointed said committee. On motion of Mr. Parker, W. A. Leidesdorff was added to the committee. Mr. Clark made a motion in relation to letting out contracts of the Town which was adopted. E. P. Jones moved that a committee of three be appointed to receive proposals for filling up the streets through the Lagoon. Passed. Messrs. Jones, Clark, and Glover were appointed committee. Mr. Clark moved that the committee on printing receive sealed proposals until one day previous to the next meeting which was adopted. Mr. Parker moved that the committee of the Whole wait on the Governor to receive further instructions as to the power and duty of the Council. Passed. A. J. Ellis' petition to receive the appointment of Sheriff was read and laid on the table. The Council then adjourned till next Monday evening.
Sec. 1. Be it Ordained by the Town Council of the Town of San Francisco, that there shall be elected two Constables who shall constitute the chief police of the town. 
2. Be it further ordained, That the Constables shall perform all the duties required of other ministerial officers within the town - shall faithfully execute all process directed to them in accordance with law and make due return thereof—shall strictly enforce and obey every law, ordinance and resolution passed by the Council. 
3. Be it further Ordained, That the Constables shall receive for the service of any writ or other process, one dollar, to be paid out of the fines imposed upon cases, one dollar for the service of any writ or other process to be paid by the defeated party, also ten cents per mile for every mile which they may travel to serve any writ or other process beyond the limits of the town. 
Passed 28th Sept. 1847.
Source: California Star, Volume 1, Number 39, 2 October 1847 — Town Council [ARTICLE]

The following Ordinance regulating Licenses was taken up and read by sections. 1. Be it Ordained, by the town council of the Town of San Francisco, that from and after the passage hereof, no person or persons shall sell or dispose of spirituous liquors in large or small quantities within the jurisdiction
© 2009-2016 Guardians of The City
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Welcome to the San Francisco Police Museum, Archives & Learning Center’s history site

This site is dedicated to the history of the SFPD from its inception in 1849 to the present. As the site grows and develops, we will feature: photographs, illustrations, historic artifacts, mementoes, stories, factual information and statistics as they relate to the history of the San Francisco Police Department.

There is some disagreement about using the word “first” to describe events or people in a historical context.  While certainly we can all agree that George Washington was the first President of The United States of America, when labeling other facts, the seemingly obvious or claimed circumstance is sometimes ambiguous or semantically confusing.

Official lists documenting San Francisco’s Police Chiefs and Marshals are woefully incomplete. Why? More than one hundred years ago, Police Photographer George Blum inaugurated a tradition of amassing photographs of the Chiefs and assembling them in a collage to be presented to each new Chief upon his appointment to office.  The newly appointed Chief would be featured prominently in the ensemble and the ornately framed image would proudly be displayed in his office or anterior space for all to view and admire.  The custom continues to this day.  In the ensuing years, collages were created two dozen times. Unfortunately, when Blum initiated his artistic endeavor, there were no known or available photographs of Robert Crozier, David Thompson, Hampton North or James McElroy, so those names have basically vanished from most modern documentation.

Who was the first African-American police officer in the SFPD?  Was it William Glenn, #616, who was a member of the 19th Academy Recruit Class in 1943 and worked at Park and Potrero District Stations until 1950 when he was forced to resign due to civil service restrictions?  Or, was it Charles Robinson, also #616, who was appointed in 1950 as a member of the 65th Academy Recruit Class and given the star previously worn by Glenn?

What about policewomen?  Department reference materials, secondary newspaper accounts and even city-endorsed, history blogs incorrectly list, Woman Protective Officer Kate Sullivan as San Francisco’s first policewoman, when in fact, she was the fourth policewoman appointed.
To compound matters, in referring to the history of the San Francisco Police Department specifically, myriad inaccuracies abound in reference materials and official documentation.  Newspaper versions of events can be less than precise, particularly when they are retelling the distant past.
Our archivists and historians are dedicated herein, to presenting exhaustively researched, primary (period) sources for facts and information.  Please enjoy your visit and check back frequently for updates and new features.
This site is not, nor will it be, a forum of divisiveness, intolerance, prejudice, ridicule, political dissension or non-constructive criticism.